Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Manufacturing (Vol2)

For this note we decided to show you…..(but do you know what we will show you…?) picture of the NGO which manufactures all fashions accessories and decorations items in tire, tube and seatbelt.

We are not the first to support the beautiful social project of this Indian organization but it represents only our convictions which are described under : “Marron Rouge encourage good working conditions, no minors, ecologically responsible practices wherever possible, recycled products, social awareness, NGO collaboration, valorisation of know-how, sustainable social projects.” On top of these convictions we are very happy to know Anita and Shalabh who are leading this wonderful project

The new collection is being manufactured now and will be ready for this September.

Here are the pictures of this manufacturing workshop.

5 commentaires sur “Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Manufacturing (Vol2)”

  1. Sebastien says:

    Merci pour cette marque de transparence….exemplaire Marron Rouge !

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