Thursday of Ethical Fashion : TEES4TREES and New York

For this Thursday the men will still be honoured, but not only . For those who follow the Thursdays of ethical fashion you will recall the two friendly men Remy and Scott from TEES4TREES.

We will not talkto you about them  to them but also a woman whose name you probably will evoke some memories: Bette Midler! Yes only hert! But no I do not have the chance to have met her or have interviewed. But you tell me what ratio TEES’TREES and Bette Midler?

TEES4TREES has signed a partnership agreement with one of the  association which deals with Bette Midler, New York Restoration Project * which aims to make New York greener, including the planting of trees. So by purchasing T-shirts from Tees 4 Trees,  a tree can be planted now in New York. I do know that there are indiscretions projects on French cities … but shhh!

I refer you to the ticket I had done on Tee4TREES And here below a brief description of the project New York Restoration Project


*New York Restoration Project (NYRP) carries out Founder Bette Midler’s dream of a cleaner, greener New York City. To that end, NYRP restores, revitalizes and develops under-resourced parks and community gardens throughout the city’s five boroughs, working to ensure that every New York City resident, family and neighborhood has access to vibrant, green spaces. By providing enriching educational and community programming, NYRP also works to instill both individual and civic respect for nature and responsibility for contributing to New York City’s environmental sustainability.

Focusing on four principal strategies, NYRP is drawing upon its expertise and commitment to excellence in horticulture, landscape design, community outreach and educational programming, and coalition building to make NYRP a respected and trusted leader in revitalizing underserved New York City neighborhoods.

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