Thursday of Ethical Fashion : ORIGEEN

It did not stop the momentum, on ethical fashion and men. Today we decided to talk about ORIGEEN in Lyon.

Not only is a man who will make you discover its ethical fashion but he will talk about ethical fashion for men ! ORIGEEN is a site for online sales and store concept located in the heart of the Lyon peninsula.

Nicolas a founder of ORIGEEN, we met several times in his shop or at events requiring the presence of actors Trade Fair in Lyon.

"My basic idea is summed up by our slogan: ecology is not fashion, but fashion can be environmentally friendly! You can have a good look without to impact the planet and at the same time respect the work of men. "

Elegant, open and rather jovial Nicolas opens the doors of his shop full of beautiful clothes and accessories ethical. Finally a place for “us men” to find clothes (which are neither a suit nor a jogging!), which are beautiful, relaxed, well cut and very ethical.

In the origin (ooh! It easy) Nicolas has studied law and began his career with a notary. The growing interest in environmental and sustainable development have somewhat deviated from this path and with three other accomplices they first opened the site in 2008 and in 2010 the store concept.


Here are some “quotes” that summarize the spirit of the shop and Nicolas:


“Ecology is not a fashion …” Concern for all, environment, sustainable development and bio are everywhere. Beyond a mere fashion, ecology and responsible use should be the concern of all. Ecology should not be a fashion or a trend. Origeen was born from the desire to allow the man to dress “organic” while remaining close to the fashion trends.


“But fashion can be environmentally friendly” Origeen entered his approach in ethical fashion, but above all ecological urban, casual and chic to scan the image too often stereotyped clothing “organic.”


“Be environmentally fashionable” Brands chosen for their ethical commitment (respect of working conditions) and / or ecological (organic cotton, modal or ecological materials, carbon offsetting).



Origeen encourages the development of eco and ethical fashion by creating partnerships and actions with other actors in this field, but also regularly offers new brands and new designers.


“The definition of man  bio/organic by  Origeen” :

Today, ethical fashion sulks too happy men Origeen is for today’s man and he offers a full range of clothing and accessories. A man casual and trendy.


“The definition of ethical fashion by Origeen”:

The fashion industry is not neutral in terms of environmental impact, quite the contrary. The environmental awareness is growing in fashion and Origeen wants to support and promote environmentally friendly products in an ethical fashion and democratizing environment.

Here are some brands you can find in ORIGEEN: Knowledge Cotton Apparel (I love my navy blue sweatshirt with hood), Tudo Bom ?FYE (these are very well-designed eco sneakers) LASPID who has a “corner” in Origeen Concept Store in Lyon and has collaborated with Origeen to make limited edition colors for Origeen.


Rendez-vous In ORIGEEN 16/06/2011 from 18:00 for a drink with private sales for the brand Marron Rouge  -25%

ORIGEEN 28 rue Palais Grillet 69002 LYON









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