Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Nicolas Klein

Now for Thursday, honour to men. Thursday of Ethical Fashion has been until now an emphasis on women and I would also like to demonstrate that interest in ethical fashion is not just a woman concern.


Nicolas Klein has accepted my invitation and give us his opinion very wise on ethical fashion.


Who is Nicolas Klein ?

Nicolas was living in Marseille (South of France)  ,and he emigrated to Strasbourg (North of France Alsace region), not the other way(oh there must be a girl there!). He began his career as an assistant executive in a magazine of South France oriented fashion / culture / deco / chic / luxury. In 1996, he discovered the Internet and was involved in this new media, and he joined a web agency in 1999 in Strasbourg as a graphic designer / webmaster and spends 8 years as Creative Director. The hellish schedules and the growing interest for sustainable development make him leave this position to begin in 2007 by creating a small personal website ( ), which proposes to link distributors with baskets of fruits and vegetables with farmers.

“I began to seek an economic model that would allow me to live my skills in a universe that is close to my ethical aspirations. ” : the die is cast

With the success of the” panier-bio (organic basket)”, Nicolas created a second project ( which aims to bring together on one site, offers organic products from different ecological and fair online stores. Finally last year he created his own creative agency KDtic “A name chosen around a little word play between the ethics that I set myself for not fool my customers (which is common in this area) and world of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) which is mine. “


Nicolas talk forever about ethical fashion: “When Jean Marc asked me my opinion on the ethical fashion (read fashion fair trade and organic agriculture extension) I immediately responded to this. Even for a man,  fashion is important.


“I have long questioned whether it was better to buy a clothing brand expected to last longer or renew your wardrobe with clothes mostly low-end … I still have no clear answer … Sure my last t-shirt bought organic in a supermarket that specializes in sports have not passed the first wash to 30 degrees (should take to XXXL hope to finish with an M) [If you want  now to offer a T-Shirt, to Nicolas, you know its size!!!!] … I travel a lot by bike (bicycle paths in Strasbourg are many!), And no jeans does not end the season without the crotch gets turned into the natural air conditioning. Pleasant in summer but not very well seen by customer during appointments … The quality of a garment is really a collection of random to another even for brands to provide a sensible quality. “



Nicolas explains how his approach was born in fashion and in particular its approach to ethical fashion, “I had my period when I was confronted in the middle of the undermining of luxury, inaccessible with my starting salary … I have yet developed a taste for beautiful things … There was then a more prosperous period financially where I had access to clothing brands with original cuts, “trend” as we like to say in fashion! I’m going through all types of budgets and all types of styles (except the suit and jogging) [whew]. All this without any concern for anything that relates to the conditions of production … It later those questions about ethics occurred to me, coincidence or not, but shortly after the birth of my daughter (2002) … We no longer see the world in the same light, we ask more questions about everything we will leave to our progeny. . It is reassuring to see that we agree on the subject

The difficulty in finding the ‘clothes’ and the poor image (yes still the case) to ethical fashion is rather well described by Nicolas: “The ethical fashion boutiques online for guys do not run the web. Even initiatives to the attention of women, supposed to be more addicted we are struggling to find their place and especially to be economically viable. If we say that ethical fashion is no longer the South American poncho that is what I continue to see at fairs and green organic fair that I go occasionally. “

What to buy, how to buy, and favorites: “Today I try to watch what I buy myself moving more and more toward basic” timeless “. I cracked from time to time for a polo shirt or sweater style a little offbeat, but I generally limit my intake. A little more sober does no harm, even some who say it makes them happy! (see Pierre Rabhi) For T-shift I like those (QuatRues) and those of Laspid (I have my timeless Green against the machine “). If you can find cheaper elsewhere, the quality is by appointment. As for shoes, it seems that things move a little more common sense. While some brands are making efforts to use recycled materials, others (Ethletic , The Naturalista, Bionat …) go further by taking into account all the criteria that I consider mandatory ethical fashion the Ethics must absolutely involve the side secured to producers and use of non-polluting, ideally from organic agriculture. “

A conclusion rather realistic now offers “The offer is progressing, but still too marginal. The big brands and large retailers use to buy ethical fashion a pipe and do some marketing for a Green offers more limited. Moreover, among the smallest players, are more than basic, but I guess they lack the means to showcase their creations or create shops “physical” that would make them more visible … So for now, happy to buy ethical clothing basics for my needs, but I have not yet taken the step of systematic or ethics at all costs … ”


Here is a course that I am pleased to tell, because it combines the skills, enjoyment, awareness and commitment to ethical values ​​that I share. Nobody is perfect and it’s good to  recognize, Nicolas proves it in this interview truth, without pretence, without false modesty, and as I like to share with you  It’s good to us by his doubts, as he does, simply. I knew very little Nicolas, through the network of eco-informants. I know him a little more today and I am happy to share this view of ethical fashion with you because we feel a real human.  Thank you Nicolas


4 commentaires sur “Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Nicolas Klein”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Merci Jean Marc pour cette fidèle retranscription de mes propos ! Content de voir que tu partage mon avis sur les jogging et les costumes 😉

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Je t’en prie Nicolas. Le costume ça peut encore passer mais le jogging!!!NON!

  3. Erick says:

    Merci à Jean-Marc et Nicolas pour ce billet sur la mode éthique pour les hommes. Oeuvrant également sur le secteur de la “Com”, je me reconnais assez bien à la fois dans le parcours et dans l’ouverture de Nico à la chose green et éthique. Et mes achats vont à peu près dans le même sens que lui : vêtements basiques.
    J’attends toujours les marques de mode Green abordables pour les mecs qui pourront proposer une démarche avant tout orientée Style et qui offriront le Green et l’écolo comme une cerise sur le gâteau: “Les fringues sont belles, agréables, font envie et, en plus, elles sont responsables”, et pas le contraire.
    Par ailleurs, Nico, je crois que nous allons dans les mêmes foires Bio et Ecolo 🙂

  4. Jean-Marc says:


    Merci de ton avis et de ta réflexion notamment : « Les fringues sont belles, agréables, font envie et, en plus, elles sont responsables », et pas le contraire! Hier j’ai eu une session de travail avec un collectif et c’est exactement la remarque que j’ai faite.

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