Thursday of Ethical Fashion : NEOPLANETE and Fabienne Broucaret

For this Thursday ethical fashion we decided due to the Ascension and the big bridge to do this note on Monday.

For this Monday so we will start with strong NEOPLANETE and Fabienne Broucaret the deputy editor

In Marron Rouge we have a soft spot fotrNEOPLANETE as they follow us since the begining and they trust us.

I did not get the honour to meet Fabienne in person, but through the published reports and articles, we can feel someone sensitive to environment and not as a feint way. On top on that she is available and what a positive force come from the articles. Exactly the same way I see sustainable development: it is funny, it is not vindictive and aggressive. Fabienne and her team really transmit that through the articles


Fabienne(third from left) just win an award for the report qu’elle à fait en Inde en Mars 2010 Voyage en terre equitable (Trip in a fair territory)


I asked three questions to Fabienne :


How started this project which you are carrying today?

Yolaine de la Bigne founded this magazine en 2007. Web site is born in 2008, the web raddio in 2009. Yolaine wanted to defend 3 values through NEOPLANETE : free magazine in order to give access to all for information, diversity varied with information which shows that the defense of the planet affects our everyday life in all its aspects, the optimism to break with the guilt and anxiety-provoking discourse generally associated with sustainable development.


Why did you choose ethic?

To be consistent in our beliefs and our professional project. But also to defend a way of life and thought more responsible, instead of the current frenzy. It also allows us to address all areas (fashion, beauty, transport, energy, tourism, cooking, animals, economics, etc.) of life. And this is an area that moves a lot, very dynamic, which is great for journalists.

What is the motivation of doing this job today ??

Meetings! This business allows us to meet passionate people, who promote alternative lifestyle, fairer trade, quality products … It is a profession with which we are constantly learning and exchange. It is also very motivating to help raise public awareness by promoting ethical initiatives and showing how everyone can do every day. In the field of fashion, we appreciate and to discover new brands, to tell the career and beliefs of the creators, the human stories behind the clothes, to inform on new material (there is no as cotton in life!). But also to demonstrate that ethical fashion is beautiful and creative, far from the image that often sticks to the skin. Just look at everything that can be done in terms of recycling, it is impressive!



*Yolaine de la Bigne was a columnist on various French radio. His commitment to sustainable development, is undeniable. Moreover, it was rewarded several times. In doing research on Yolanda I found this video elsewhere dealing. … Ethical fashion (in French)



From my side I am happy to exchange with Fabienne, I thank you for taking the time to give me some. Fabienne: thank you to all your team to focus on all the initiatives of sustainable development sustainability . NEOPLANETE reconciles us with the press but not bound guilt on.


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