Thursday of Ethical Fashion : SOAP

This note has something special for me, I could not explain why. I will talk about SOAP which comes across the Atlantic. Probably what I like is  is the recycling aspect, but also the whole personality which comes out e-mail’s exchanges with these two girls, but I will not sell the bear’s skin before to kill him (French Proverb)


We then contacted SOAP on one morning and in the afternoon, I got not only I got an answer but almost everything to have this note done to write my Thursday of Ethical Fashion note. SOAP is SOphie on the right and PAscale on the left together living in Montréal (Canada). And these two girls are doing wonderfull things / the recyclent your clothes old or new in…clothes. SOAP is a young company which birth in 2003. The two designers Pascale and Sophie works hard to offer two collections forward-thinking by year for men and women.


Could we start this interview, please?


How is born this project which are  carrying today?

We started to transform our own clothes by pleasure and our relatives request to do the same for them. We found a common passion to design new items done with old clothes, so SOAP is born!


Why did you choose ethic? Why did you choose recycling? At beginning we did not know that we “were doing something for the planet!” While we were doing search on the web and encounters with people who were making something similar, we did know that it was good. We really knew that the fact to prevent the landfill of fabric. Today, 8 years later, we are more “green” than ever, even the small waste is used.


What is the motivation to choose this job today? There many reasons, but the main threes which are the best value are : environment respect daily, the fact to do not have a boss and the schedules we want, and the designer skills could be done.











What are the SOAP events?

We are doing “Thursday SOAP”, the workshop is open to public from 4 to 7 every week

We propose also the “tupperSOAP”, like Tupperware evenings, we go to people’s homes, we demonstrate and then they can buy the clothes.

We do lot of catwalks in a year, in two months we made 12!


Could you detail the process of manufacturing?

–         Search for fabrics, used of new clothes donations, recovery of fabrics

–         Sorting to get only the quality, the others will go for poor

–         Cut the patrons for each clothe almost one by one

–         The waste go to a company which shred it to do some stuffing

–         Sewing

–         Quality Control

–         Sale


Is there any other actions made by SOAP?

We are partner of the foundation “Rêvez la vie”, for the adults who got cancer

We make donations to TreeCanada to make planting of trees in forests

We dress some celebrities as Amélie Larocque Domlebo PorcelaineMelissa_Desormeaux_Poulin

Here is project that I like to discover, with these two girls full of talent, energy and humanity. On top they are naturally protectors of environment. When I say to you that recycling is very good way to do fashion! Sophie, Pascale I will be pleased to meet you in Montreal or somewhere else.

5 commentaires sur “Thursday of Ethical Fashion : SOAP”

  1. Stéphanie says:


    merci pour l’info ! je trouve cette initiative de recycler, récréer à partir de vieux vêtements des pièce uniques, une excellente idée : moins de déchets, moins de vêtements inutiles dans les placards…

    A Nantes, nous avons l’équivalent avec 3 jeunes femmes très motivées qui ont créé RE-Act

    à bientôt

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Bonjour Stéphanie

    Merci pour l’info sur ce projet nantais

  3. Pascale says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce bel article.

    En espérant, que SOAP voyage et vous rende visite bientôt! 🙂

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  5. Jean-Marc says:

    Ce sera avec plaisir que je vous recevrais en France. Et moi de venir vous voir dans cette belle ville de Montréal

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