Thursday of ethical fashion : Remise à Flots

There was wind on the sails during PLANETE DURABLE. While we went for a walk in the booths we just met Marie Laure and Nathalie who exhibit bags, nice ones, and original. Most of the bags are made of boats’ sail and other fabrics we found on boats Nathalie told us “Marie-Laure and I join Remise a Flots project due the human values And the commercial challenge. The initiative of this project came from our Director Olivier Doublet, who decided 5 years ago to create inside Maison de Quartier from New Harbor, in La Rochelle, an insertion workshop linked with sailing. Since one year with the arrival of our designer Anne Naudet we have expanded the creation workshop and real girl’s bags we would like to wear. Marie-Laure and I benefits of this arrival in order to develop the commercial part”


Marie-Laure take care essentially of the social part of the project, She also founded an association, WEO, which a supportive caravan linked French associations and African associations. She just finished a trip to distribute sewing machine and others goods in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo.

For Nathalie it is the story of Remise à Flots which seduced her: recycling, French savoir-faire, insertion. Nathalie came various backgrounds, classical dance teacher in La Rochelle, plane manager at Air France during 10 years, and does not supporting anymore the life in Paris, she diced to come back to her home town.



The dressmakers have all different stories and since they came into Remises a Flots they just recover smile in the workshop and got pleasure to work in this adventure and make the signs of Remise à Flots.


Here is another ethic project.


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