Thursday of ethical fashion : EthikMind©

While I navigate on the net, I just found this web site of Ethic sports clothes. It is the first time I see this type of fashion. On top of that he is listed as friends in the web site of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

It is decided I will send an-e mail to them in order to invite them for Thursday of Ethical fashion. Two hours later after, I received an enthusiastic answer from them :

“My name is Marc-Andre KOEHNLEIN, I live and work in Mulhouse. I am 28 and I got a diploma as Master in Sciences and Engineering of Environment from Strasbourg University. I currently work as an engineer inside Sustainable Development Department of agglomeration from Mulhouse : m2A (Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration). I am in charge of “Energy missions”, i.e. I got the responsibility to downsize the consumption of energy scaled for the territory and to propose to elected representatives an energetic politic renewable and decentralized.


When I was in the fourth year of my studies, I got the chance to find an internship position  in Hawaii (USA). This background had influenced me for my choices which conduct me to create EthikMind©. I worked as a naturalistic diver and I was every day in contact with people passionate by ocean, ecosystems and by sports associated (diving, surf, canoe…). Their “mode de vies” and the spirit was extraordinaire.”

Well after he delivers this message, you think yourself that you are in contact with a nice person.

I do not resist to make this joke : He is not an entrepreneur who surfs on the ecologic wave (Yes I know, it is easy!!!)

What he adds is very interesting : “ On the other side, if number of sportsmen got so much pleasure and enthusiasm to do their favorite activity, it is due mainly with the environment which goes with it and the relation that they keep alive with it. For example, the sea diving is for some, a way to discover and a wonder which direct you to humility and behavior respectful for environment.  It is this conscious and this  nature respect that EthikMind© community wish to transmit, in order  for the reef coral could be admired by a lot of generations of divers full of attention.

What is EthikMind© and what are the values?

EthikMind© is a brand of technical clothes ‘fused’. The collection is made for sportsmen (women) which practice their activities outdoor, sea, mountain, forest… Go to see his web site he tells you more (in French)

EthikMind© target is to propagate strong values on nature respect, with its DNA, but also with strong future graphic messages on clothes.

What is the collection of EthikMind©?

EthikMind© offer a collection of technical clothing,  EthikMind© products are made for a special universe, between the crossing of  slide sports  also with mountain bike, multi sports raids and trails.

here is an ethic mind that I like. We do have the opportunity to meet with Marco, but the e-mails and phone call we got are very high quality.


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  1. Merci pour ce billet ;).

    Une petite précision : EthikMind est ouvert depuis le 3 décembre dernier !

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Marco. Ce fut un plaisir pour moi de rédiger ce billet

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