Thursday of Ethical Fashion

Hello everybody


When you will read this note Marron Rouge team will be in Brussels to exhibit our collection to the trade show VALERIANE.

For this Thursday of Ethical Fashion we decided to be more light and remind you all the notes we already made:


Just tell us the ones you liked and the ones you less like and why


And we made for you a shopping list


For the men visit the site or the shop of ORIGEEN in Lyon, you will find FYE shoes and LASPID clothes.

For all your bags you could find REVERSIBLE which is made in recycled tarpaulin….. or all the luggage ecodesign from BIOLAP

For women, if you visit Lyon do not forget to visit Hélène’s shop LA NATURE A DU STYLE.

And there is also a very nice online shop……MARRON ROUGE.

If you want to get “healthy” readings you can get the magazines SHIZEN and NEOPLANETE


We will wish a very nice month of May and we will see you next Thursday for an ethical fashion day.

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