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We have been selected by LA FABRIQUE AVIVA as a committed project promoter and as such we could pretend for a funding  up to € 50,000. In order for us to be eligible for this funding just vote for us by following the link below.

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The end of the votes is for April 14, 2017.
We thank you in advance for your help and due to your vote we will pursue the dynamics of our crowdfunding campaign


Marron Rouge is a major player in Upcycling and Recycling in France and designs intelligent waste management as an art of living.


After creating  the company Marron Rouge in 2009, and becoming a major player in recycling in France, setting up a manufacturing company with Indian NGOs, Jean-Marc Attia launches in the local French manufacturing with actors of the  Social and solidarity economy in the French Auvergne region Rhône-Alpes


Today Marron Rouge  implement a French manufacturing  of fashion accessories that will stage French industrialists, ESATs ( workshop for reinserted handicapped people) in the  French Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and the know-how of Marron Rouge: the creation of design objects by recycling , Recovery and processing of waste.


One of the positive impacts will be to transform waste into a circular neighbourhood economy. Marron Rouge will continue to support Indian projects in which he has been committed over the long term.


Establish a long-term collaboration with the local ESAT * to work with recycled materials.

* Establishment and Help Service by Labour is in France is a medico-social institution of protected work, reserved for people with disabilities and aiming at their insertion or social and professional reintegration.

French manufacturers have come into direct contact with Marron Rouge to upgrade their waste and scrap and surplus production. The Lyon competitiveness cluster TECHTERA has brought together Marron Rouge and French industrialists, sometimes local, to devise design solutions for the treatment of their waste.


Mid-October 2016 a crowdfunding campaign was launched to raise € 20,000 with the ULULE platform. The sum collected was € 20,640  to :

– launch the manufacture of the first prototype bags by the ESAT in the French area Auvergne region Rhone Alpes

– create templates for models of bags and accessories

– produce a first collection for sale to the general public and the distribution network

– make a press campaign

– pay commissions and VAT on this campaign


The project has already started in early 2017 with a first production of bags and accessories in blue judo mats, which will is available since begining of March 2017.



The project could progress faster with additional funding of € 50,000:


– 7.500 € extra would be used to buy our own machine to make our prototypes and some unique pieces

– 7.500 € additional fund would improve our website www.marronrouge.com

– An extra 25,000 € would allow us to hire 2 people part – time, for a first time for at least one year to boost the communication and the commercial and then turn these contracts into permanent contracts

– With 5,000 € we could call on new designers for the creation of new models


The utility of the project is divided into two essential factors:


– Environmental benefits:

.No production of raw materials for the production of our creations .Valorization of falls and surplus productions of French industrialists

. Recycling of materials

. Limited carbon footprint for production using local industrial resources, ESAT and design in the region Auvergne Rhône Alpes

. Recycling or upcycling through design


– Human and Solidarity Utility:

. Employment of people from reintegration

. Job creation in the region


Jean-Marc Attia: self-taught initially, then Director of Operations in computer groups, then L’INSEAD in Fontainebleau, followed by humanitarian missions in Africa with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In 2008, he was thrilled and questioned, leaving him “all left”, to create Marron Rouge in 2010. Seven years later the model is local and French.














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