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One morning, we came to see Gilles with all the treasures we had found. He decided to join the project, by taking all the pictures for the website. Here is a short story of his life, filled with passion.

Gilles Hirgorom, photographer

Born on February 26, 1958 in Versailles (France)

Few people know that Gilles’ passion for image never stops. He spends most  of his time taking pictures and he never goes out without at least a compact camera.

At the age of 13, he enrolled as a member of his school’s photography club.  He started by printing the 6×6 negatives of his father, an amateur photographer.

Printing before shooting gave Gilles the ability to appreciate grey contrasts and lights.

Gradually, his hobby turned into a passion. Gilles started using his father’s old “Semflex” and learned how to take pictures.

In high-school, he was following science classes, but spent most of his evening with a photo enlarger. He then decided to stop studying science. Photography school seemed the only way to go. He got his degree after a quick training.

In February 1979, 23-year-old Gilles founded a studio with partner Michel Marseault : H et M Studio, 9 rue Concorcet, Paris, France. Experience on the field taught him. For a few  years, he made ads and industry photography.  But since the 90’s, Gilles has specialized in culinary photography. The H et M Studio has gotten bigger and has moved to another location to 49 rue Rodier Paris, France.

For 15 years, H et M studio has been a reference in culinary photography, but not only : food packaging, objects, still life or people. Everything is an inspiration to Gilles, who also uses digital technologies.

Gilles’ activity is mainly based on studio work, but he likes to make reportages in black and white. He also loves picturing his family through his lenses. It’s almost vital.

We invite you to admire some of Gilles’ work on his site 

All the pictures published in this article were taken by Gilles in India in 1985 and are a part of his personal research.

Roadmen couple, Thar desert – Copyright Gilles Horgorom

Dressmaking workshop in a deserted palace, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India – Copyright Gilles Hirgorom

Rickshaw waiting for customer – Copyright Gilles Hirgorom


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