Frederic SORNIN the Domaine des Ronze: from motorbike to organic wine is only one step

We are October 29, 2011, and hop off I went in the Beaujolais to go to meet SORNIN Frederic and her companion. The first time I met Frederic was in January 2011 because I signed up as an exhibitor at the Salon des Milles Wheels (March 2011), a motorcycle show in Villefranche sur Saône – I gave them all exposed accessories tire and tube recycling. Frederic Sornin is the organizer of the show, out of pure passion for motorcycles.


That’s it, you say I’m mad I’ll tell you about motorcycle on a blog that talks a lot about the environment. Well, no, I’ll just tell you about a human being who is not only insensitive to the environment but it is an actor acting for the environment: it produces wines from the farming and primarily from organic farming. All passions coexist and there is certainly no rules of conduct to love such and such activity, although initially it might seem incompatible.


I arrive on the field and I enter the courtyard of the house I see a chicken cooked in an “oven” in bricks baked with vine shoots humm … I’ll enjoy. We start the visit of the field, first with the vegetable garden overflowing with squash and other vegetables. It passes through the vines to go towards the tanks. Frederic explains to me that it produces on the field in Red Beaujolais from Morgon and Régnié

In Red Bio: From Village Beaujolais

Rosé and reigned: the sparkling and normal

It does not produce white since the land is non-calcareous, granitic terrain are more favorable for red and rosé wines

The company has been operating for four generations, his grandfather was already exporting wine before the war of 14. When I asked Frederick why the choice of organic, naturally he explains that his father by force of circumstances was an organic farmer: he had no tractors, he did not use insecticides after war.


And what is that production has become non-bio: the arrival of the tractors, the development of Beaujolais Nouveau, the arrival of repeated treatments and insecticides with systemic compositions.

How would you explain the explosion of Beaujolais Nouveau and what are the consequences? With the arrival of autumn people are more pessimistic: so it was a kind of demand from people and marketing get involved… . In addition, the Gamay is well suited to intensive cultivation. One consequence of this massive exploitation from Tarare to Macon is the eradication of livestock in the Beaujolais. Today starts a little bit to go out of style in France and works well once the export by sea from October 10 to create the global event.


We then move to get lunch and in fact I loved it. We started dissertations about global warming which disturbs : the harvest should are done earlier and earlier in the calendar, some trees and plants grow more easily than before in the mountains of Beaujolais while we found it in some tropical or subtropical areas

I had a delicious moment, I drank excellent wine (in moderation) and I met people who love our earth!


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  1. Andropomme says:

    Très bel article pour Fred.

  2. végan35 says:

    Le Bio c’est bon. Seulement le porte-monnaie est trop petit.

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