ECO-DESIGN : So British

At the initiative of UKTI (UK TRADE & Investment), June 17, 2011 at the British Embassy in Paris, presented a collection of eco-contemporary design designed and manufactured by some of British designers.

22 designers attended with projects ranging from completely different but all in the same direction as the environment. Marron Rouge was invited to meet with these eco-designers on this day.


Among the 22 designers I talk about my favorites:


Rehan Kaleem with his organization be my planet. Rehan showed me a prototype in recycle bags with the flap detachable and interchangeable. I look forward to the progress of the prototype and to possibly consider working with the nonprofit association.



Hannah Lobley uses a unique method of recycling used paper that turns into blocks of a material similar to wood. Hannah Lobley has a number of awards to her credit. The traditional methods of woodworking are used to create objects whose interior surface has features suggestive of wood.


Stella Corall with Lucentia that specializes in the creation of the production of aesthetic products made from recycled plastic and textile.



Polly Lam with Stoneearth which offers a range of bamboo furniture features a modern design.


Sebastian Cox carries furniture coppiced hazel

3 commentaires sur “ECO-DESIGN : So British”

  1. Etonnant ces tables basses en papier recyclé ! Très jolies en plus. On connaissait le mobilier en carton mais on a peu entendu parler du mobilier en papier recyclé. Ils mettent quoi pour le rendre rigide ? Tu as touché la matière ?

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    C’est en effet très très joli et curieusement quand tu touches ça fait comme un peu du marbre mais en beaucoup plus léger!

    Le papier est pressé mais je ne sais pas avec quelle matière il est lié je vais poser la question à la créatrice.

  3. Jean-Marc says:


    je ne t’avais pas oublié. Voici la réponse que j’ai obtenue de Hannah Lobley : “The pages are glued with special glue and compressed just like laminating wood, which creates a strong and solid material.” Veux-tu une traduction?

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