EARTH HOUR : It is summer… but it still remains

January 26, 2011 with a number of Eco informants, we had decided to mobilize for Earth Hour, held on the evening of March 26, 2011 from 20:30 to 21:30. A reminder of what the Earth Hour: global event which was the third edition. It is a unifying event that aims to mobilize people, governments, cities and businesses around a simple action: Turn off the light for 60 minutes (the meaning of the logo) to mark the commitment of all the fight against climate change. Clearly, turning off the light (!) For one hour educates all who are directly or indirectly affected by this event. On March 26, 2011 was also the evening of the switch to summer time and today we are on the second day of summer and the tickets we wanted to take stock of the changes that have occurred.

From a personal point of view I have taken a number of my habits in daily behaviors:

• More electrical appliances on standby

• shorter showers (oh that’s the smell ….!)

• Lights Out

• Heating systematically decreased the night with the automatic thermostat

• car used exclusively in the workplace where I have the goods to be transported, or when we are more than three to occupy

• Intensive use of public transport, walking and cycling

• Use of recycled paper

• Sorting bins

• …


All these measures have materialized in two back payments from the company’s gas and electricity, as I had overpaid and advances were more in line with my consumption of previous years.


In Marron Rouge,  we prefer to use recycled materials. This helps to use less energy.


In terms of energy sources, nuclear power is not my preference. At the time of Earth Hour we were full after the shock of the Tsunami and the failure of safety systems of the plant in Fukushima, Japan. We even discovered that other Japanese plants were not quite the “standards” of security expected. Japan must now cope with the sudden power outages and Tokyo live on less than neon and the influx of bikes as transportation. So under duress there is an alternative to energy consumption, without affecting real life every day. Germany, Italy, Switzerland voted to phase out nuclear power in their respective countries. When will France and the rest of the world. The departure of Ms. Lauvergeon and, given the reputation of the substitute do not augur a rapid release of nuclear energy. Another incident that has been reported in the United States


There is an alternative to nuclear power, we must get there by our actions, our will, our optimism and consideration of setting our beloved presidential …. ! We celebrated the dignity and the music was yesterday so today was the second day we will wish you beautiful, green, outdoors, at sea, the mountains, the countryside, hut, and in the background consume the least energy possible.

Other post from Eco-Informants on the subject (in French)

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8 commentaires sur “EARTH HOUR : It is summer… but it still remains”

  1. Cyrille says:

    Hello Jean-Marc
    c’est vraiment super les nouvelles pratiques que tu as mises en place depuis Earth Hour. Je trouve ça génial de voir qu’elles se sont traduites par un remboursement de la part de tes fournisseurs d’énergie 🙂
    Bravo 🙂

  2. Abi says:

    Bravo pour tes gestes JM mais j’ai envie de dire, finalement c’est pas si compliqué quand on y pense ! Ce sont des habitudes à prendre et c’est tellement plus gratifiant que de ne faire attention à rien !

    Perso comme beaucoup l’accident de Fukushima a fini de me convaincre qu’il fallait sortir du nucléaire. Je ne suis pas idiote, je sais bien qu’on ne change pas un modèle éco, qui plus est aussi lourd, en claquant des doigts. Mais franchement, entre nous, il s’agit aussi de volonté de créer, d’avancer, de réinventer.

    C’est que tu fais avec Marron Rouge, c’est ce que fait Geroco avec Ecowizz, c’est ce que font Jean-Philippe, Camille, Esra avec Terra Cités et j’en passe !

    Dans le secteur de l’énergie c’est aussi possible. La preuve avec Bloom Energy et Google. J’en parle ici :

  3. Jean-Marc says:


    Je te confirme que c’est super facile de prendre des habitudes autres et en plus c’est gratifiant. Par contre dans la liste des gens volontaires créateurs ré inventeurs et qui vont de l’avant tu oublies une certaine Abi avec Vertissimmo!

  4. Jean-Marc says:


    Merci mais je voudrais aussi ajouter que chez Ecowizz vous avez le pack Ecowizz qui fait sacrément économiser de l’énergie sur une meilleure utilisation des appareils électriques

  5. Abi says:

    Merci JM 🙂

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