EARTH HOUR 2011 : essential or compulsory?

On January 26, 2011 with some of Eco-Informants we have decided to mobilize ourselves  for Earth Hour which take place on March 26, 2011 from 20h30 to 21h30. From now on it is only one week. A reminder about Earth Hour : worldwide event for third time. It is an event which direct to mobilize citizen, government, cities and corporations with a simple gesture : switch off lights during 60 minutes (it is the meaning of the logo) to keep the will of anyone against the unsettled state of climate.

It clear that switch off lights (!) during one hour will aware all the people which will be directly or indirectly concerned by this event.

Today with what is happening in Japan, this event take more sense! We have really to find a solution on how we produce energy.. I am like Ecolo-Info (French Blog) I have not the heart ready for party and I have a deep humility for Japanese people who are paying in first line unconsciousness to use the bad energy. How a nation who get two bombs chose nuclear energy? (See Anne Sophie Novel from Ecolo Info)

Yes let’s think during this hour to what we can do without lights. I am un donor of lessons or a truth holder. I did not lure myself, the note you are currently reading just come due to nuclear energy. We will cannot stop all the nuclear centrals from a day to another. But, Mrs Lauvergeon it will be great if on the evening of March 26, 2011 you will just say : here is the plan we will have in the 30/50 years to come, nuclear centrals will be closed , we have found alternative solutions in order to be more close to people who are living on our Earth. And as citizen let’s find alternative to consume differently without to forget our pleasure and fantasy.

Am I utopist,  next to the plate? I will not answer this question, but the wish to be give more solidarity.

It will be a very good thing if we switch off the lights the evening of March 26, 2011 but not only for us, but also for the others.

Here are the links of other Eco-Informannts about Earth Hour (In French) :


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  2. Urus says:

    Voici le lien vers le billet du jour Quat´rues :

    Nous sommes bourrés de contradiction et c´est bien le souci. Á nous de savoir mettre en adéquations nos idées et nos actes, du mieux possible, pour l´équilibre de notre planète, et notre équilibre mental!

  3. Abi says:

    Voici le lien vers le dernier billet de vertissimmo pour l’Earth hour
    Nous aussi le cœur n’y était pas cette semaine. J’avais prévu de parler de choses à faire pour l’Earth Hour, mais finalement je n’y vois qu’une belle occasion de réfléchir à notre rôle de citoyen fasse à l’épineux sujet du nucléaire. J’ai été particulièrement dérangé par le traitement de la demande de référendum des verts par la presse. Après on se demande pourquoi les extrêmes montent ! Tout ce qui se frotte à la pensée unique est taxé de fanfaronnade dans ce vieux pays, quelle tristesse…

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