Two Years!

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It is very kind to be invited for a birthday. It is a mark of sympathy, especially for this age : two years! Here is a morning I wake up, I jostle you….oh no, I confuses everything !

I restart : One Thursday in February it is 15h13 precisely (If I wake at that time…, I got an e-mail from a Mikaël who says to me he have two years old. For this age he writes very well! He is inviting me for his birthday! What an honour! He advises me to go to see his blog. Decidedly he intrigues me. So I let things done and I go to see the blog. I read but I don’t “print” immediately. As soon as I “printed” (two times the same pun, it a little bit exaggerated) . I then realize that I see the eco-blog of Villiere Printing

I accept the invitation and I give him two presents (one for each year)

On top I am sure and certain that he is a generous guy, go to see his blog I can guarantee it!

As Mikaël like to say (in French) : If we open the eco-blog, it is to sensitize a maximum of people and allows us to express our way to approach the ecology with humility, open minded and always with fun.


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  1. Merci Jean-Marc, et merci à Marron Rouge pour ces beaux cadeaux ! Les 2 ans de l’éco-blog, c’est des 10ène de cadeaux écolos, des articles pour mettre en avant des entreprises responsables, mais c’est aussi et surtout l’occasion de nouvelles rencontres, et nous sommes très heureux d’avoir fait la vôtre !

    Bonne chance à tous pour ce concours, et n’hésitez-pas à partager l’info car tout le monde peut participer.

  2. Jean-Marc says:

    Merci Mikael.
    Quand je vous avais dit que ce garçon était généreux :

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