Draw me….the forest

Rhône en Vert has launched a game “My Online drawing” on the occasion of the International Year of the Forest.
Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne

This game is for all children aged 3 to 12 years who are willing to draw a picture with the teme of  The Forest. This game had started October 1st and ends December 31, 2011. So let draw your kids


To play is simple, scan the drawing of your offspring and send the form online or by mail  to: Rhône en Vert – 13A Chemin des Molières 69700 Givors, France : Please do not forget to specify your contact information, including your e-mail in order to be contacted.

Monts du Forez (France)


Portal Rhône en Vert (in French) is a real “green” treasure  for the Rhone-Alpes region, and you can find in  4 spaces

  • Espace Troc : You can trade any (almost) through this space
  • Covoiturage : A very good practice
  • Agenda : appointments to find a trade show, an organic market, an internship ….
  • Annuaire : All good green places of the region


You can read the interview with Sandrine Jacoulot, head of Rhone en Vert on  the Blog of ABONEOBIO.


Forest conservation is vital and crucial issue for our planet. Deforestation causes climate change serious and can cause drought in some areas. An image that stayed with me forever etched during a humanitarian mission that I had made in the Democratic Republic of Congo, , is the massive deforestation of this beautiful country. The causes of deforestation are many in this country that was and is still subject to endless wars and troubles:

– the slash and burn agriculture

– use firewood

– uncontrolled industrial logging


Rhone en Vert awaits all those beautiful drawings and take the opportunity to educate your children and explain the role and importance of the forest. And then a walk in the forest is nice in all seasons.

Monts du Forez (France)


I invite you to read a note(in French) referring to the website of the International Year Forest by  Vertissimmo.


With some other partners we have chosen to promote this  this initiative to reward the best drawings. The list of winners will be published on 1 February, 2012 :

– 10 games Bioviva Editions,

– 10 teaching kits FRAPNA « La Forêt m’a dit »

– 5 stuffed toys Marron Rouge

– 2 t-shirts et 1 cap Quat’rues

– 50 copies of the magazine « La Petite Salamandre »



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