In our satchel for the back to school….there will be Love

What is there in our satchel for the back to school? This is the new theme with our friends Eco informants for the month of August 2011.


At Marron Rouge instead of satchel we will say bag  .. and rightly so here is a brand new bag which will be available on our website beginning of October 2011.

DOUNIA - Chambre à air et ceinture de sécurité recyclée - Recycled Tube and Seatbelt -©Aline Périer


But this autumn we’ll tell you about love, a large and broad topic, like how beautiful the nice meetings provide good results.


We have created for our friends UNIVERSAL LOVE, co-organizers of the Ethical Fashion Show four pairs of earrings, heart-shaped recycled materials: we could not do worse than that!


The first well-named: LOVE ADDICT (ACCRO A L’AMOUR) recycled tube.

LOVE ADDICT - Chambre à air recyclée - Recycled Tube ©Aline Périer


The three following in recycled carton and newspaper :



LOVE ETC... - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


CRAZY LOVE - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


ALL ABOUT LOVE - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


The fabrication was entrusted to the NGO in Delhi who manufacture all our accessories in tire, seatbelt and inner tube recycled. This NGO fight against poverty


Do not forget Universal LOVE  is an association that promotes Ethical Fashion and due to the profits generated by the sale of accessories, such as these earrings  they participate in various awards in fashion schools in order to promote young designers and give an ethical profile in a designs due to profits generated by UNIVERSAL LOVE.



These earrings  will be available on the Ethical Fashion Show at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from 1 to 4 September 2011 on the stand of Universal Love and by mid-September 2011 on the sites of UNIVERSAL LOVE and MARRON ROUGE.


In addition to these earrings are simply..pretty

Love …. on ears in recycled mode or recycling fashion as you like .

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Catwalk of thoughts – UNIVERSAL LOVE

For the Back to School the other posts of our friends of Green Team (in French) :

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  2. Abi says:

    J’adorrrrrrrrrrrre les boucles pleines en papier journal !!!!!

  3. Jean-Marc says:


    Promis je t’en réserve une paire!

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  5. Cyrille says:

    Bonne rentrée à toi et à Marron rouge.

  6. Michèle says:

    Je vote comme Abi pour les petits coeur plein avec “Harry Potter” 🙂
    Sympa cette collection toute simple, éthique et qui prône le recyclage !

  7. Gus says:

    De très beaux produits, bravo !

  8. Jean-Marc says:

    Abi, Cyrille, Michèle, Gus

    Merci de ce super dynamisme pour cos billets . Merci pour vos encouragements et BELLE RENTREE A VOUS TOUS

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