Eco Design Contest Marron Rouge

This project was born from one of my trips to India where I met an intern within the NGO that manufacture the recycled inner tube bags . She had been a pupil of the school of Diderot’s La Martiniere. I asked him to relate with his teacher because I had the idea to a contest on the theme of recycling.
I met Delphine Mille, a professor at the school of La Martiniere Diderot repeatedly since November 2011 we set up this contest to students.
Here are the steps that we have set up with Delphine Mille:

  • A first meeting to
    • Explain who is Marron Rouge
    • Describe the importance of design above all in a recycled object
    • Emphasize the environmental importance
    • Use the best manufacturing sectors with emphasis on the importance of the social economy and in my views
    • Provide some raw materials such as inner tubes, seat belts
  • A second meeting to evaluate student projects and redirect or reinforce their creativity
  • A third meeting to select the winners
  • Finally one last meeting to have a prototype finished product and remove students who could not present a real prototype

The project is now completed and 15 winners are selected. Achievements have been first presented at the Open Days of La Martinière Diderot on 9 and 10 March 2012.
On March 28, 2011 will be selected by a jury the best achievements of the 15 winners.

Jury members are:
Amandine, president of Artgens
Laure Vial Lenfant, society LM  Show

Sophie Tinland Lelandais, teacher DSAA Creator, designer at  La Martinière Diderot

Cecile Liard, organizer of the Vintage Fashion Market in Lyon
Frederic Cadet, CEO and designer of the eco-design agency bearing his name
Mathilde Alexandre, creator of Mademoiselle Dimanche 
Nicolas Asboth, founder of the concept Store ORIGEEN
Aline Perier, photographer
Isabelle Gleize, Director Designers’ Village
Delphine Mille professor at La Martinière Diderot
The best projects selected by the jury will then be sold in whole or part by Marron Rouge  as part of its strategy
The work of the 15 winners will be featured in the exhibition hall of the Designers’ Village in Lyon from Thursday, March 29, 2012 from 17:00 and until 31 March 2012 as part of Days of Crafts in initiative of the Chamber of Trade.

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