How to do without a car in Lyon?

If one takes the bull by the horns and we do not decide ourselves what we want for our lives, it is endowed with no “win” new ways of thinking his day, including transportation of people on the urban area.
This post was inspired the complete overhaul of the bus system in Lyon public transport. TCL (Common Transport in Lyon). From August 29, 2011 ATOUBUS operation is implemented

What is really going to change:
It announced by TCL in progress:

– Simplification of routes: the routes are simplified with more direct routes between major hubs of the city and the city two hearts, peninsula and Part-Dieu.

– A regular schedule: Of the 26 major lines: frequency of about 10 minutes all day, from September to June, and enhanced frequency in the evenings, Saturday afternoons and summer.

– Transversality: With Atoubus and 17 direct connections from device to device, including five major lines, no need to go through the city center.

– The intermodality: Metro Connections Tram enhanced TER

26 major lines to connect faster the major sectors of the city
71 additional lines to bring you faster on the main lines
27 to better serve specific neighborhoods stations and business parks

TCL as said it is now up to you and certainly to stop taking his car for a yes a no. Do not forget the highly developed network VELO’V Lyon: Lyon was the first pilot city for the location in the city of self-service bicycles. The network is more dense, so much the better!

From my side I walk a lot in Lyon and I use my bike or VELO’V. The car is used only for business purposes to go on a show. When I go on weekends I use a lot by train and then cycling 15 to reach 20 km linking the places to visit. It’s always a good time to meet people and see the environment in a nice way. I can also use acar but not alone in the car.

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