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From a sponsorship to an engagement there is a slice of life…

Monday 27 February 2012

This story begins December 25, 1999: I decide to commit to a sponsorship for a widow women.
Evelyne, who began creating the association Sponsorship India has one of my first cases of a widow of 30 years. Her husband committed suicide three years ago and he left her with two young boys who were older at the time of the tragedy respectively 9 and 6.

It’s been 12 years that I follow this family, although the financial commitment ended there more than two years since the two children have graduated, we always stay in touch.

I followed these two kids and saw them several times during sponsorship jumble few events:

• First meeting with the mother and two children, and we were all four very intimidated because the emotion by this first meeting and over the language barrier because they only spoke Tamil
• First invitation into their home who has to break everything to 4 square meters with a “feast meal” for the guest of honor that I represented to them.
• First school results and their their wishes for the future
• First “surprise” at one of my trips, I spent some time with two boys from either ask what they needed for school, go to cinema. One day I told them to choose something that made them want me and they took it to a dealer to buy a Playstation! And I did not understand because it is expensive and not an object of prime necessity, I had to explain that I was there to try to help them in their schooling and that I was not a “only a wallet”, that even in France all children did not have to live with PS. And they finally understood
• First school guidance “failed” because that does not match their aspirations and their non mathematicians mind They decided both finally enter a mechanics school and they succeed.

• And then two days ago I was very moved because I was invited to the engagement of one of the two. A page in their lives and mine was about to turn but what a nice colorful event and traditions.

• The various stages of engagement (from what I understood):

o The arrival of the guests (many!) while the girl is coming and everyone is waiting in a room and chairs for a conference as rows in front of a stage decorated with flowers and adorned with two armchairs
o We are waiting patiently (!) the arrival of the bridegroom and means outside the room as the musicians in a marching band and then all women of the family are trimmed and carry trays of fruit and flowers in front of the groom

o Guests are rushing into the room and took seats on the chairs.
o The bride just before getting to the crowd, closely followed by the groom

o Large hangings are then submitted to the scene and the men of both families settled on it. They “parley” , confirmed that the two youngs agree, and make some “incantations”

o Guests are rushing into the room and took seats on the chairs.
o The bride just before getting to the crowd, closely followed by the groom
o Large hangings are then submitted to the scene and the men of both families settled on it. They “parley” , confirmed that the two youngs agree, and make some “incantations”
o The bride then comes back wearing a new sari offered by her future mother in law and bejeweled
o The couple are then celebrated, and then come the pictures with the guests.
o The guests will then dine shift and go home

From a “simple” sponsorship I attend this wonderful time all the more that this is love, and they are not arranged betrothal.
A beautiful emotion aroused by beautiful human relationships and I do not complain.
Magic moments from life

I wish to theses two lovebirds happiness!

Draw me the forest : the results

Sunday 5 February 2012

From 1 October 2011 and, until December 31, 2011 in Rhone Green had started a game “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.

This game was made ​​addressed to all children aged 3 to 12 who onnt kindly draw a picture whose theme is Forest.

The game is finished so here are down results

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne

Faind the full result on  Rhône en Vert  website


Marron Rouge will send to five winners one stuffed toy in organic cotton va adresser à cinq lauréats un doudoiu en coton bio à chacun.

Here are the drawings of the five winners of Marron Rouge



Cassandre - 5 ans/years


Eva 6,5 ans/years


Maxime 4,5 ans/years


Chloe 6 ans/years

Clément 6 ans/years


The post published on Quat’rues blog


Marron Rouge will pay 5% of the sales made on the web site to Parrainages Inde

Friday 6 January 2012

As some of you know, we are closely linked with the association Parrainages Inde.

Staff Parrainges Inde


This association under French law help single women in the region of Pondicherry in India. These women are either widowed, abandoned or divorced. Within the association we fund the education of their children. On December 29, Hurricane Thane was very violent in Tamil Nadu, especially in the region of Pondicherry. A lot of women that the association help, were affected by the cyclone. Their house (hut) were completely or partially destroyed.

I got daily news of the situation which is not the most fabulous. The first day I had Evelyne, the president of the association, she was under charm  as all these women had one thing in mind for January 1st,  is to wish their vows to Evelyne while their “house” was either completely destroyed or very damaged.

To date the census was done on women who are sponsored to the number of 110, 72 huts of 110 ( have not yet been visited), 14 are completely destroyed, 25 have lost their roof or are very poor condition, 33 were given the shock.

In solidarity, in Marron Rouge, we decided to pay 5% of sales made on our website for the period 1 January 2012 to February 15, 2012. For those who want to help, by donating the contact to make a bank transfer to the account given of Parrainages Inde. . Evelyne is in India, until March 15, 2012 the best way to donate is transfer. Thanks in advance for those who can give something. Here are under after the bank coordinates..
Please do not hesitate to share this post on your social Network, Facebook page…


Here is the mail I received some days ago from Evelyne :

Happy New Year Jean Marc here it ends badly as you can see.

Sunday 1st January 10:30 p.m.: The electricity is back! since 5 minutes, so I send you the email I had prepared last night! The death toll rose there about forty dead in Tamil Nadu.

Pondicherry December 31, 2011 at 21:00

Dear godparents, donors.
Dear friends,

By the time the world prepares to celebrate the new year, in light of a candle as I write this mail (Pondicherry is immersed in the dark).

As you may know the cyclone Thane has severely affected Tamil Nadu and particularly the territory of Pondicherry and Cuddalore region on the night of Thursday 29 to Friday, December 30, with a maximum intensity of the 0:00 to 7:00 morning.
Thousands of trees were uprooted and fell on some houses destroying a large number of huts. Trees and branches have damaged the streets making it sometimes impossible traffic.
The White City was cleared with cranes, in poor neighborhoods the residents have only sickles to cut the branches and trunks.
Since Thursday evening (29/12) there is no electricity.
The trees in large quantities, utility poles, traffic lights, signs, plates and other debris litter the ground ….
The boats were propelled to the land. Some palm roofs (mostly) were pulverized in seconds.
With the limited information available (no electricity, no internet, no newspapers …) Thane killed 7 people and 20 people in Pondicherry to Cuddalore.

I went with Leela on Saturday morning to visit some families who live by the sea
Ms. Muruvae and four children had not eaten since Thursday night. Fortunately the family informed of the severity of the storm found shelter in a safe place to spend the night. The hut is partially destroyed. They were hungry (we gave money).

We are moving in the mud to reach what remains of the hut of Mrs. Manjula. Rats have already taken up residence.
The situation of Mrs. Manjula is also dramatic. At 23 hours the water suddenly came into the hut, she soon had water up to his neck. She left her children and found a safe place to wait out the flood. The hut is destroyed, all is lost: the clothes, ration card, the bank book, exercise books and children’s books, uniforms, food …

Ms. Malika and her daughter live in a concrete house, no mess, just water inside.

The roof of the hut Nathalie and her 4 children is destroyed. They are tenants and the landlord asked this morning to go very quickly. The children also had not eaten. They were surprised by the rising waters at midnight. Nathalie did not think his hut could be flooded. She lived with her children in a housing project during the 2004 tsunami.

Of the four families met this morning, three are in a serious situation.
The association “Referrals India” manages 110 families. We will pay to the affected families money so they can buy rice some vegetables. Then he will have to buy clothes, books, repeat the huts if they own, repeat the bank books, the ration card ….
We work discreetly as usual.

In the coming days we will contact all of our families and take stock of their situations.
We will keep you informed of course, depending on the severity we will appeal for donations.

Ernestine (one of our two employees) and his family moved in with their older sister as the roof of the hut is destroyed, the neighborhood is devastated.
Concrete homes have held up, except for the roof sheet (tarpaper), which is often full of holes.

Thank you for your attention.
Happy new year to everyone.


Evelyne & Jean-Marc à/in Pondichérry

Grettings 2012

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Ethic presents – A selection from Marron Rouge

Thursday 1 December 2011

We are the  December 1st


Holidays approaching and with our friends Eco-Informants of the Green Team we have selected a number of beautiful gifts and ethical.

Pants, a frog and hop it wriggles easy: a good start for ethical gifts



Our first selection goes to you guys with a selection of boxers shorts from the brand KOLAM.

Kolam is certified GOTS/FLO that respects and workers but also your customers.




Each boxer short comes in a tin metal recycled.

These boxers chic, beautiful colorful organic cotton and are available in several colors. There are sold at a price of € 19.00 on the website of ORIGEEN or directly to the  store or : 28, rue Palace Grillet 69002 Lyon – France



We continue with Easy Frog with accessories made ​​of hemp



Multi purpose kit for children and adults, available in black frog, red, pink and orange – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton – Size: 18×13 cm – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 16.50

Wallet and key ring, slipped into his bag, frog available in black, pink and orange. – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton, natural color, aspect linen with cotton touch – Size: 12×6.5 cm with key ring included – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 14.00

On sale on the website Easy Frog




There now … it wriggles. !

This is the name of a collection of Mademoiselle Dimanche (Miss Sunday) – I not like only graphics and aesthetic for the creations of  Mathide  but also her  approach




All these accessories are made of linen and cotton and are sold on the new website of  Mademoiselle Dimanche from € 18.00 for the small pouch and up to 115.00€ for the lamp shade




To end I will advbise you two books about recup and recycling


L’art de la récup


Remake it


Here is the selection of the other members of Green Team  (in French):


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Michèle [Attention à la Terre]biloba et la GreenTeam pensent à vos cadeaux

Clovis [Quat´rues] : Pour Noël, afin de limiter le gaspillage, prônons la déconsommation !

Karen  [Cuisine saine] : Blog cuisine bio : les cadeaux écolo pour Noël

Gus [Echo Mag] : 6 idées de cadeaux de Noël: offrir moins pour offrir mieux





Buy is vote

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Buy is vote

Think a littler bit about this small sentence….

It speaks to you?



To buy something  is involved in a vote and thus the choices we make when buying a particular product that goes to a foundation of the world as we wish





At the initiative Le Marché Citoyen and Colibris in the wensite Consommer Autrement (Consume differently) , you can play a small exercize to analyze five stages of a purchase as described below


At the end of this short survey(in French) you will see your score and compare it with others.

You can even participate in a draw and maybe win a prize


La source des femmes (the source of woman) : the movie

Friday 11 November 2011

I have not really used to like to share my every move, but then, the recurring theme that I like this post I am sharing with you: Women.  I went to the cinema this evening for November 10 go to “La Source des Femmes (the source of woman)” by Radu Mihaileanu

The story takes place today in a small village, somewhere between North Africa and the Middle East, as stated in the synopsis of the film.

Early in the film, the camera focuses on the details or the “infinitely small” by showing how hard it is to fetch water every day in the mountains, when you’re a woman and that was a man sitting at a sidewalk cafe all day.


These women love their men, love to make love, love the Qur’an, love their children, love to laugh and joke! One of them ,more educated with the help of an older woman who has experienced things that no woman would bear, they decide to strike love. No sex until their men moves and help them to get water without having to transport or to have the same men who carry water from the mountains. In short it is not earned in a country steeped in ancient traditions, religious and traditional.


The whole film is punctuated by moments funny, tender and deeply human. It does not see an intellectual film, it is a movie female but not feminist. We just see a movie full of emotions and especially not mushy. This film is not whining on the contrary it is a little optimistic as we see. It’s a film that depicts the difficult conditions of North African woman or even women in general. I could stop to  think of all the Indian and African women I meet and I have met with in my current and past experiences.

Situations are often criticized by singing, you hear the women singing throughout the film to express their feelings and distress. Music, songs, dances are not an addition to draw you a tear, but are an integral part of this beautiful film.


  • Leila Bekhti who plays Leila is convincing by its determination
  • Byouna, who plays the Old Rifle, is surprising by tenderness generated by the role of this strong woman
  • Quiet strength of Saleh Bakri who plays the role Sami


I can only encourage you to go see this movie, you will leave the room refreshed and full of enthusiasm. Nothing vindictive or nasty just the human and common sense, no less

The director Radhu Mihailenau is the son of a Romanian Jewish journalist. In 1980 he left Romania during the Ceausescu dictatorship and sought refuge in Israel, then to France where he studied film at IDHEC (former name of the Fémis) and then worked as assistant director in the 1980s, including with Marco Ferreri. (Source Wikipedia)


This is not the first movie I watch from this director. He have done in the past two following movies :

  • Le Concert (the concert)The show tells the story of mad ex Bolshoi musicians who organize a concert in Paris:
  •  Va, Vis et deviens (go, live and become)Live and Become: in a refugee camp in Sudan mother, Christian, pushes his son to pretend to be Jewish in order to survive.


Click here for all the cast of the movie

The official website of the film (in French )

Other post on movies and woman : Woman are heroes

Juste before the movie I got the good surprise to see this poetic clip on recycled paper (In French)


Do not be afraid of ecology anymore

Wednesday 2 November 2011

This is a new theme that brings together some of our friends Eco Informants: Fear. Inspired by the October 31st  and has now crossed the ocean it is  fun to celebrate fear and be afraid.


Fear is defined by the disorder that can cause vision or the expectation of danger.


Once will not hurt, but I decided to address this issue in a slightly more serious.

Should we be afraid of ecology?

Should we be afraid to protect nature for a better balance between man and his environment?

Ecology is dangerous?


I will try to give you answers with some thoughts and reflections that follow. As usual (I know I ramble) but I’m not here to give lessons or you make you feel guilty. What scares me today is far from ecology, on the contrary.


Here are some pictures of my fears :


I’m afraid of a nuclear accident: serious accidents  of Tchernobyl (with the clouds that do not pass the borders) and Fukushima, have raised awareness that a real danger existed. The Germans and the Italians are they more stupid or smarter than we French? Fear caused them to stop the nuclear and find a transition in the coming years. While I finish to write this pot I just take knowledge that Belgium will get out of nuclear production.


I’m afraid of Bisphenol A: What is this new gadget that is bisphenol A? It’s just a chemical that is included in full product of everyday life, and without asking you to integrate your body to wreak havoc. See especially the articles (in French) published by Quat’Rues, Abonoeobio, Vertissimmo

The list goes on … .. All these examples are not “one shot” of the environmentalists. Nothing more natural than save our planet for a better world. A world upside down, which sometimes favours and often only economic imperatives that could be changed with a little goodwill, discussion and awareness and made good decisions. Economic realities are necessary in a non anarchic world, but do not forget human being


Ecology does scares me, it brings up the human being who is in center of the ecology


Is it  wrong to want to live better and completely consistent with what is around us and try to make better use of our resources and also especially our brain cells (or not).


This is not ecology that must frightened us , but another glaring example of the world today world is Greenwashing ! (They want us to take bladders for lanterns). I invite you to read or reread the note I had done on the subject


We’ll finish this post mood with the famous Bridget Kyoto illustrates our kind words and reacting to her fears, how can I say …. Watch more! (it is in French)

The other post of our friends of Green Team :



Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays

Thursday 20 October 2011

Since 1 October 2011, until December 31, 2011 Rhône en Vertt started a game of “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.


The school holidays come to be conducive to ballads …. in the woods for this beginning of  autumn. Why not educate your children to explain the importance of the forest and the harmful effects of deforestation.

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne
Deforestation is the action phase of forest elimination  areas on our planet. This elimination is caused by cutting trees and clearing land. These lands are then used to:


  • Expansion of agricultural areas
  • Urbanization
  • Mining
  • Soil The abuse of some lumber for a variety of: furniture, firewood, cosmetics…


Deforestation has affected a large part of Europe from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century. Areas affected by deforestation today concern the tropical forests of Asia, Africa and South America.



The principle and the rules of the game: •

  • Be aged 3 to 12 years
  • Draw a picture whose theme will be the Forest
  • Scan the drawing of your child and send it via this form online
  • For lovers of real mail using Post Office and send the drawing to Rhône en vert – 13A chemin des Molières 69700 Givors, France. Do not forget to send your details including your e-mail in order to be contacted.


I invite you to read (or reread) the interview (in French) with Sandrine Jacoulot, the head of Rhône en Vert, made by Laurence Moulin from ABONEOBIO


Marron Rouge and others have joined this game to reward the best drawings.

– 10 games Bioviva Editions,

– 10 teaching kits FRAPNA « La Forêt m’a dit »

– 5 organic stuffed toys Marron Rouge

– 2 t-shirts et 1 cap Quat’rues

– 50 copies of the magazine « La Petite Salamandre »

The list of winners will be published on 1 February, 2012


Other posts for the game of Rhône en Vert (in French)



Shamengo : the 1000 pioneers for tomorrow

Sunday 9 October 2011

A new project is going to emerge, it is project I am particularly proud to present. During the Ethical Fashion Show, I met Catherine Berthiller who was a reporter for France 2, present the launch of Shamengo.  I spent some time with Catherine and later we called and this approach, sincerity and that smile makes me believe in nice project.

Shamengo a program of “international cross media” Catherine and her team will give a voice to all those want to participate in a better world: take care of itself, create in ethics, protect the planet and also commit with others.


Sounds good to you , feel free to join this network to explain and promote your initiatives and commitments.


A project of Catherine is to profile the 1000 pioneers of the new world. And for the launch of Shamengo a beautiful operation “CLEAN TAG in Paris”.  Subscribe.

I am furious, I am already engaged with an important thing (to me)  and I can not participate in this operation



Sign up for the night of CleanTag and participate in a major operation in the streets of Paris during the night from October 19 to 20th, 2011. Your mission? Help the community to achieve Shamengo 10 000 tags for the launch of Eco

To subscribe, it is here