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(Français) Fashion Revolution Day 24 avril 2015 à l’Archipel à Paris

Thursday 16 April 2015

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(Français) Carina Orru : Le Festival et les Amis du Vent et Vive l’Economie Circulaire 28 et 29 juin, 2014 à Paris

Tuesday 17 June 2014

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Spring Outlet with Marron Rouge

Wednesday 19 March 2014

For this coming  spring 2014, a time of renewal, Marron Rouge put in place for the first time a large destocking operation.

This destocking match different requirements:

– Products which  arrive at the end of series

-A desire to remove elements from  current ranges of Marron Rouge , to refocus the strategy of recycling and upcycling.

All items which  in Outlet products are new and  always correspond to current trends.  To make this destocking operation attractive for consumers, prices are set low.

An Outlet tab on  Marron Rouge’s web site  will present all these offers. Within this tab you can find four categories of products


Bags and Accessories




Download the full listing of all items wich are on Destocking  



Here are some examples of pricing made for the destocking operation 




Let try and feel free to share this information.

(Français) Les Dîners Durables : le 10 Février, 2014 à Paris

Wednesday 5 February 2014

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Upcycling Day : march 5, 2014 everybody to Cergy Pontoise-France

Tuesday 4 February 2014

March 5, 2014, students from the campus of the University of Cergy Pontoise (France) decided to dedicate a day to to honor the Upcycling and more generally called the Circular Economy , in creating UPCYCLING DAY

 Before getting into the thick of things trying to see more clearly the terms “barbarians”


The attached video published by the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation explains what is called the Circular Economy






 We invite you to read a definition of Upcycling published in Wikipedia 

 Returning to this day of March 5, 2014 :

 Upcycling Day is a special day that allows everyone to immerse themselves in the world of circular economy and upcycling , through educational and practical workshops and conferences bringing together the best experts and most iconic actors .


The objectives set by the students are:

  • Awareness of the use of a new resource: the waste.
  • Promote the practice of upcycling for individuals and in organizations.
  • Provide a friendly and positive attitude participatory, sustainable development.
  • Mobilize students around new environmental practices.
  • Unite students, associations, businesses and the general public in a common and responsible action.

 The program of the day

 Recognized experts held accessible to all conferences, helping to understand the major environmental issues

Unpublished animations and friendly stands to immerse themselves in the world of recycling

 About animations, I was asked to participate as Marron Rouge and I have not accepted immediately (November 2013) , because I wanted to have the program and the course of the day that was sent to me in January 2014 and there I said YES .

 That’s what I have proposed for this day : I lead a workshop during the day. During the day students will have collected plastic bottles to be entrusted to the workshop. With all these plastic bottles we will create an object that remains on the university after this day. The ideas will of course object to define (non exhaustive list): a light , a seat , a sculpture …

  To do this I asked a colleague designer, Gregory Hoogstoel to join me on this workshop .

 We will agree with Gregory to think 3-4 objects we could create during this day. The morning of March 5, 2014 and will choosse one or two items at the end of the day that students will pick from our selection.

 Upstream of the day, the project manager for the University will launch the ” password” in the campus so that the maximum plastic bottles  will be collected . We hope that these plastic bottles are of the same brand so that we make a rather creative design. Of course since we have limited time, we also requested that plastic bottles are washed of every label.


We therefore expect many on this great event and feel free to come and share.


Date March 5, 2014.

Place  : Universy of Cergy-Pontoise, site des Chênes – Accessible by  RER (train) à 30 mn from Paris

Page Facebook 

Registration for the event   


(Français) Portrait de Fabien Baceiredo fondateur d’Efficycle

Friday 31 January 2014

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Jerry, Jim, Jimmy, and Jamie make it for 10 Euros

Friday 29 November 2013

Hello everyone,


Today we decided to be nice, nice for no reason just for fun.

Our four accomplices Jerry , Jim, Jimmy,  and Jamie have decided to lower…. their prices and until 31 December 2013.

These 4 card holder made in crazy materials: recycled seatbelt, Tube recycled, recycled bike tire went down to

€ 10


Find our four companions Jerry Jim,  JimmyJamie directly by clicking on their… name

Are you “Marron Rouge”?

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Marron Rouge organize a little game to understand how you are “Marron Rouge “. Send us your photos featuring our fashion accessories and decorative objects with a small funny text (or not). Allow us to publish these pictures on our social networking pages and our blog. Discount vouchers and / or small gifts to win. This game is also open to business users, send us pictures to see how you scenery our articles

Mail address for pictures and texts :
End of this game : December 31, 2013

 We reserve the right to publish the photos that were sent to us

Etiquette-MetreRuban [APP]-BLOG

Marron Rouge recycles its showroom with pallets

Monday 14 October 2013


End of April 2013 , I received in my mailbox a resume to apply for internship. I read the CV :  keywords ,the letter and the CV hang my curiosity :




I decided to see this potential intern for  a one in two projects

Preparing for the next staging of Maison et Objet in recycled pallets

  • Repeat the land showroom Marron Rouge with the same scenery .



I met Alexis André, and we go to local bar to talk about target of the project.  I met a smiling, enthusiastic and excited young man at the idea of this project I explained him.

After the interview, I asked Alexis , before to accept him or not as an intern  , to address within 10 days , a draft  of the understanding of the project.


Alexis sends me a summary document of several pages, that  “proved” the understanding of  the total project and  he had also good sources of documentation.


Alexis has integrated Marron Rouge as an intern on July 15, 2013 and will leave Marron Rouge October 15, 2013.


The first 15 days we thought the project, it was amended, and it was finalized :

  • Storage spaces visible in the showroom to store the goods, prototypes, components used for trade shows, and the ” paperwork “


  • Large cubes on wheels with a dual reporting function and storage



  • Floors made of pallets to introduce decorative elements
  • Small cubes of different sizes used to store or presentation
  • Frames to showcase products
  • To order s recycled pallets through BIOPORT
  • Start of construction of the various structures
  • Changes in certain structures in progress

    The month of August 2013 has been intense since the first big deadline was Maison et Objet for September 4, 2013 .

A beautiful scenery was made and implemented on this latest edition of Maison et Objet .





And finally implementation of the showroom had been done.


A great team where each of us there used his own skills: design, modification, implementation, patience, satisfaction, frustrations, disagreements, symbiosis, laughter … a beautiful human project as I like




I would like to congratulate with this post Alexis André  for his work , his commitment , his talent, his sense of humour. I wish him a bright future which I’m sure will be brilliant .



Nile Rodgers, CHIC, and my passion for this sound of guitar

Monday 5 August 2013

It is not so common that I give you some very personal things, but I’ll make an exception to the rule and to share with you one of my musical passions.


Indeed the first Thursday evening in August 2013 I was  in Vence  right next to Nice to attend a concert that I “dreamed” all my life!

I really realized a dream and what a beautiful reality that I was there! I had missed  thems when they produced  at the Mogador Theatre in Paris about thirty years ago 


I went to see Nile Rodgers, one of the two founders of the group CHIC. Of course you’ll say, CHIC making machine discos commercial hits … well yes but not only that. I am really went to see  his talented guitarist and I really enjoyed.

This story began in 1977 in the record store named Point d’Orgue boulevard Malesherbes in Paris, France .  I became a client and friend of the shop hard which was held at the time by Caroline and Marie-Agnes .I was working in a company near the shop.

I had the privilege and the right to open all the boxes of new arriving almost daily. So I had the chance and find the first album called CHIC  simply, and at first listen I fell in worship on his unique sound of guitar that appears on almost all the songs on this first disc. Tubes with Dance, Dance, Dance and Everybody Dance, or Strike up the band. All the pieces you will hear the guitar solos with a beautiful soaring brass and violins. This album was considered disco music, although I do not hate, but his unique sound of guitar does not exist. There were plenty of things resembling soul and funk but nothing really unique as its Nile Rodgers.



 Ce disque n’a pas pratiquement jamais quitté ma platine et je le réécoute avec autant de plaisir que 35 ans (eh oui !!) auparavant. Et là ce disque a été le déclencheur d’une véritable passion pour ce musicien.


This disc has almost never left my turntable and I replay with as much fun as 35 years (yes!!) before. And there was the hard trigger a real passion for this musician.


At the same time produced simultaneously CHIC Group and Sister Sledge, and both groups had the same sound that dominant bass Bernard Edward (now disappeared) and that his unique sound of  guitar of Nile Rodgers.

From 1978 to 1979 came the tubesLe FreakGood TimesLost in MusicWe are FamilyHe’s the greatest dancer… After Good Times, the recording career of CHIC group as such was less successful,  but I was always a fan by finding the sound that I had discovered.

Meanwhile Nile Rodgers began appearing as a guitarist with other artists: Cindy Lauper, Duran Duran, INXS, KID Creole, Paul Simon ….

Quickly the group CHIC became  producer and composer of many groups and not least surprises and even some French artist had his English career that was produced by CHIC.



David Bowie : Let’s Dance

Diana Ross : Coming out

SB Devotion : (Sheila) : King of the world , Spacer

Debbie Harry : Kookoo

Musique du film Soup for One : des mesures de ce moprceau de musique ont servi au morceau Lady de MODJO

Madona : Like a Virgin

Mick Jagger : She is the boss

Grace Jones, Brian Ferry….


In short, the list is long and it’s not going to stop including today tube Daft Punk, Get Lucky is still Nile Rodgers. He is  working with Etienne Daho for the next album which is expected in October 2013.


Revenons à ce concert ou j’ai été gâté, Nile Rodgers a joué tous les morceaux légendaires de CHIC et Sister Sledge mais aussi il nous a joué 

Returning to the concert where I was spoiled, Nile Rodgers played all the legendary pieces of CHIC and Sister Sledge but he played also Diana Ross, David Bowie, Modjo, INXS, Duran Duran, Sheila, Madonna highlighting his guitar and being really happy to be here.

Oh and surprise we had the chance to see U2’s Bono on stage which made ​​a very brief appearance

It was like seeing a “kid” who comes having pleasure playing music and being happy to share this with an audience. He asked us, throughout the concert, and a sweet and funny way.


Two hours together moving (for me), it remembered me a lot of memories for those years CHIC I have shared too!

 Nile Rodgers was invited by FNAC in Paris Saint lazaire on June 25, 2013. 


 Un very truth interview made by the French magazine Télérama

Discographie de Chic 


Finally to complete a compilation containing all the success of CHIC, Sister Sledge and  CHIC productions  with unreleased remix, this is a beautiful cabinet that includes most of the career of this group

Détails sur le produit


Nile Rodgers’ Site 

Nile Rodgers’ Twitter