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Father’s Day and Recycling with Marron Rouge at very low prices

Wednesday 13 June 2018


PourFor a nice Father’s Day, offer a nice recycled bag from Marron Rouge, with nice little prices for a beautifull Dad.

Rather than words images speaks by themselves.

Little prices from  8€






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You have until June 30, 2018

Thursday 7 June 2018

June 30, 2018 we stop bags and accessories
Since May 15, 2018 we sent you a message to inform you that we are stopping bags and accessories – READ HERE
The price of bags and accessories is sacrificed
The Bags: Price from 8 € to 39 €
The Messengers from 8 € to 39 €
Wallets, Card Doors .. from € 4.50 to € 12.40
Bowling Bags and Backpacks from 10 € to 59 €
Belts from € 7.50 to € 10
Accessories from € 4.50 to € 15

For those who do not know Marron Rouge, you can read the Marron Rouge Press Kit (in French): all important steps will be noted.

With all my kindness

Jean-Marc Attia

 Data Protection
In accordance with the law, we inform you that your email address is processed in the Marron Rouge database because you are registered on our lites. You want to keep hearing from us, you have nothing to do, and we thank you for it. You wish, that we delete your details click on the unsubscribe link in end of this newsletter below Se Désinscrire. For all customers of Marron Rouge your data will be kept in our base as the legal duration requires.

May 15, 2018 Move with Marron Rouge : New Step

Tuesday 15 May 2018



Hello everyone,

Message from Jean-Marc Attia Founder of Marron Rouge:

A new stage in the life of Marron Rouge and mine too. Marron Rouge was born in 2010 because of the desire to be involved in environmental and human values: to make design the spearhead of the creation of bags, fashion accessories and decorative objects in recycled materials. To do this I also added a dose of involvement with social projects, NGOs, ESAT that helped me to make these beautiful objects.

Today I decided to close all the department bags and accessories because it requires too much energy for a single man to manage this company that I created in July 2010. Profitability is not at the rendezvous no more so before being forced to stop this activity I liquid all the stock of bags and accessories. The goal is STOCK ZERO by June 30, 2018.
All bags and accessories sold on the site are  at a bargain price : in counterpat there will be no return, no exchange or refund possible.

Marron Rouge does not stop there, and the business continues in a different way:
– The decoration department remains open and will evolve in the coming months
– The bags and accessories will be marketed for a clientele of companies that want to make custom objects made of recycled materials. Do not hesitate to ask us for any estimate or project in progress
– We continue our collaboration with the Vausselia Company for all accessories in sail boat s
– If you want to use our platform to sell your recycled products do not hesitate to contact us to set up a collaboration.
– Personally I invest myself much more intensely from the middle of the second semester with the company Acanthe in Lyon. I would be an indoor landscaper for companies, but also a consultant in communication, and organization, and finally combine the plant and the recycling while maintaining the design.

What’s reassuring is bouncing again, and I’m happy about that. . I see this with a positive and optimistic eye.

In the meantime treat yourself and give yourself the bag or accessory that makes you want at a ridiculous price.

For those who do not know Marron Rouge, you can read the Marron Rouge Press Kit (in French): all important steps will be noted.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question

With all my kindness

Jean-Marc Attia



Exceptional sales of unique Marron Rouge item From June 23rd, 2017 in Lyon

Friday 16 June 2017




On June 23, 2017 Marron Rouge will sells only on its showroom at 19 rue Royale in the 1st arrondissement in Lyon a part of the unique pieces / prototypes made in previous years. These new pieces correspond either to collections that have emerged at Marron Rouge or to collections that will ultimately not be marketed for various reasons: unreliable raw material recovery, high production cost, …. These items will be sold at a fixed price on the showroom of Marron Rouge from June 23rd. All the pieces put up for sale are made with recycled materials, the expression territory of Marron Rouge, such as jeans, floor mats, waterproof canvas made from recycled plastic bottles, rickshaw canvas (Indian scooter ), inner tube … These elements will not be available on the site of Marron Rouge.

The available pieces are accessories bags, soft toys,  decorative elements.

The attached picture gives you an example of the parts that will be available, other parts not photographed are also available.

The parts sold cannot be guaranteed and will not be taken back or exchanged. The quality of manufacturing and finishing of these unique parts is equivalent to the series parts offered for sale. Checks will not be accepted for the sale of these items.



Marron Rouge “admitted” at Ecole Centrale in Lyon , France

Wednesday 14 June 2017



Press release

Marron Rouge «admitted» at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Marron Rouge gives a new life to the communication media made of tarpaulin

At the request of Catherine Mainand-Giraud holder of Recycling Chair and Circular Economy  Eco-Emballages at Ecole Centrale Lyon and Roberto Vargiolu researcher at the Laboratoire LTDS of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in tribology, friction wear  science, Marron Rouge Rouge has been selected to enhance the communication media in the project “Sophie and the secrets of the Table Claudienne” to transform them into bags and ottomans. The comic strips made by the students of the Ecole Centrale and the Ecole Emile Cohl under supervision of Roberto Vargiolu will be inserted in the bags. The ottomans are lined with cured heated cork balls and foam cushions. As a major player in Upcycling and Recycling on the Lyon region, Marron Rouge conceive intelligent waste management as an art of living. The Ecole Centrale de Lyon, also engaged through its Recycling in the Circular Economy chair, naturally entrusted this project to Marron Rouge for:

– its expertise: design on a wide variety of materials

– its proximity: the two entities are based on the Lyon region

– its social commitment: local manufacturing is entrusted to ESATs in the Saint-Etienne area











Crowdfunding campaign with Ulule : Marron Rouge launches a French manufacturing process

Monday 24 October 2016



Upcycling, Design and Recycling


Marron Rouge launches French Manufacturing

Marron Rouge Crowdfunding CAMPAIGN with  ULULE


From October 13, 2016 to November 27, 2016


MARRON ROUGE is a major player in the upcycling and recycling in France that designs smart waste management as a lifestyle.

The establishment of collaborations for several years with NGOs in India, was just the beginning. MARRON ROUGE launches in October 2016 a French manufacturing fashion accessories that will feature:

  • French Manufacturing companies,
  • ESAT (Reinsertion program for handicapped people) in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region
  • and the expertise of Marron Rouge: the creation of design objects by recycling, recovery and processing of waste.
  • to discover the project and participate:


The history of Marron Rouge

Created in 2009 by Jean-Marc Attia, MARRON ROUGE imagines and designs fashion accessories and recycled materials in decoration (safety belt, tube, tire, tailor centimeter parachute canvas bag …), made in India by local NGOs. After spending 2 years at Village des Createurs (Designer’s Village) in Lyon,  MARRON ROUGE is housed in its own shop “3 in 1”, showroom-workshop-boutique, rue Royale, in Lyon 1 made entirely with recycled pallets to stay in mind upcycled so dear to Jean-Marc Attia.


Marron Rouge showroom recycled with pallets in Lyon 

DESIGN 100%  from Lyon, France

All fashion accessories, and  decorative items are created by Jean-Marc Attia in its showroom workshop. 3 of 4 collections of stuffed animals were created by Parisian designer Marie-Noelle Bayard.



Recycling, upcycling, are the pillars of  Marron Rouge. All recovery processes  of materials are carefully checked. No materials are manufactured for  the creations of Marron Rouge. Tires and tubes are recovered by poor people of Delhi who resell them to a sorting office of an NGO, jeans labels, safety belts are from the manufacturers discontinued items. Textiles are purchased in the textile Delhi market.



After creating the company Marron in 2009, and becoming a major player in recycling in France, setting up a production with Indian NGOs, Marron Rouge launches into local French production with actors of the social economy and locally in Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region



One of the positive impacts will transform waste to promote circular economy of proximity. Marron Rouge will continue to support Indian projects in which it is engaged in duration.

Establish a long-term collaboration with local ESAT for working recycled materials. A Establishment and Service through Work is in France a nursing home work protected, reserved for people with disabilities and for their integration or social and professional reintegration.

French industrialists came into direct contact with Marron Rouge to enhance their waste. The competitive cluster Lyon TECHTERA contacted Marron Rouge to submit French industrialists, sometimes to imagine local design solutions with their waste.

The first prototypes were made with materials recovered from French manufacturers. These items will be available in 2017 on success of this campaign and are being improved for future productions.

The windbreaker created from Parachute cloth production falls fitted by a tailor in the Lyon region. The messenger bag created from the end of production of judo mats fabric mounted by ESAT in the area of Saint- Etienne (France)

Wallets and accessories created from sheets made from recycled materials and printed with a pattern created especially for Marron Rouge  by Mademoiselle Dimanche who designs Textile and ridden by ESAT in the region Stéphanoise

Other materials are being developed. These materials come from specialized textile industry (underwear), technical fabrics from the aviation industry …. In short ideas abound, waste either!


Every financial participation in our campaign will be entitled to conterpart




Prototyping with new recycled materials in France: 2,000 €

Manufacture of templates for producing “industrial” by ESAT: 4.000 €

First production of handbags and accessories made in France: 7.000 €

Press campaign MY BEAUTIFUL RP to announce new French productions € 1,000

ULULE Commission: 1600 €

VAT on the counterparties: € 3,333

…… And if we exceed the target of 20,000 Euros ….


With € 25,000 we could buy a sewing machine and make prototypes and other unique pieces ourselves …


With € 30,000 in addition we could improve our internet site


With € 40,000 we could hire an intern for at least 6 months to boost communication


The word of Jean-Marc Attia: “Beyond this crowfunding campaign I have a sweet dream / wish for Marron Rouge through a process that will pool the arms, gray matter and treasury but the three elements together are needed. I am open to any discussion and / or proposal for a further step. It will redefine together a new economic model (or not), use (or not) the projects that are “in the pipeline .., “associate, come together, share … I am open to all, without any stress or territory project Feel free to contact us to discuss: Commit, you recycle!


The man of Marron Rouge

At first a self-taught man, he became Chief Operating Officer in computer groups.

Then he went back to school: the INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Then humanitarian missions in Africa with the International Red Cross In 2008, as he was fed up and his head full of questions, he “gave up everything” to create Marron Rouge, during an umpteenth trip to India

He is keen on travelling through the five continents (his mother called him “the tramp”). He needs to share, meet men and women of all countries. He is a thoroughgoing optimist who prefers to work in a good mood, and especially with humor. He is a man with human values above all.

Initially, there was “Parrainages Inde”, an association which Jean Marc is a member of since its establishment in 1999. This association helps single women in southern India, to educate their children. Then there were successive trips to this country and in particular that of January 2009.

In 2009, Jean-Marc left his life of devoted “upwardly mobile executive”, to think a little more about himself  and give his professional activities and his life, basically, a human, responsible and sustainable sense.

Each of these trips was an opportunity to learn a little more about the Indian people. He was seduced by the almost permanent smile of this people, the know-how , and « the want to do ». The first step was an ethical trade initiative with players in the social and solidarity economy, then the sale of their products in France. Very quickly, he grew unsatisfied with this simple exchange, and Jean-Marc began to think about design and environment.

Marron Rouge phylosophy was born !


The implementation of this campaign was facilitated by Future of Waste is a program dedicated to innovators and actors working to “make our waste a source of infinite resources”. Through an online platform, and numerous workshops and events, Future of Waste creates a global movement around these new circular solutions. Future of Waste is developed by Make Sense the pioneering support and SUEZ assets.


Recycled and “Upcycled” materials by Marron Rouge  to date:


The tube, safety belts, tape measures seamstresses, jeans labels, cement bags, life jackets, cotton, embroidery sarees, bicycle tire and scooter, the canvas parachute bag, newsprint, leather straps …..

Recycled jeans labels Copyright photo Patrick BEDARD – Model Frédéric Portier 


Recycled Inner tube – Copyright photo Aline Périer et Thomas LeaudModel Léa  – Recycled seatbelt – Copyright photos Aline Périer et Thomas Leaud – Model Eric Mazelier – Lifevest jacket and cement abgs  – Le coton recyclé et les broderies de sari recyclées – Les doudous de la collection Couleur(s) – Les doudous de la collection Restons Couchés – Copyright photo Aline Périer 

Stools in inner tube, denim labels, recycled synthetic grass – Copyright photo Aline Périer 


Marron Rouge also customizes corporate gifts. Customers were seduced by design, originality, expertise and strong commitment, quality of finishes of MARRON ROUGE  which is  involved in sustainable development. Companies and associations have chosen carrier bags or accessories to offer strong messages their members or clients.

Some examples


Le Laboratoire Holiste was the first to trust MARRON ROUGE by first ordering cotton bags and jute products with its logo and a large jute tote designed to safely transport the air Bol Jacquier® ( oxygenation method 100% natural). The Imprimerie de la Vallée (Switzerland) has chosen to personalize this model wallet (leather exterior, interior recycled inner tube) for the second time

This shoulder bag model “Rob” recycled inner tube  was choosen by the CFDT Services via a distributor, the Company INCKOO in Paris. It was distributed to the 500 delegates at the 14th congress of the CFDT early June 2015 in Montpellier.

Marron Rouge is on solidarity BIOPORT logistics platform located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. BIOPORT treats all humanitarian logistics, and that of fair trade players. BIOPORT employs people from rehabilitation

Marron Rouge dans la Presse et les distinctions

Marron Rouge  was elected blow Heart by Paris Design Week, Maison et Objet and Galeries Lafayette  and is displayed on display at Lafayette Maison from 7 to 29 September 2012.



Other remakable articles :
CLES MAGAZINE : Les Défricheurs du XXIème siècle

20 MINUTES  a full page on Upcycling le 18-10-2013

In February 2013, Jean-Marc Attia, was selected by the magazine WE DEMAIN  among the 100 personalities who will make the France of tomorrow! In this initiative, WE DEMAIN present the portrait gallery of change agents who signed the manifesto WE DEMAIN for a new society.



Jean-Marc Attia  was interwieved in the talk show  BFM Green Business presented by  par Nathalie Croisé on May 12, 2013.  All interviews available on  YOUTUBE.


Marron Rouge is labelized Labellisé Lyon Ville Equitable et Durable 


Our bench the Green Curves, collaboration with the Designer Benjamin Rousse and our Green Grass stools at the Institut Paul Bocuse, demonstration school in Ecully


MARRON ROUGE on the net






To not forget anyone I would of course like to thank my friends, my family, my clients, my partners, my suppliers, and all those who have accompanied me until now to do what Marron today .


Support us, join the adventure of Brown Red is counting on you.




















Biolap residency at Marron Rouge

Friday 13 May 2016

Following the announcement we made in early January 2016, we were in direct contact with BIOLAP we met first in 2011 on the last edition of Planète Durable tradeshow, in Paris . We share the same values ​​in terms of Design, Environment protection and Human.

We met early February 2016 with Fabienne Le Hénaff and Jean-Michel Duivon,


Fabienne LE HENAFF


Jean-Michel Duivon


the two founders of BIOLAP, who came with the question: “What can we do to help? “.

Very touched by this attention

Throughout the discussion, they offered their stock of existing products that they stop marketing, to devote temself entirely to the development of their consulting activities concerning the circular economy, the “Made in France” , Eco-innovation …
So we reached an agreement that I integrate their products within the logistics platform and the Marron Rouge site.
Today these products are sold on the site Marron Rouge at a promotional price.
You will appreciate the sleek design of BIOLAP Products: classy and simply beautiful for bags, protective covers.

Eco-design using natural materials such as linen and / or recycled materials.
These great accessories are sold at unbeatable prices



BME vegetal_range_biolap






(Français) Un superbe gîte, le Domaine des Ormeaux à Ajat dans le Périgord noir

Friday 19 February 2016

Marron Rouge and Cop 21 : Shamengo, Place To B, Changer Fashion for Climat, We Are The Climate Generation

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Marron Rouge will be involved for COP21 , Climate Conference which will be held in Paris from November 30th to December 12, 2015. We will also introduce some inititiatives we support.



Marron Rouge sera un des acteurs qui mettra en scène la Villa Shamengo sur le site du Bourget avec le mobilier fait à partir de matières recyclées. Une performance sera réalisée le 30 novembre, 2015 avec Gregory Hoogstoël pour une réalisation faite à partir de pneus et de bouteilles plastiques .Communiqué de Presse



The initiative of Anne Sophie Novel got also our attention


From November 28th to December 12th 2015, Place to B will be gathering narrators from all over the world in a unique residential location, in the friendly environment of Belushi’s, refurbished for the occasion, and the St Christopher Inn, the international youth hostel dedicated to Paris. Journalists, photographs, designers, youtubers, poets, artists… They will all have the same ambition: be the bearers of different forms of expression, and produce a new story about the climate issues.

Marron Rouge will provide some recycled furniture for some spaces






A major initiative of Isabelle Quéhé concerning fashion will take place on 7 & 8 December 2015 in Paris

This event is organized around three appointments :
A symposium : This day will offer an overview of the environmental impact of fashion. It will be led by professionals in the sector and will discuss innovations , projects, solutions and industry best practices . Six round tables each illustrating one of the steps of the fashion and textile industry will present the issues and actions that led fashion to fight against global warming. The symposium is open to the general public and professionals registration required . To register click HERE. Simultaneous translation of the conference in English and French will be offered.

A catwalk on December 8 at the invitation and the signing of a charter






PlacetoB A Fresh Climate and Community for New Stories

Thursday 29 October 2015

Marron Rouge is committed to the climate with partners concerned about our planet and the humans who inhabit this planet.


At Anne- Sophie Novel initiative Place to B , is a site that will gather all journalists , photographers, designers, graphic artists … in the heart of Paris near the Gare Du Nord in direct transportation link to the COP21 conference at Le Bourget.  Come and join the residential community of Place to B, the collective of narrators, the Headquarters for climate.


Become a COpilot, we still have some spaces left to sleep, create, share ideas, meet each other, and be informed!

From November 28th to December 12th 2015, Place to B will be gathering narrators from all over the world in a unique residential location, in the friendly environment of Belushi’s, refurbished for the occasion, and the St Christopher Inn, the international youth hostel dedicated to Paris. Journalists, photographs, designers, youtubers, poets, artists… They will all have the same ambition: be the bearers of different forms of expression, and produce a new story about the climate issues.

Being a physical and digital platform, a hub, a community and a magnifier of new media all at once, Place to B will offer a unique experience at the heart of the media during the COP 21, and many important participants are already working with us!

To live the Place to B experience and be at the heart of the dynamics, you just need to sign up at this link: HERE


          FOCUS on one COpilot




Johanna Lee Sadik, (Brazil)


#Blogger #Social media outreach

From her native Brazil, this young lady has been travelling the world for several years. Passionate about the impact of the cultural and environmental heritage on the narrative speeches about climate, Johanna is excited to join the Place to B, « a place of co-creation and storytelling by excellence ».


More information :

Contact mail : MAIL PLACETOBECOP21 

Accommodation Contact : Sami Cheikh Moussa 

Press Contact : Margaux Roberge