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Bring MARRON ROUGE at Grand Palais in Paris during the Climate Conference

Thursday 1 October 2015

Bring MARRON ROUGE at Grand Palais in Paris during the Climate Conference


 RECYCLIT community organize  a competition to choose the “best” recycled design for the Climate Conference which will be held in Paris this end of year  2015 in Paris


Vote for out two designs in completion. Nothing more simpler


Design 1 : Click on the following link and then click on the purple icon with a heart Votez pour ce projet


Design 2 : Click on the following link and then then click on the purple icon with a heart Voter pour ce projet


You can vote for the two designs and you are allowed to vote once every month

Thanks in advance to share and to broadcast






Vote Marron Rouge for recycled design for Recyclit for Climate Conference

Thursday 30 July 2015

 RECYCLIT community organize  a competition to choose the “best” recycled design for the Climate Conference which will be held in Paris this end of year  2015 in Paris


Marron Rouge decide to participate for two categories :

Fashion and Accessories Art and Design and so to ry to win one of two prizes:

  • Eco-Designers prize
  • Internet users prize

Below for each category of the products we put in competition we provide you the link to vote a. To vote follow the link and click on the image shown below to the website of Recyclit




Fashion and Accessories



Art and Design



Joins  RECYCLIT community  and share their values



Head-on with the carton boxes

Wednesday 27 March 2013

The adventure of Marron Rouge  started “head-on with the cartons” for me.

After a first interview, in January 2013, to evaluate in which way I could come and help him in the project, it is in his ready-to-move showroom, right in the Village des Créateurs, that I joined Jean-Marc, the very first day of my internship, 3 weeks ago. Struggling my way through the boxes in a messy room, I found that day Jean-Marc with nostalgia and emptiness across his face, although he was smiling to me to greet me. After a few days, I realized I arrived in in the company when a chapter was coming to an end in the history of the little indian-style logo… gone were the days in the little “cocoon” of the “Passage Thiaffait”, it was now time for Marron Rouge to move on and stand on its own feet. But my mind was made up, I would definitely be a part of the new chapter!



My name is Adèle. A young, eco-freak, 27 year-old woman, graduated from Lyon II University with a Master in Brand-strategy and, as Jean-Marc, willing to build a cleaner and even more beautiful future for the mankind. I’ve always yearned for a job in a “conscious” and “conscientious” company. Conscious of what it would bring to the society, and aware of how and why it would do it. Keen on Marron Rouge’s creations, but also on the project’s “ethicological” integrity, I could only join the adventure… even if this would first mean carrying all those boxes and bags, the great teak table and the old little sewing machine table that seemed to weight like a ton! And the new shop with the exposed ceiling beams and the stone wall was absolutely gorgeous! I knew it, Marron Rouge was going to work, but also Marron Rouge and me would hit it off!



After three weeks spent in the company, I could now understand the organization of Jean-Marc’s enterprise : a “multi-task” founder that devotes himself to the design of his products as well as to the monitoring of the production chain, logistic chain, but also to the prospecting of retailers, to the brand’s web-marketing and even to the development of an e-commerce platform.

After visiting the premises of Bioport in Vaulx-en-velin and after taking part in the press day organized by the press agency in Paris, I discovered Jean-Marc’s work hinges on the help of two professional teams for the press relations and logistics :

–         My Beautiful RP press agency, dedicated to the development of his press relations, and specialized in the “ecological and ethical” press world is absolutely crucial for Jean Marc and his brand to be renowned in the fair-trade design area. Besides, the agency’s work has clearly a revenue impact for Marron Rouge.

–         Bioport logistics platform: its job is to make the link between the manufacturers in India and the final customer or retailer in France by storing Marron Rouge’s products and preparing the various orders.

Both of them provide Jean Marc with more security concerning tasks that require much time, much accuracy and great professionalism and that Jean-Marc cannot do alone.


As regards the brand positioning, I think I understood Marron Rouge seeks to appear as a green fashion and design products quality brand that would sell up-market and yet not so expensive products.


Concerning its brand identity, Marron Rouge seems to have understood the importance of dedicating itself to the materials which introduced  it to the public –recycled bike-tire, inner-tube, parachute bag canvas and security seatbelt. As a matter of fact, it sounds that the brand DNA is about recycled gum, canvas and security seatbelt and that Marron Rouge ought to preserve it… without curbing it though!! And in fact, Jean-Marc hasn’t hesitated lately to expand his parachute bag canvas bags collection, develop its fleet of furniture, and much more! From may on, you will be able to wear Marron Rouge not only on your shoulder, on your ears or under your bottom but on your feet!!!

After doing bags, furniture and jewelry, thanks to the encounter between Jean-Marc and his friend Stéphane Bourmaud-Baudet, the idea of extending the collection to the footwear was born! And now we only can wish good luck to our multi-recycled brand!

Marron Rouge, Facebook friends and the shoes

Monday 25 March 2013

Once upon a time …

I restart because they are fairy tales that begin this way.


For those who know me a bit, I’m pretty present on social networks including Facebook.


I’ve built since the arrival of Marron Rouge on the networks a number of “friends” and contacts rather nice, and one (I would rather) with which we trade fairly regularly and in a humorous mode


Nathalie Locquen, we talked about her,  learned embroidery with “grandmothers” and took over the seam to the birth of her children.


A day of delirium, she sent me a “post” on my Facebook page saying that he would be great if  Jean-Marc Marron Rouge start to make recycled shoes. I found the challenge “bold”. I told her that it was not into my skills and that the competent person to design shoes is Stéphane Baudet-Bourmaud, a Facebook ‘s friend and former designer at Clergerie.



To make shoes was not a project for me at first, and then I calledStéphaneand told him why not? Does the project to make shoes completely recycled was a project he wanted to do. We first met inParis. I explained how to him hoes and materials and limiting ourselves initially to shoes “simple” style sandals, mules. I immediately saw an extension of the accessories collection Paix Joyeuse (joyful peace). Materials were approached on my side, the tire tread, the tube outside / top and canvas parachute bag (cotton) and is in direct contact with the skin.

Stéphanethen “floored” and came to Lyon at Village des Créateurs (Designer’s Village) in order to work  more precisely  before I leftIndiain January 2013.Stéphanethen left me the “models” he had prepared, and when I arrived inIndiato do the other prototypes of my new collection, I showed them the shoes … They were surprised but “excited” and they said IT WORKS! Recycled shoes  for Marron Rouge were born.


I love human adventures that lead to the real and concrete.


This collection will be available in May 2013 at a price of 49 € for the 4 models women and 59 € for the men’s model.


Cette collection sera disponible en mai, 2013 au prix de 49 € pour les  4 modèles femmes et de 59 € pour le modèle homme.


Press Release (In French)

First press articles (in French)



Marron Rouge awarded Lyon City Fair And Sustainable

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Since June 25, 2012 Red Brown qualifies for an initial period of three years


This is awarded by the City of Lyon which underscores our continued commitment in the following areas:

  •     Governance and human relations management
  •      Environmental impact
  •      Ability to stimulate responsible consumption
  •      Corporate citizen and local anchoring
  •      Capacity for innovation

We have received this certification and are proud to share it with you.

And here is the picture of the award ceremony by Francoise Rivoire, the  Responsible for Social Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Development of the City of Lyon


Marron Rouge at the catwalk of Village des Créateurs

Tuesday 10 April 2012

5 April 2012, residents of the Village of Créteurs made a catwalk to present their new collections.Marron Rouger was also there, here are some pictures with our accessories

Eco Design Contest marron Rouge : The results

Monday 2 April 2012

Quick reminder about the origin of the project: This project was born from a trip to India where we met an intern within the NGO that we manufacture bags and recycled inner tube, which had been a pupil of the SchoolLa Martiniere Diderot. We asked her to put us in touch with his teacher, Delphine Mille, to organize a contest on the theme of recycling. The project began in September 2011 and just ended in March 2012 and 15 laureates were selected. Achievements have been first presented at the Open Days of La Martiniere High School on 9 and 10 March 2012.
On March 28, 2011 a jury of professionals met to elect the best creations of the 15 laureates, pre-selected by Delphine Mille, a professor at La Martiniere Diderot and Jean Marc Attia founder of Marron Rouge
Jury members are: Amanda, president of Artgens, Laure Vial Lenfant, society LM Show, Sophie Tinland Lelandais, teacher DSAA Creator, designer at La Martinière Diderot, Cecile Liard, organizer of the Marché de la Mode Vintage à Lyon, Frederic Cadet, designer and CEO of the agency of eco-design, with its nomMathilde Alexander, creator of Mademoiselle Dimanche, Aline Périer, photographer, Isabelle Gleize, Director Village des Créateurs, Thousand Delphine professor at La Martinière Diderot, and Jean  Marc Attia founder of Marron Rouge
During this work session the following criterias were defined by all jury members:
• Opportunity to open a new line of products for Marron Rouge
• Consistency with the strategy of Marron Rouge
• Feasibility of mass-produced by Marron Rouge
• Cost of manufacture due to mass production by Marron Rouge
• Product Innovation
• Product triggering an impulse purchase
• Potential for sustainability in the market “mode-Deco-Design” for Marron Rouge
A nice discussion arose from this jury who worked in an objective way and that is really focused on the criterias. It therefore did not question in any way the creativity of students who have demonstrated a great inventiveness and who have talent ..
Thanks to this particular meeting with professionals that I personally did not know at first is born a great adventure it has really shown what were the real viable projects to Marron Rouge, beyond even the blows of heart starting

Four designs have been awarded by the jury:
• The first is Shana Derivière that created small knots recycled seatbelt and frayed ends. This will be declined by Red Brown as a trademark with the fashion accessories delivered

• The second is Laura Norman, who has created from the tube and woven bamboo spikes inside, desk accessories. Through this work she has created a “new material” which could be declined by Marron Rouge  in other decorative objects design

• The third is Anaïs Buyère who created from bicycle inner tubes a floor mat. Due to this work, Marron Rouge will create modular carpet made from “slab” interlocking

• The fourth is Eva Peillex that creates a floor mat made from recycled seat belts and woven

The four winners received a voucher for 100.00 Euros each.
La Martiniere Diderot received a voucher for 200.00 Euros for the association of the school for purchase of books or other cultural materials.

Shana Derivière - Anaïs Bruyère - Eva Peillex - Delphine Mille - Laura Normand

Eco Design Contest Marron Rouge

Wednesday 14 March 2012

This project was born from one of my trips to India where I met an intern within the NGO that manufacture the recycled inner tube bags . She had been a pupil of the school of Diderot’s La Martiniere. I asked him to relate with his teacher because I had the idea to a contest on the theme of recycling.
I met Delphine Mille, a professor at the school of La Martiniere Diderot repeatedly since November 2011 we set up this contest to students.
Here are the steps that we have set up with Delphine Mille:

  • A first meeting to
    • Explain who is Marron Rouge
    • Describe the importance of design above all in a recycled object
    • Emphasize the environmental importance
    • Use the best manufacturing sectors with emphasis on the importance of the social economy and in my views
    • Provide some raw materials such as inner tubes, seat belts
  • A second meeting to evaluate student projects and redirect or reinforce their creativity
  • A third meeting to select the winners
  • Finally one last meeting to have a prototype finished product and remove students who could not present a real prototype

The project is now completed and 15 winners are selected. Achievements have been first presented at the Open Days of La Martinière Diderot on 9 and 10 March 2012.
On March 28, 2011 will be selected by a jury the best achievements of the 15 winners.

Jury members are:
Amandine, president of Artgens
Laure Vial Lenfant, society LM  Show

Sophie Tinland Lelandais, teacher DSAA Creator, designer at  La Martinière Diderot

Cecile Liard, organizer of the Vintage Fashion Market in Lyon
Frederic Cadet, CEO and designer of the eco-design agency bearing his name
Mathilde Alexandre, creator of Mademoiselle Dimanche 
Nicolas Asboth, founder of the concept Store ORIGEEN
Aline Perier, photographer
Isabelle Gleize, Director Designers’ Village
Delphine Mille professor at La Martinière Diderot
The best projects selected by the jury will then be sold in whole or part by Marron Rouge  as part of its strategy
The work of the 15 winners will be featured in the exhibition hall of the Designers’ Village in Lyon from Thursday, March 29, 2012 from 17:00 and until 31 March 2012 as part of Days of Crafts in initiative of the Chamber of Trade.

Draw me the forest : the results

Sunday 5 February 2012

From 1 October 2011 and, until December 31, 2011 in Rhone Green had started a game “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.

This game was made ​​addressed to all children aged 3 to 12 who onnt kindly draw a picture whose theme is Forest.

The game is finished so here are down results

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne

Faind the full result on  Rhône en Vert  website


Marron Rouge will send to five winners one stuffed toy in organic cotton va adresser à cinq lauréats un doudoiu en coton bio à chacun.

Here are the drawings of the five winners of Marron Rouge



Cassandre - 5 ans/years


Eva 6,5 ans/years


Maxime 4,5 ans/years


Chloe 6 ans/years

Clément 6 ans/years


The post published on Quat’rues blog


Maison et Objet – January 2012

Friday 27 January 2012

We share with you, the pictures of our booth on the trade show Maison et Objet which take place at Exhibition Park in Villepinte (France) from Jnauray 20 to January 24, 2012.

This adventure could not be possible alone and I just want to thank everyone and all those who made this event possible. The conclusion of all this is we have meetings with human beings (yes) and we were motivated to  “work” with them because they believe in our project and it is not only a   mercantile position. My way of thinking is that today’s economy necessarily passes by humans and that’s good, it’s just in line with the draft Marron Rouge.

First of all a poster imaginated by Benjamin Gargou. I just give him a picture I made in Vanarasi in February 2012

Take a look at the two pictures and see the results, surprising and nice, isn’t it?

The booth had been realized by  Pyairault (, included all decorative items . Lamp shades imaginated and conceived by Mademoiselle Dimanche








Support from  Village des Créateurs , Belonging of  Collectif du Développement Durable  , furniture from  Rendez-Vous Déco make this event a true sharing.

And a very big thanks to Lionel for the whole presence during the show. We wish Lionel  very nice holidays.

A big thank you to Créations d’Idées for the T-Shirts

Do not forget the photograph, My brother André and his wife Solange who “supported” me during all the trade show.