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Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Catwalks of thoughts

Thursday 26 May 2011

Ethical fashion is chic

Ethical fashion is not fake (Thanks Shi-Zen)

Ethical fashion makes you dream

Ethical fashion gives you life

Ethical fashion makes you as a good human

Ethical fashion is green

Ethical fashion is recycled

Ethical fashion recycle

Ethical fashion is recyclable

Ethical fashion is natural

Ethical fashion has value

Ethical fashion is design

Ethical fashion designer gives you a look

Ethical Fashion is ecologic

Ethical fashion has a conscience

Ethical fashion is sometimes ethnic but not only

Ethical fashion that respects the child

Ethical fashion is fair

Ethical fashion I just like it


Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Shi-Zen

Thursday 19 May 2011

For this Thursday of the ethical fashion the sprinkler sprinkles: the world with back, one interview journalists and not any. I wil talk to about three angels but I insure you my name is not Charlie. A feminine magazine but not only that (I also read it) which speak also and much about ethical fashion. I did not have the chance to meet Carol, editor chief pposite face has but I saw it speaking and defending “his magazine” at the time of the birthday of SHI ZEN in Bellevilloise. By listening her speaking, I said myself that there was a force, a passion and a rare conviction but which one often finds among women. I said myself that it was necessary at all costs to speak about this magazine and to make share this passion has more one. From Carol, chief editor of Shi-Zen and initiator of the project, we requested to her why she had created Shi-Zen


Carol - Redactrice en Chef / Chief Editor Shi-Zen

“I have been journalist for more than ten years, but more especially a disappointed reader of the women’s magazines, which give in my opinion a truncated image and little developing of the woman. Whereas we are increasingly conscious of the environmental stakes, the women’s magazines remain camped on ultra-consumerists positions, which do not take into account the concerns of the readers. By creating Shi-Zen (” nature” , in Japanese), I wanted to show that, in the same manner we cannot consider that we have a life of success if we got  a Rolex at 50 years, being an opened out woman, this is not necessarily to dream to drink champagne in the spa of a luxury hotel in Maldives, nor to increase a dress to 1600 euros. The goal of Shi-Zen is also to show anyone one can to have line leading overall responsible (by presenting exclusively ethical marks, by calling on engaged anonymities, by approaching basic files which gives keys to act on its level), while keeping the lightness of tone and humor which characterizes the women’s magazines. Today, when I see that we have on subjects of reserve to fill out 115 pages per month during months and months, I am persuaded it missed really a magazine such as Shi-Zen in l’ offer of women’s magazines. ”


Juliette- Redactrice en chef Adjointe?Deputy Chief Editor - Shi-Zen

I recently met Juliette during Pop’ Up exhibition which was held at Porte de la Villette, and it fits immediately : simple girl (and attention I did not say simplette) opened, jovial and determined. It is not only the assistant writer but also chief of heading mode within Shi-Zen. A priori she believes in the ethical fashion: “I grew with the idea that the fashion was an art, that creation and the craft industry were a starting postulate, sine qua non to have a product of quality. To speak to me about fashion, one spoke to me  imaginary and freedom, history of arts, evolution of manners, mix cultures, estimate and mutual respect between the creator and the dressmakers. I always placed an insuperable border between this world and that of the fashion such it is usually conceived. Ultra-consumerism, diktats imposed by the marketing-king, the brands which all resemble each other, which invent anything and bludgeoning. Breeding out of battery of fashionnista hysterical – of which I was not so long ago. There is beautiful knowledge that quality; there is not but that cynicism took its place to him, it is like a drug, it is not possible to check. I know, therefore, and do not evolve/move in a bubble of the “knowledge to consume” One day I centred myself: quality more than the quantity, the vintage, and I started to rediscover imaginary: for example the old tee-shirt of the brother makes a splendid minidress! Returning towards quality, my way quickly crossed that of the ethical mode. Expensive than Zar& M? Bah yes. Quality and the respect have a price, or rather not: the non-observance and the lack of quality return l’ fatally; less expensive object. I breathe. Fashion of quality, without claim, creative and always moving, with know-how and so much rich person! A diversity without similar! One should not even speak about ethical mode, it is too reducing. The steps, the raw materials, philosophies, the egeries and the choices artistic or artisanal are all different and recalls us that we are  precisely, different, adaptable and that is good. When we like fashion we like it. If one  diverts from it , one does not form part of those which like the fashion, one belongs to those which like to use. The fashion, the true one, the one the consumers ignored. And like it is ignored, Shi-Zen proposes to them to discover it.



Florence Community Manager Shi-Zen

Finally the third girl of Shi-Zen that I had the honor to meet on several occasions, iis Florence: community managef, journalist, in load of the heading Cooks and of lhoroscope. For an ethical magazine and not fake: there is not only the ethical fashion. What justifies Florence has to make this trade: Why this trade, is this which justifies me? “I do not even know if it is really a choice, I would say that it is rather an obviousness. With personal capacity, I wanted to be a journalist to say, explain, divide what occurs interesting in the world. I m’ in am distant to fall into the Web, tool marvelous of division and meetings. Add to that sensitivity anchored well to the development, sustainable, with ecology, with people, in short in the world what! , and you have l’ gasoline even of Shi-Zen. It is what joins together us all in one team, which makes live Shi-Zen: to discover,  to be surprised, and to shareall that. In the team  there are journalists and not-journalists, because it is more one state team spirit; question; label, and it is also what makes the force of the magazine, one s’ is fixed our own codes, and that it is a splendid adventure, which is enough to make us vibrate (even when it is 3:00 of the morning and an  article should absolutely be finished): to make what we  want, what we likes, to produce every month a magazine of which finally we are the first readers! ”


Here is a magazine which releases as much ethics. Do not hesitate has to subscribe you on line (it ‘is in better for our environment).


Carol, Juliette, Florence three of associate beautiful Shi-Zen project continue and I confirm your ethics is far from being fake.

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Thursday of Ethical Fashion : La Nature à du Style

Thursday 12 May 2011

Now I know Hélène Grange almost since the opening of her store in August  2010. The first time I saw her w I had spoken to Brown and Red VAIT it offered to return the products. She immediately said yes without knowing what it was. She was seduced by the whole range of fashion accessories in recycled tube. She have a beautiful shop made of wood and natural materials: it feels good, we are welcomed and Hélène is all smiles all the time and something that I love is that she really listens people talking. Even if we trade together, it’s really nice feeling to be heard and this kindness. When you enter the store, she also Danae the dog is not far and ready to play with you.

But let us speak the owner: “Oh no! Dress bio today no longer means wearing sheepskin jackets or expensive clothes, and have the decoration fair trade at home should not necessarily have a connotation of “ethnic” or “hippie”!

She does not stop there: ” Passionate about fashion, interior design but also conscious of environmental problems, I wanted to “break” the myths about organic. It is in discovering young designers who design clothes, jewellery and decorative objects from recycled or natural materials that I got the idea for my shop. My motivations were simple, it was necessary for me to make them know these products to people from Lyon, they are already committed consumers or not, and if possible to bring non-users of green products in the future! I also wanted to give access to the ecology by offering all items at reasonable prices as they go from 2 to 250 €, and finally show a garment or an organic eco-designed object can be aesthetic, not necessarily nerdy or too expensive! “

Hélène selects all designer who put at high level as the social conditions of the manufacturing process environmentally friendly right from the design. Among the artists in the store MUSHKANE or LA VIE DEVANT SOIE

The products sold in the shop are chosen according to 4 criteria:

– The ethics of the creator

– the ecological advantage of the product

– quality

– design and originality

Every time is a happy moment to move to  LA NATURE STYLE, plus Hélène is not devoid of humour and optimism shines with the permanent smile that lights his face.

I think I’m lucky to know people like Hélène, who defend the values that I share, and there are no more aggressive in this. We clap hands for Hélène Bravo and  this beautiful project that is LA NATURE A DU STYLE.

La nature a du style :

20 rue Terme

69001 Lyon

04 72 26 49 58


Opening hours :

Tuesday to Saturday 10h30 – 13h / 14h – 19h

Access :

Métro : Hôtel de ville

Bus : arrêt Terreaux

Station Vélo’v : rue Terme (en face de la boutique)

Parking : Terreaux

Private sales on May 26, 2011 from 18h00 with drinks and discount of 25% all all Marron Rougeproducts

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : La Gaillarde

Thursday 5 May 2011

15 days ago, we made the note SOAP creations from Montreal and for this new note we decided to stay in Montréal with the shop La Gaillarde.

Elsa Girard -Annie de Grandmont - David-Alexandre Faber - Mariane Desjardins-Roy ©


Since 10 years already, La Gaillarde forged its place and became a main actor about Quebec fashion. Pioneer of ecologic fashion, La Gaillarde gave birth, supported and guided several eco designers, since the start while the recycling fashion was not known from consumers. Today the shop still continues to radiate and the future is also promising.


With some e-mail exchanges, we agreed with Annie de Grandmont, the manager of La Gaillarde, that we will get a more spontaneous interview by telephone. After our week end in Brussels we were not homesick by Annie’s Canadian accent.   A feast for the ears


Annie is really motivated to describe La Gaillarde’s project : “Initially 10 years ago, La Gaillarde was a simple frippery , for the people from the neighbourhood. As in, designers have joined the thrift store and began to show their creations out of recycled clothing.  I joined in 2005 and , I was manager of a theatre. I accepted this mission and I am still there today   to “frothing Quebec eco fashion”. I trained on the job and step by step we make a “boom” on medias and magazines. We start to create fashion events but also to promote the recycled fashion. At beginning we were 2/3 shop in this movement in Montréal, today there is around 70 shops in this spirit in Montreal.  Our strength and our difference are the following ingredients:

  • Meeting with customers and designers regularly
  • Sewing lessons for different level of know how
  • We support reinsertion social projects
  • We were the pioneer of a ethical fashion masculine catwalk
  • We contribute to the organisation of Canadian events as “Mode de Vie”


Annie is ending “ Our motivation, is the passion and incredible talent of eco designers who use their creativity in mixing fashion and environment. This the reason since 10 years we encourage with infatuation and perseverance the consumers to discover the quebec ethical fashion. Our reward? It is the satisfied customer who leaves by proudly wearing a single garment Made in Quebec”


Frankly I could spend hours in am lulled by this focus and passion for ethical fashion statement by Annie.


Sac Fait de bâche recyclées fait par l'atelier ENTRE PEAUX


Thursday of Ethical Fashion

Thursday 28 April 2011

Hello everybody


When you will read this note Marron Rouge team will be in Brussels to exhibit our collection to the trade show VALERIANE.

For this Thursday of Ethical Fashion we decided to be more light and remind you all the notes we already made:


Just tell us the ones you liked and the ones you less like and why


And we made for you a shopping list


For the men visit the site or the shop of ORIGEEN in Lyon, you will find FYE shoes and LASPID clothes.

For all your bags you could find REVERSIBLE which is made in recycled tarpaulin….. or all the luggage ecodesign from BIOLAP

For women, if you visit Lyon do not forget to visit Hélène’s shop LA NATURE A DU STYLE.

And there is also a very nice online shop……MARRON ROUGE.

If you want to get “healthy” readings you can get the magazines SHIZEN and NEOPLANETE


We will wish a very nice month of May and we will see you next Thursday for an ethical fashion day.

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : SOAP

Thursday 21 April 2011

This note has something special for me, I could not explain why. I will talk about SOAP which comes across the Atlantic. Probably what I like is  is the recycling aspect, but also the whole personality which comes out e-mail’s exchanges with these two girls, but I will not sell the bear’s skin before to kill him (French Proverb)


We then contacted SOAP on one morning and in the afternoon, I got not only I got an answer but almost everything to have this note done to write my Thursday of Ethical Fashion note. SOAP is SOphie on the right and PAscale on the left together living in Montréal (Canada). And these two girls are doing wonderfull things / the recyclent your clothes old or new in…clothes. SOAP is a young company which birth in 2003. The two designers Pascale and Sophie works hard to offer two collections forward-thinking by year for men and women.


Could we start this interview, please?


How is born this project which are  carrying today?

We started to transform our own clothes by pleasure and our relatives request to do the same for them. We found a common passion to design new items done with old clothes, so SOAP is born!


Why did you choose ethic? Why did you choose recycling? At beginning we did not know that we “were doing something for the planet!” While we were doing search on the web and encounters with people who were making something similar, we did know that it was good. We really knew that the fact to prevent the landfill of fabric. Today, 8 years later, we are more “green” than ever, even the small waste is used.


What is the motivation to choose this job today? There many reasons, but the main threes which are the best value are : environment respect daily, the fact to do not have a boss and the schedules we want, and the designer skills could be done.











What are the SOAP events?

We are doing “Thursday SOAP”, the workshop is open to public from 4 to 7 every week

We propose also the “tupperSOAP”, like Tupperware evenings, we go to people’s homes, we demonstrate and then they can buy the clothes.

We do lot of catwalks in a year, in two months we made 12!


Could you detail the process of manufacturing?

–         Search for fabrics, used of new clothes donations, recovery of fabrics

–         Sorting to get only the quality, the others will go for poor

–         Cut the patrons for each clothe almost one by one

–         The waste go to a company which shred it to do some stuffing

–         Sewing

–         Quality Control

–         Sale


Is there any other actions made by SOAP?

We are partner of the foundation “Rêvez la vie”, for the adults who got cancer

We make donations to TreeCanada to make planting of trees in forests

We dress some celebrities as Amélie Larocque Domlebo PorcelaineMelissa_Desormeaux_Poulin

Here is project that I like to discover, with these two girls full of talent, energy and humanity. On top they are naturally protectors of environment. When I say to you that recycling is very good way to do fashion! Sophie, Pascale I will be pleased to meet you in Montreal or somewhere else.

Thursday of ethical fashion : Remise à Flots

Thursday 14 April 2011

There was wind on the sails during PLANETE DURABLE. While we went for a walk in the booths we just met Marie Laure and Nathalie who exhibit bags, nice ones, and original. Most of the bags are made of boats’ sail and other fabrics we found on boats Nathalie told us “Marie-Laure and I join Remise a Flots project due the human values And the commercial challenge. The initiative of this project came from our Director Olivier Doublet, who decided 5 years ago to create inside Maison de Quartier from New Harbor, in La Rochelle, an insertion workshop linked with sailing. Since one year with the arrival of our designer Anne Naudet we have expanded the creation workshop and real girl’s bags we would like to wear. Marie-Laure and I benefits of this arrival in order to develop the commercial part”


Marie-Laure take care essentially of the social part of the project, She also founded an association, WEO, which a supportive caravan linked French associations and African associations. She just finished a trip to distribute sewing machine and others goods in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo.

For Nathalie it is the story of Remise à Flots which seduced her: recycling, French savoir-faire, insertion. Nathalie came various backgrounds, classical dance teacher in La Rochelle, plane manager at Air France during 10 years, and does not supporting anymore the life in Paris, she diced to come back to her home town.



The dressmakers have all different stories and since they came into Remises a Flots they just recover smile in the workshop and got pleasure to work in this adventure and make the signs of Remise à Flots.


Here is another ethic project.


Thursday of ethical fashion : EthikMind©

Thursday 7 April 2011

While I navigate on the net, I just found this web site of Ethic sports clothes. It is the first time I see this type of fashion. On top of that he is listed as friends in the web site of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

It is decided I will send an-e mail to them in order to invite them for Thursday of Ethical fashion. Two hours later after, I received an enthusiastic answer from them :

“My name is Marc-Andre KOEHNLEIN, I live and work in Mulhouse. I am 28 and I got a diploma as Master in Sciences and Engineering of Environment from Strasbourg University. I currently work as an engineer inside Sustainable Development Department of agglomeration from Mulhouse : m2A (Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration). I am in charge of “Energy missions”, i.e. I got the responsibility to downsize the consumption of energy scaled for the territory and to propose to elected representatives an energetic politic renewable and decentralized.


When I was in the fourth year of my studies, I got the chance to find an internship position  in Hawaii (USA). This background had influenced me for my choices which conduct me to create EthikMind©. I worked as a naturalistic diver and I was every day in contact with people passionate by ocean, ecosystems and by sports associated (diving, surf, canoe…). Their “mode de vies” and the spirit was extraordinaire.”

Well after he delivers this message, you think yourself that you are in contact with a nice person.

I do not resist to make this joke : He is not an entrepreneur who surfs on the ecologic wave (Yes I know, it is easy!!!)

What he adds is very interesting : “ On the other side, if number of sportsmen got so much pleasure and enthusiasm to do their favorite activity, it is due mainly with the environment which goes with it and the relation that they keep alive with it. For example, the sea diving is for some, a way to discover and a wonder which direct you to humility and behavior respectful for environment.  It is this conscious and this  nature respect that EthikMind© community wish to transmit, in order  for the reef coral could be admired by a lot of generations of divers full of attention.

What is EthikMind© and what are the values?

EthikMind© is a brand of technical clothes ‘fused’. The collection is made for sportsmen (women) which practice their activities outdoor, sea, mountain, forest… Go to see his web site he tells you more (in French)

EthikMind© target is to propagate strong values on nature respect, with its DNA, but also with strong future graphic messages on clothes.

What is the collection of EthikMind©?

EthikMind© offer a collection of technical clothing,  EthikMind© products are made for a special universe, between the crossing of  slide sports  also with mountain bike, multi sports raids and trails.

here is an ethic mind that I like. We do have the opportunity to meet with Marco, but the e-mails and phone call we got are very high quality.


Thursday of ethical fashion : Rebecca Armstrong – Ethical Fashionhead or tails?

Thursday 31 March 2011

As promised, I gave the headings for Thursday to Rebecca Armstrong. You remember Rebecca? She made an interview and published on her blog. I am not disappointed at all. Thanks a lot Rebecca.

On tail side, the sense of product first. I want a clother which does not smell death. The death of little hands of textile industry. The death of little pieces of planet, there, there also, here, a little bit far, so close, everywhere, collateral damages of these so pretty colors and fabrics, fights which infiltrate themselves in the planet entrails, pollution for brilliant colors, smell of money. The death of savoir-faire under the flag of worldwide uniformitarian. To face this realities. To choose

Heads or Tails? I have never been good to risky games , And ethical fashion, it is a rysky story. I wish to avoid the dark side. For the organic consumption I just want it popular. A fashion which speks to a large number of people. Not an ethic bargain. An ethic with federate sense which become a flag, a banner undet to redesign a social model. Utopia? May be, but we need some, no?

Wainting, my reality is often far from what I can imagine with comfort in my sweet sofa…Ethical fashion is complicated. Environment ethic, Social Ethic, Economical Ethic , the three Captain? And where is Ethical Fashion in Paris? On the web ? As I am only a girl from province, in front of my computer i navigate from page to page.. but doubt is there to buy something I cannot touch, without desire with real contact? So from time to time, one article, one item arrive in my letter box. But the expression , time to time, smells anecdote. I wishI got more.I do not want to lie. I just want. You too certainly> Tomorrow we will discover our shops in capital..but also in provinces, Then we could feel with our fingers ethical fashion. I could be wear of sense.

Thursday of Ethical Fashion: TEES4TREES

Thursday 24 March 2011

May 2010 Iam in Lyon’s streets running everywhere in order to open Marron Rouge’s web site in time. My mobile phone is ringing: Hello my name is Rémy Giemza and I would like to know if it is possible to visit your flat as I saw the ad in the Atelier Promethée’s showcases. I answered yes and we met 30 minutes later. A young man accompanied by another man who speaks English find me in Place Sathonay. “The English speaking men” is looking for a flat eiother in Paris or in Lyon. We then go to visit my flat and during the visit, they asked what I am doing in my business life and I just explain that I am currently building the ethic Marron Rouge’s project and they just told me what they implementing: TEES4TREES. But what is it? So they explain their concept: If I buy a T-Shirt, they plant a tree.

We start to then exchange together and I invited them to be a guest for Thursday of Ethical Fashion Show.

Meeting on March 12, 2011 in a restaurant la Bonâme de Bruno in Lyon at 20h30 for an interview and a dinner in a nice place with Rémy Giemza and Scott Thompson about this nice ethic brand.

Appetizer and Meal Order to the waitress and  I start to question Scott in order to know what he did before. Scott was a lawyer in New Jersey during 30 years and one day he said stop to everything because of the volume of work which was huge. He stops his job, sold his flat and decided to come to Paris without any preconceived idea. And then he fall in love but not only for the city… in the same time he  visits Rémy that he met earlier in U.S.

Rémy made also lawyer studies and worked like internship in the law firm of Emmanuel Pierrat. From childhood Rémy was sensitive to environment causes

Step by step Rémy and Scott realize that they got the same humanist value and the love of nature. They want to do something clever and responsible. These two men decide to create Tees4Trees, a nice brand which respect the environment..

Starter and main course are served (not in the same time I insure you!)

They built Tees4Trees around 3 golden rules :

  • All clothes they manufactures are organic certified , today the got the GOTS label
  • Plant of a tree in a site of your choice. You will geolocalize your tree through internet.


  • Fight against waist: When you order one clothe at Tees4Trees, you can have a 8 weeks delivery time. This time is necessary to manufacture the clothe and send it


To plant the tree they are in partnership with a number of associations who take care of reforestation around the globe. For this year, 2011, Year of Forest decided by UNO, this nice project got all his senses. We invite you to read the note made (in French) by Abi of Vertissimo about this year of Forest and the issues.

Today Tees4Trees is in partnership with big American cities in order to plant trees …in town (Yes we will breathe better). Tees4Trees is implemented on the two borders of Atlantic ocean

Desserts are on table and the atmosphere is really euphoric, I just tell them some jokes about my parents : Rachel et Joseph (we cannot invent these names)

I spent a pure delight moment with these two men. The food was excellent.

This project with so much ethic power really outstanding

A detail, I forgot to tell you that the T-Shirts are beautiful.

Another detail Scott did not buy my flat

Long Life to Tees4Trees

French Web Site

U.S. Web Site

Worlwide Site