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(Français) Joseph et William les doudous de Marron Rouge prennent leurs quartiers d’été au Domaine des Ormeaux dans le Périgord

Tuesday 14 July 2015

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The green Curves , a sustainable bench by Benjamin Rousse and Jean-Marc Attia

Tuesday 28 April 2015



“The green curves” is the name full of humor and poetry chosen by Marron Rouge for his new creation, the result of a successful collaboration with designer Benjamin Rousse. The idea for the project came from the discovery of synthetic grass by Jean-Marc Attia, creator of the brand Marron Rouge, who had initially proposed the collection “Grass”, with 3 stools with seat recycled synthetic turf. This grass is recovered on sports fields. Jean-Marc wanted to open a space for creativity to other designers and he naturally ask Benjamin Rousse giving him carte blanche to think about furniture using this material. Thus the “Green curves’ bench was born.
What sit creativity Brown Red



For Marron Rouge, the desire to work with Benjamin Rousse was born following a meeting on the exhibition desDesigners on Eurexpo Lyon organized by Maud Rondard. Benjamin had his “Bench Pebble”. Jean Marc was sensitive to the aesthetic, poetic and environmental approach to this creation. Benjamin enjoyed the Jean-Marc approach as a designer, and diversion of material, its sensitivity to materials recycling and upcycling. So both shared the common desire to create pieces that challenge. The thinking was to highlight the matter that is too often now considered a poor material and divert it to make “something” aesthetic and comfortable. The irregularity of this material called synthetic grass associated with a more contemporary form of this object is something unique, aesthetic and comfortable. The result is a contrast between a geometric wood structure and seat curves inviting comfort. The sight of this material inspires sensuality. Green Curves is a modular bench: the number of “rollers” turf may vary, leaving a space only with wooden slats




Who is Benjamin Rousse ?BENJAMIN ROUSSE

After studying at the school of Condé Lyon, Benjamin Rousse has sharpened his work at the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne. Graduated from the School of Art and Design in Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) Design of a DNAP then a DNSEP product design in 2011.

It focuses on a holistic approach to design that fits into the life of every day, while questioning the space and the object. Objects, spaces, simple and functional combining aesthetics and gaiety. A relationship between form / function, full / empty and matter / poetry. If Benjamin Rousse research modularity, it is more interactivity of interest. The design is a development factor for companies, he worked increasingly with companies looking for originality, a major factor of distinction and credibility, brand image.

His professional background is varied. It develops concepts, furniture, sets for publishers, brands, galleries and individuals; juggling between industrial design and design gallery … From the mirror to street furniture to shoes, to fashion through the creation of a sailor He had the opportunity to work for The EDITORIAL, Workshop Espinosa, Duravit, Cardinal Group, Greater Lyon, Marron Rouge, Veolia, Bensimon, Jean-Paul Gaultier … His work is a reflection of the character: simple, honest, curious, poetic.

He has participated in several exhibitions: LYON CITY DESIGN at great God hotel in Lyon (audience award for its roller bench), PARIS DESIGN WEEK, HOME live Eurexpo design DESIGN TOUR Lyon in 2013 when he was awarded the prize “heart stroke” of the jury for its scenery and its work,

Designer’s Days (OF DAYS) Home Around the World BENSIMON in Lyon, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Parade Children Terribles / Junior Gaultier and The ARCAD

So far it does not remain “compartmentalized” in one area, but rather interact in various fields, furniture, art of the table, fashion ….COURBE VERTE








COURBE VERTE 3The bench is available on Marron Rouge website


The 2nd year at the Institute Paul Bocuse is punctuated by large groups of work. In this case, Upfront is a project combining creativity, expertise and professionalism. The creation of a temporary restaurant requires perfect preparation, through involvement of each exchange between the Management section of the Restoration and the Culinary, allowed them to find their restaurant concept and imagine the first plans decoration, and raw recipes.

The theme of the Mountain, has inspired them right away. Their concept moved to the Institute in April, in the Spring. They then chose to work the season products, and imagine decorated in spring colors while keeping own textures to the Mountain: wood, stone and greenery.


And of course they selected the bench Green Curves and the Marron Rouge Grass stools B. The set design is rather successful, judge for yourself.


_SRB3491 [APP]

_SRB3495 [APP]

_SRB3502 [APP]

 Copyrights pictures Aline Périer








Marron Rouge, Facebook friends and the shoes

Monday 25 March 2013

Once upon a time …

I restart because they are fairy tales that begin this way.


For those who know me a bit, I’m pretty present on social networks including Facebook.


I’ve built since the arrival of Marron Rouge on the networks a number of “friends” and contacts rather nice, and one (I would rather) with which we trade fairly regularly and in a humorous mode


Nathalie Locquen, we talked about her,  learned embroidery with “grandmothers” and took over the seam to the birth of her children.


A day of delirium, she sent me a “post” on my Facebook page saying that he would be great if  Jean-Marc Marron Rouge start to make recycled shoes. I found the challenge “bold”. I told her that it was not into my skills and that the competent person to design shoes is Stéphane Baudet-Bourmaud, a Facebook ‘s friend and former designer at Clergerie.



To make shoes was not a project for me at first, and then I calledStéphaneand told him why not? Does the project to make shoes completely recycled was a project he wanted to do. We first met inParis. I explained how to him hoes and materials and limiting ourselves initially to shoes “simple” style sandals, mules. I immediately saw an extension of the accessories collection Paix Joyeuse (joyful peace). Materials were approached on my side, the tire tread, the tube outside / top and canvas parachute bag (cotton) and is in direct contact with the skin.

Stéphanethen “floored” and came to Lyon at Village des Créateurs (Designer’s Village) in order to work  more precisely  before I leftIndiain January 2013.Stéphanethen left me the “models” he had prepared, and when I arrived inIndiato do the other prototypes of my new collection, I showed them the shoes … They were surprised but “excited” and they said IT WORKS! Recycled shoes  for Marron Rouge were born.


I love human adventures that lead to the real and concrete.


This collection will be available in May 2013 at a price of 49 € for the 4 models women and 59 € for the men’s model.


Cette collection sera disponible en mai, 2013 au prix de 49 € pour les  4 modèles femmes et de 59 € pour le modèle homme.


Press Release (In French)

First press articles (in French)



Marron Rouge enters in Cité du Design in Saint Etienne (France)

Monday 9 January 2012

Since end of 2011, Marron Rouge is at Cité du Design in Saint Etienne (France) with the “materialstore

The materials which had been selected by “materailstore” is recycled newspaper and here are the items that you will see inside this “materialstore” and which are made of recycled newspaper

Cité du design

3, rue Javelin Pagnon

42000 Saint-Étienne




Marron Rouge new collection : with a plastic bottle we do a bag

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Here is the penultimate post on our new collections


A new recycled fashion accessories made in the new collection of Marron Rouge wool made from recycled plastic bottles. So we imagined bags, all simple, and funky. Thanks to the inventiveness of Marie Noëlle, we also made small accessories: earrings and key rings in leaf shape. A symbol.

Real yarn and yarn made from recycled plastic bottles

Credentials : – Photo : Aline Périer    –    Product Design  : Marie-Noëlle Bayard  et Jean-Marc (Marron Rouge) –  Manufacturing :  NGO in Delhi  –     Presse  : My beautifull RP



You can find these products on Marron Rouge’ website

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The tribe of stuffed toys grow up



Marron Rouge new collection : the tribes of stuffed toys is growing up

Wednesday 9 November 2011

The new collection of Marron Rouge is never-ending

Marie Noëlle Bayard, our funny designer, did not stop in the bags of wool in creation: a new collection of soft toys from organic cotton and blue. The young and old will learn very quickly with Doggy Dog, Cat Bertrand, Teddy Bear, Jeanot the Rabbit … Johnny. They are beautiful, they are bio, they are blue they are t Bayard the new organic stuffed toys

Credentials: – Photo : Aline Périer    –    Product Design : Marie-Noëlle Bayard   –  Manufacturing : Reinserted women in the neihbough of Calcutta –     Drawing and Press  : My beautifull RP


You can find these products on Marron Rouge’ website

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With a plastic bottle we do a bag



Marron Rouge new collection : Mesh knitted!

Wednesday 9 November 2011

This week we are launching our new collection and we will present them n lines.


In the news this winter, we have our creative home, Marie Noëlle Bayard our funny designer, created a collection of bags of wool that we have cleverly mixed with cotton and felt. Not only did she imagine the bags but all the accessories that go with it, purses and pockets evenings mercerized cotton, strips of leather, jute, all colorful and trendy.


Credentials: – Photo : Aline Périer      My beautifull RP–    Product Design : Marie-Noëlle Bayard   –  Manufacturing : Community of knitting women in Northen India –     Dessins et Presse  : My beautifull RP

You can find these products on Marron Rouge’ website

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The tribe of stuffed toys grow up

With a plastic bottle we do a bag


Marron Rouge new collection : lenght ahead

Wednesday 9 November 2011


The first of the two lines was found on a trade show in Delhi and we have been visited the workshops of the artisans in the north of Delhi. Working conditions in which employees worked were rather above the average. There was a good atmosphere and the laughs were at the rendezvous. Once made this visit, we could start thinking about making a collection dedicated to Marron Rouge bags. The results :  unpublished bags, very pretty and fun.

Credentials : – Photo : Aline Périer   My beautifull RP  –    Product Design : Jean-Marc (Marron Rouge)   –  Manufacturing : Woirkshop in the area of Delhi –      Press  : My beautifull RP


The second range is a frenzy of “creator”. When I went in April, 2011 in Calcutta to launch the collection of organic cotton stuffed animals, I began to rave and I asked if we could sew a measuring tape with an inch of zipper. And by little we had finished started the collection of organic cotton stuffed animals, but we created the first prototype of the Tailor bag . I actually thought about my father, who was a tailor, throughout the day. I dedicate him this collection

Crédits : – Photo : Aline Périer    –    Product Design : Jean-Marc (Marron Rouge)   –  Manufacturing : Reinserted women in the neihbough of Calcutta –     Press  : My beautifull RP


 You can find these products on Marron Rouge’ website

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The tribe of stuffed toys grow up

With a plastic bottle we do a bag



Marron Rouge new collection : inflated

Wednesday 9 November 2011

I’m glad to have fallen in!

Yes, somebody would have said when I was a computer “yuppie” that I will  become  a designer for ethics fashion accessories , it would have left me skeptical.

Leave his comfortable life and build a crazy project since 2009 and to reach today with a new collection which is made by players in the social economy, which is environmentally friendly, yeah glad to be fell in. The new collections of Marron Rouge  are arrived and we will make you discover throughout this week. To start the whole range in Tyres, inner tubes and recycled seatbelt, exclusive collection of bags, shopping bags, backpacks, bags to yoga mat, small accessories, wallets, purses, coasters, as well as elements of interior design: ottomans, doors magazines, carries wood for the long winter evenings …. With this collection geeks will be able to recycle, you make jealous and envious because no one will have the same bag that you look rather

Credentials : – Photo : Aline Périer    –    Product Design : Jean-Marc (Marron Rouge)   –    Manufacturing : NGO which is fighting against poverty in Delhi    –    Drawing and Press  : My beautifull RP


Producxts available on Marron Rouge’s website

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With a plastic bottle we do a bag


The four ecologic Marron Rouge’s ottomans are … arriving!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The four Marron Rouge’s ottomans are …  ecologic


While you to read the post title I hear you giggle!, But I assure you no ambiguity, Arthur, John, George and James are the “Fab Four” of Marron Rouge which will give a touch rock roll to your home.


Yes they are really eco-friendly  and socially manufactured these ottomans.

The Recycled Materials :

Tires –  Seatbelts – Tube – Denim

The Manufacturing :

A NGO which is fighting against poverty in the Northen area of Delhi (India)

To fill these ottomans we called Cassin Ronan  Cassin from Magasins Verts in Angers (France), via VERTISSIMMO. Remember the post I had done on the new section of Vertissimmo, our beloved Abi found the Madame Zazu eco building in the person of Ronan Cassin.


Well he found me to MATERIAL to fill the ottomans poufs. The cork from Portugal, thermo heated. The process makes it swell (like popcorn). The matrial as processed become  rot and incombustible. A healthy way to recycle wood and itis comfortable.


More details (in French) on cork with the post of Abi


These ottomans are available on Marron Rouge’s site – You will have to wait a little bit for Georges..