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The KULT&CO festival for Ethical Fashion and Indian design

Tuesday 15 May 2012

KULT&CO invite us on a trip to India during the festival through ethical fashion and creation.

This festival will be punctuated by events on different themes:

  • In Continuous Wire:
  • Workshops and courses: embroidery, block print technique, weaving, Bollywood dancing, a workshop of organic cosmetics, natural dyes from May 16 to June 3, 2012
  • events / meetings:
    • May 22, 2012 opening night at the shop with KULT&CO DJ GO  will mix decks with  Indian electro music
    • A projection debate, an alternative tour, a cultural evening and a photo shoot from May 24 to May 27

The Fashion Caltwalks Itinerant May 29, 2012 at 19:00, 00 in the Passage Thiaffait in the Village des Créateurs followed by a stroll in the BRAZUCCADA up with music instead of Soils. A special sale of Karawan Authentic and  Marron Rouge will bind from 18:00 in the exhibition hall of the Village of Creators

End of the festivities on June 1, 2012 with evening games at the Owl Shop Archi Chouette, 3 place du Griffon, 69001 Lyon

We expect many people

The brochure of festival to be downloaded (in French)

The festival flyer to be downloaded (in French)

Other post (in english) for KULT&CO

Meublez-Vous durablement (Furnish you sustainably) a nice encounter with the creator Vincent Letourneux

Thursday 16 February 2012

January 2012, I’m on the booth of Marron Rouge at Maison & Objet and two people (of the opposite sex!) Present themselves to me, because they are touring the exhibitors of the Collectif du Développement Durable  (Sustainable Development Collective) on the same show.
They come to see our products, but I’m also curious to know what they do and they call their teaching: MEUBLEZ-VOUS DURABLEMENT (Furnish You sustainbly). Here is a name that sounds good to my ears!

Through this exchange I immediately wanted to know more in order to share this wonderful encounter.


Vincent Letourneux comes from an international family, and after a mastery of foreign languages ​​applied to trade (LEA English Spanish to The School of Tours): “I decided to travel to England, Spain, then in Japan in 1997 as a French teacher for beginners. From Japan I traveled to Vietnam with a simple backpack to meet people, then in Thailand. This was the first contact with vulnerable populations. I remember the joy of life, humility and courage to those in need of everything, but who still believe in the future. Beautiful life lesson that will let me go back to school later in the belief that things are still possible at any age.


The fact of traveling you forge an understanding of all cultures and beings that inhabit our planet: “Being part of the remaining quotas are called, I had the chance to do my military service on the helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc . Language teacher in charge of the center, I participated in the campaign around the world that began in November 1998.
I take from this experience the rich exchanges (a bit forced on a ship of 750 people!) The need for context and especially the openness necessary for the balance of each. Over the stopovers, Cuba, Honduras, Florida, Acapulco, San Francisco, Hawaii, Tokyo, Singapore, Djibouti, Istanbul, Lisbon and Brest, the difference in lifestyle, wealth gaps between countries, reducing distances, while begins to make sense. This is going to meet people that one gets a global culture.


It is also during this experience that Vincent will have confirmation of its commitment: “It’s when I realized that the values ​​which we believe are stronger than the orders that we receive. And that the satisfaction of staying true to its values ​​is greater than the penalty that can impose on us. ”

Necessarily after starting life as rich, naturally Vincent began his professional career in tourism and study abroad. Originally from the Loire Valley, after all these movements he decided to land and between “just happen” in the furniture industry. Vincent also takes up his studies and he wrote a memoir on sustainable development and the furniture industry.


In 2011, the project Meublez-vous Durablement (Furnish you sustainably) point the tip of his nose. And we explained Vincent’s three goals. “The primary objective is to demonstrate that it is possible to adopt a sustainable development policy, even for a small business or a SOHO (without committing substantial resources). It is now necessary to think differently. Economic profitability is required to sustain a business. However, do not forget the man and the planet. The second objective is to encourage consumers to become consum’actors by focusing on responsible purchasing and making their voices heard through an online survey. The third objective is to create a network to promote exchanges between players in the sustainable development of the sector Furniture and Decoration. For professionals, the designer, the raw material supplier, from manufacturer to distributor, all are related and need to exchange more easily. You will Durably Furnish a trading platform that specializes in decorating and furnishing. ”

Beautiful course and great ideas and Vincent none the less a man of taste he gives us his favorite heart that he saw on the last session of House and Objects in January 2012:


First Recycling: the concept of 3 lives to an object has really conquered in Nahan. Giving a second life cycle and then a third, is an idea full of meaning!

The second blow of heart: Create a Style, what audacity! Jean Claude et Muriel Labarrère, revisit the historical style and perpetuate a family tradition that began in 1870. What audacity that the aesthetic bias they have chosen to create the trend of natural history cabinet, almost gross! Far patinas, lacquers and other wear too polluting, natural wood furniture gives a force that ennobles. It is noticeable at first glance! Hats off!

The third and last  favorite is an artisan French meaningful and of value. Drugeot Lab is a French factory of Maine and Loire. The two brothers who run cabinetmakers offer furniture made ​​with assembly techniques without glue or screws. PEFC certified raw wood, they demonstrate that there is room for furniture and decoration and natural quality. We are rediscovering woodworking techniques and their benefits on health rights, removal of the product and the low impact on the planet.


I would really like to thank Vincent for this “eco-nfession” and this commitment. Check the website Furnish you permanently and you just won and moreover when you know the “guy” who is behind the canvas and well we can only applaud!


4 au Carré (4 in square) : 4 girls in the wind…

Monday 6 February 2012

Four girls in the wind …. ??!
They are not English and they do not sing either! (For the second point, I do not know, I advance, perhaps!)
But damn what are they doing? Who are they?
Go even one of outstanding ……

What do they do?  4 au Carré (4 in Square) is a collective of four designers from different backgrounds and creating additional furniture and accessories for hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, and communities. Besides it’s beautiful what they do. They were present on the exhibition Vivre le Design with Marron Rouge in  Lyon in early September on the Home Design Show. They did not start in a yellow submarine, but in four containers …..
The suspense is at its worst ……., tick, tock, tick, tock ….
I show you the pictures of containers …

Here you can see the full album of the containers

Well you’ve found!?? No …!


I give you the solution:

Elsa Somano

Lisa Lejeune

Mathilde Alexandre (Mademoiselle Dimanche)

Maud Garnier (UltraSofa)


These four young women I met them several times and I even worked with one of them for part of the layout of my stand on Maison et Objet. Mademoiselle Dimanche had designed for Marron Rouge lighting

Well I think I have said enough and I will introduce them individually


Elsa Somano: Elsa created luminous objects point by point (!) Aluminum design a beautiful uncluttered “What made ​​me want to work with and get this group is to share as much by our experiences (good and bad). I met three great people who work like me who have small business structures in the design and interior decoration. They are more involved in life and know how to share ”

I also asked her what inspired Elsa environment, ecology and sustainable development, and on it she was very straightforward:
“I do my best in my life every day to pay attention to the environment in my small scale. About my work because even though aluminum is a recyclable material, this is a difficult operation at my level because it requires a lot of energy. Make a beautiful light with energy saving lamps we’re not there yet. ”
Want to know more about Elsa and her designs:



Lisa Lejeune is a designer specializing in furniture.

“I tried to get closer to professional architects. Elsa Somano, who likes to put people in touch, we proposed to regroup in order, firstly, be able to offer a more comprehensive offering: furniture, lighting, textiles for any project … architecture and decoration. other hand, we mutualize four ways, contacts, we share experiences. and finally, I have been working three years with manufacturing partners, a workshop manufacturing and prototyping, where there is practically only boys!! 4 au Carré  is the feminine side of my scale collaborative! ”
Like Elsa I asked him what inspired the environment, ecology and sustainable development: “I work with the material rather than wood, from my training. With The Factory, the studio that I work with Francheville (in the area of Lyon , France) mainly, we always propose solutions to customers the most environmentally-friendly. we prefer native wood, wood of local origin (Jura, Franche Comté …) as exotic woods difficult to trace. we use non-VOC glues and varnishes and prefer panels with low formaldehyde emission. ”
Treat yourself to know more info about Lisa:


Mathilde Alexandre (Mademoiselle Dimanche): Mademoiselle Dimanche is a trademark of textiles and decorative accessories created by Mathilde Alexandre, textile designer with a passion for patterns and colors.

“With Elsa and Maud, had already had the opportunity to exhibit together, and then to compare our products and our universe. And it turned out that it worked very well together. And with the world of Lisa, it’s also very consistent. The idea was born of the collective under the leadership of Elsa and Maud, and when they told me about it, it soon became obvious: our products work together, we have all four of the Approaches to Work and our businesses close enough, we have the same policy … The fact of coming together can offer a whole range of services and products we can not offer individual, while retaining their distinct identities. ”

Mathilde delivers us his thoughts on ecology: “I am not an ecology “terrorist”  or sustainable development. But it seems to me utterly inconceivable to ignore these issues when something happens. In my work I do “at best” with the means that are mine and with the opportunities I offer my partners, in line with my product. This requires the choice of production locations (in France rather than elsewhere), by choice of materials …
I also links these environmental issues in respect of man, it seems to me that one can not go without the other. ”
For those unfamiliar with Mademoiselle Dimanche:


Finally we conclude with Maud Garnier from UltraSofa , designer sofas and contemporary objects.

Maud & Elsa

“Coming together creates a truly dynamic creative, communicative and enthusiastic.
It is a sharing experience, knowledge and networks. We are able to make an offer to larger customers. Our four different universes all emphasize our commonalities: an ethical eco-friendly with a local manufacturing, offers a collection of custom and a real customer service: specifications to customer delivery. ”

What we said Maud on the environment: “Designer sofas and contemporary objects, our products are of French manufacture, and we use local artisans working with the best materials manufacturing methods expert. The concept: leading-edge design, quality French for an eco-responsible product at very affordable prices for large and small. ”

Go to discover the universe of UltraSofa:

You think now that I’m going to stop because I have presented the four young women well no!




 We whish to these four talents long life

Visit the web site of the Collective 4 au Carré and the  Facebook  page

Resolutions for 2012, is it complicated?

Friday 6 January 2012

As we specified for our wishes for 2012 we hope the coming year

More recycled
More caring
More human
More optimistic

Why wait until January 1st to make resolutions, because it is customary and ancestral custom.

Our planet is suffering a little more every day of disasters, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsuanmis …. because we do not take care of Her and not care for us either.

Is it complicated to sort our garbage?
No, in addition on the country side can make compost


Is it difficult not to let the water run while washing dishes or for a shower?
The answer is super easy and the more you’ll save the less you will pay


Is it difficult not to let our appliances on standby?
No it’s just a natural thing that will save you in, and that will make you consume less power and create less waste atomic!


Is difficult not to take his car always?
There is public transportation, bicycles, walking


Is it difficult to change its mindset to say that recycling is a good thing?
It is not. On top in some countries of Africa, Asia or South America, recycling is anchored in everyday life and everything is recycled.


Is it complicated to be a little more attentive to others?
We do not live in a world of TV reality, or is guided by the marketing and human stupidity. You just talk with people, I did not say send an email  or a mail but just TALK, and the number of issues personal , professional, political, or family that resolved through discussions


Is it difficult to help people in trouble?
At Marron Rouge we try to do as far as we can, with the type of business we have chosen. Even a simple smile could help people


Is it difficult to see things in a more optimistic without being next to the plate?
Example: at the end end of year one plane left the runway at Roissy and went crashing off the tracks, no injuries, no deaths. It is good no? And although the images we were shown what are the passengers screaming to the employees at  the desk of the company, because they had waited a long time! They could have died and many are not and face increasingly journalist films the people shout: is there something I missed?


Take the time to live a little better, but do not rely ONLY on others to do so, each individual is the proper agent of change as requested and as needed.


With our friends of Green team, here are the pots they wrote about resolutions for 2012 :


Christmas drawings from Marron Rouge

Friday 23 December 2011

Just before Christmas, we share with you the drawings made for Marron Rouge


First, here is gretting card done by Benjamin Gargou

Here is also by Benjamin Gargou , this drawing which represents with poetry the universe of Marron Rouge’s stuffed toys

Then a number of drawings conceived by our press agency My Beautifull RP to illustrate Marron Rouge

Avec des pneus on vous fait des sacs - With tires we can do bags

Avec des ceintures de sécurités on vous fait aussi des sacs - With seatbelts we can also do bags

La laine faite à partir de bouteilles plastiques recyclées - Yarn done from recycled plastic bottles

Bouteille plastique = Sac - Plastic bottle = Bag

Le papier journal recyclé chez Marron Rouge - Recycled newspaper from Marron Rouge

Joyeuses fêtes et bonne vacances à tous

Si ces dessins vous interpellent, jusqu’au 31/12/2011 vous pouvez faire dessiner vos enfants sur le théme de la forêt :

Draw me the forest 

Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays

Frédéric Bianchi : Excuse yourself and he takes care of almost everything

Tuesday 6 December 2011

For all your hairy or plucked friends here is a solution!


Excuse yourself, we take care of everything!


Here is  the slogan of En Cas d’Absence (in case of absence)  the specialist in Lyon to keep animals at home. We met Frederic Bianchi, head of the company Cas d’Absence (in case of absence), and we asked him some questions.



Marron Rouge: How long has your company created?

Frederick Bianchi: Since July 2, 2004 to be precise.

MR: How did you satart this idea of ​​keeping animals at home?

FB: Just because I did it gracefully and regularly for my friends and it’s a need I had tried and I did not find anything at the time. I felt embarrassed, by dint of asking my friends this service.

MR: Never mind you of all the animals?

FB: Mostly cats, rodents and birds. All animals in the home. At the beginning we were dealing with dogs, but too restrictive and we systematically delayed in our schedules and tours. But our mission does not stop there: we take care of plants, mail that can be redirected to an address and / or open on request.

MR: You work all year round?

FB Yes, but with spikes (even very large spikes) during the school holidays, long weekends, public holidays and during the summer as our busiest period. Especially during the summer we use the external (always the same people ) since the beginning to help us ensure the twenty daily visits per person ….

MR: What is the average cost of a visit?

FB: the tour returns to average of 7 Euros (net of tax credit). There are formulas that annual subscriptions are also eligible for volume discounts.

MR: How does a visit?

FB: Generally we are expected by the animal. Cleaning, food and water are provided and a few hugs to these critters are is appreciated. We arrived to the accompaniment of end of life of some animals that could not travel with their owners. We have in most cases a veterinarian reference, in case of problems. Otherwise, we have our own network of veterinary care in case of minor or major issue with an animal.

MR: What is your area of ​​work?

FB: Lyon and its surroundings. When we can not take care of a new animal, we refer them to other contacts in the region and vice versa

MR: Are you alone to take care of your company?

LR: yes for now but in January of next year, I would be joined by Lionel for the expansion of the company.

MR: How did you conclude this interview?

FB: I do this business by choice and I do not regret it. They are nice encounters with animals and their masters. The history of the most “funny” is the care of a mynah bird who can not keep his tongue …


This is our friend Frederic, also be an animal lover is a young man who is not devoid of humor and always ready to help (thank you for the various raids in Designers’ Village).

The website En cas d’absence

The brand bew blog


Facebook profile

Facebook Page of Frederick


Coordinates of  En Cas d’Absence :

Frédéric Bianchi
En-Cas d’Absence
3, rue Burdeau – 69001 Lyon – France
+33 (0) 4 72 00 23 39
+33(0) 6 13 35 27 88




Ethic presents – A selection from Marron Rouge

Thursday 1 December 2011

We are the  December 1st


Holidays approaching and with our friends Eco-Informants of the Green Team we have selected a number of beautiful gifts and ethical.

Pants, a frog and hop it wriggles easy: a good start for ethical gifts



Our first selection goes to you guys with a selection of boxers shorts from the brand KOLAM.

Kolam is certified GOTS/FLO that respects and workers but also your customers.




Each boxer short comes in a tin metal recycled.

These boxers chic, beautiful colorful organic cotton and are available in several colors. There are sold at a price of € 19.00 on the website of ORIGEEN or directly to the  store or : 28, rue Palace Grillet 69002 Lyon – France



We continue with Easy Frog with accessories made ​​of hemp



Multi purpose kit for children and adults, available in black frog, red, pink and orange – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton – Size: 18×13 cm – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 16.50

Wallet and key ring, slipped into his bag, frog available in black, pink and orange. – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton, natural color, aspect linen with cotton touch – Size: 12×6.5 cm with key ring included – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 14.00

On sale on the website Easy Frog




There now … it wriggles. !

This is the name of a collection of Mademoiselle Dimanche (Miss Sunday) – I not like only graphics and aesthetic for the creations of  Mathide  but also her  approach




All these accessories are made of linen and cotton and are sold on the new website of  Mademoiselle Dimanche from € 18.00 for the small pouch and up to 115.00€ for the lamp shade




To end I will advbise you two books about recup and recycling


L’art de la récup


Remake it


Here is the selection of the other members of Green Team  (in French):


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Clovis [Quat´rues] : Pour Noël, afin de limiter le gaspillage, prônons la déconsommation !

Karen  [Cuisine saine] : Blog cuisine bio : les cadeaux écolo pour Noël

Gus [Echo Mag] : 6 idées de cadeaux de Noël: offrir moins pour offrir mieux





Frederic SORNIN the Domaine des Ronze: from motorbike to organic wine is only one step

Thursday 24 November 2011

We are October 29, 2011, and hop off I went in the Beaujolais to go to meet SORNIN Frederic and her companion. The first time I met Frederic was in January 2011 because I signed up as an exhibitor at the Salon des Milles Wheels (March 2011), a motorcycle show in Villefranche sur Saône – I gave them all exposed accessories tire and tube recycling. Frederic Sornin is the organizer of the show, out of pure passion for motorcycles.


That’s it, you say I’m mad I’ll tell you about motorcycle on a blog that talks a lot about the environment. Well, no, I’ll just tell you about a human being who is not only insensitive to the environment but it is an actor acting for the environment: it produces wines from the farming and primarily from organic farming. All passions coexist and there is certainly no rules of conduct to love such and such activity, although initially it might seem incompatible.


I arrive on the field and I enter the courtyard of the house I see a chicken cooked in an “oven” in bricks baked with vine shoots humm … I’ll enjoy. We start the visit of the field, first with the vegetable garden overflowing with squash and other vegetables. It passes through the vines to go towards the tanks. Frederic explains to me that it produces on the field in Red Beaujolais from Morgon and Régnié

In Red Bio: From Village Beaujolais

Rosé and reigned: the sparkling and normal

It does not produce white since the land is non-calcareous, granitic terrain are more favorable for red and rosé wines

The company has been operating for four generations, his grandfather was already exporting wine before the war of 14. When I asked Frederick why the choice of organic, naturally he explains that his father by force of circumstances was an organic farmer: he had no tractors, he did not use insecticides after war.


And what is that production has become non-bio: the arrival of the tractors, the development of Beaujolais Nouveau, the arrival of repeated treatments and insecticides with systemic compositions.

How would you explain the explosion of Beaujolais Nouveau and what are the consequences? With the arrival of autumn people are more pessimistic: so it was a kind of demand from people and marketing get involved… . In addition, the Gamay is well suited to intensive cultivation. One consequence of this massive exploitation from Tarare to Macon is the eradication of livestock in the Beaujolais. Today starts a little bit to go out of style in France and works well once the export by sea from October 10 to create the global event.


We then move to get lunch and in fact I loved it. We started dissertations about global warming which disturbs : the harvest should are done earlier and earlier in the calendar, some trees and plants grow more easily than before in the mountains of Beaujolais while we found it in some tropical or subtropical areas

I had a delicious moment, I drank excellent wine (in moderation) and I met people who love our earth!


Blog  Domaine des Ronzes :

Facebook’ page of  domaine des Ronzes :


Quat’Rues is involved for associations

Wednesday 23 November 2011

At the end of the year-QUAT RUES is not only involved with the messages of T-shirts they create and they distribute.

Until December 31, 2011 for all purchases made on their website, Quat-Streets reverse 3% to an association.

And you will have  the choice of the association are:

Le Réseau éducation sans frontières (Education Without Borders Network)

SOS Racisme Rhône : (SOS Racism Rhone)

La Fédération Rhônes-Alpes de Protection de la Nature : (Federation Rhone-Alpes for the Protection of Nature)

Il Etait une Fois une Rencontre : (One Upon a time a Encounter)


I like to share these initiatives with you


A big thank to Quat’Rues

Monday 7 November 2011

As you know the last weekend I was in SAINT-Etienne on the show TATOU JUSTE  the show to Eat, to Live, To Move  Around, To Grow Up, To Learn, To Work otherwise.


I live in the city center of Lyon and the Parc des Expositions of Saint Etienne is very close to the station then, on Friday evening I decided to leave my car in Saint Etienne and make all journeys between Lyon and Saint Etienne by train.


Everything goes well until Sunday morning and I point the tip of my nose at the station of Part Dieu  and bang what that allowed me to arrive on time for the opening of the exhibition , the train is suppressed! I’ll see at the counter and the employee tells me that this is a strike between Lyon and Stephen Sain. I would have been not warned?


I try to put my brain in place (Sunday morning) and I think that my next door neighbour is one of the characters that I had cooked for Thursday ethical fashion in the person of Harold from Quat’Rues! Call and immediately we find ourselves in Lyon that he gets me and took me to the exhibition. Not only is this spirit of solidarity has made me a great service but he also traveled by car in a friend that I had met that morning at the station and filed in Saint-Etienne.



The commitment is not only the messages of their T-Shirts


Thanks Harold!

Thanks Quat’Rues!