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Marron Rouge at the catwalk of Village des Créateurs

Tuesday 10 April 2012

5 April 2012, residents of the Village of Créteurs made a catwalk to present their new collections.Marron Rouger was also there, here are some pictures with our accessories

Istanbul Cats

Monday 17 October 2011

I just spent a few days in Istanbul and don’t be afraid  you I’m not going to do a tourism review of this beautiful  town. One thing that charmed are Cats. Cats are everywhere in tjhe streets, in historical sites, but never agressive or frightned. Here is photo album that I am very please to share with you .



There is also deserts elsewhere

Monday 28 February 2011

Salar Uyuni - Bolivia

With some members of the green team we we decided of new them which is elsewhere. So the name of this note is “tThere is also deserts elsewhere.0 This note will be only for your pleasure in order to sahre with you some of my pas trips and specially the visit of two deserts whic impressed me.

First of all Salar or of Uyuni or also called Salt desert, in Bolivia. I was there in 1996 and I have memories of beauty and purity. When we arrive there we said to ourself we are at World’s End.

Salar of Uyuni altitude of  3700 m is the the biggest salt desert in the world and is around 12 500 km² It is structured since 40 000 years. A third of worldwide reserves for lithium are there. Behind the scene is at that time, in 1996, a bunch of men coming from all Bolivia were working there in order to extract salt briquettes without iodine. All this work’s done for almost nothing. The prolonged contact with salt without iodine could create diseases as cretinism.

At the time I was there with a guide and I had the chance to sleep in the salt lodge : a true eco-lodge made all in salt even the roof.

If you have the chance to go there, go with a local guide to discover this magical site.

Toit de l'Hotel de Sel - Roof of Salt Hotel - Bolivia

Hotel de Sel - Salt Hotel - Bolivia

Then in the south of African continent there is Namibia desert that I did ten years later in 2006. Desert occupy the area of 80 000km². It is an area about 1500 km along the Atlantic coast. The most deserted part of the desert is in the south of this area and you just arrive in the land of “Screen Saver” who did not get the screen saver with the famous sans dunes?

Wildlife and flora are really special to this area. No much water, the rare plants we can see there get water from the humid winds. Wildlife is made of reptiles and small rodents. This site is pure eye’s delight and brings you a kind of serenity when you see these pure lines. “Designer’s” paradise for Inspiration.

Crossing of desert in sand storm is very impressive. To stop in the middle of nowhere is also a pure delight especially when you get the visit of a small rodent.

 If you have also the chance to go there, go with a local guide to discover this magical site.

Our beautiful earth is full aof treasures that we should respect. We have to get the more benefit of it. When you go in this kind of place, if the trail is not created, do not create one and do not hesitate to take advices for locals. It does bring much to try to be “the adventurer”.

As Abi  from Vertissimmo said , it is good to see a sky with stars with a nice landscape’s background. As Erick Hostachy from Ecolo-chic magazine, Cezame, do not forget to get pleasure, and I will add I agree at 100% but also do not spoil the pleasure of others in do not respect the natural environments

The other articles (in French) of Green Team members :

Photo Album # 3 – Unusual Pictures

Saturday 25 December 2010

 I would like to share with you some “unusual” pictures I made during my different trips in India. These pictures are published only for pleasure and if you got a smile when you will see it, target is achieved. My intend is not to laugh at anyone, I have too much love for Incredible India.

Gilles PERRIN – Photographer

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Tribute to the Photographer Gilles PERRIN

Shanti et son cornac B. Suthaar - Photograpie Gilles PERRIN

Shanti et son cornac B. Suthaar - Photograpie Gilles PERRIN

Mummoorthy vendeur de friandises, M. Balakrishnan, livreur de friandises - Photographie Gille PERRIN

Mummoorthy vendeur de friandises, M. Balakrishnan, livreur de friandises - Photographie Gilles PERRIN

Emdi Basi Bijar, Stimathi et Morgana Sundai, Hemamalini employée de banque, Babu technicien du réseau ferré et Rithika - Photograpie Gilles PERRIN


Wednesday 8 September 2010

We had made printed a postcard (in French) to be distributed in public places – We wanted to show you as we find it pretty.

If you want to get some to distribute please let us know

These postcards have been printed by saxoprint ( in time with a very competitive price.

Photo de carte postale - Postcard picture

Pictures India #2

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Here is the second album of pictures from India

Indian Fabrics exhibited in workshop villlage - July 2007

Street life in front of the beach Chennai - July 2007


Indians siited on the beach in Pondichéry - Janaury 2007

Pictures India #1

Thursday 24 June 2010

From time to time we will share with you the best pictures we have from our differents trips in India. Just open your eyes

City of Jaipur from Wind Palace - 02/2010

Young ladies near Ganga river in Varanasi (Benares) 02/2010

Road between Madurai and Trichy - 11/2009

Fishermens' returns in Pondychérry - 07/2009