“People” who made our web site are located in Saint Etienne (South of Lyon) and have done a very “joli” site . We give them the speech : they are much better than us to speak about themselves:

“Axome – A well jolie web agency”.

With a strong ten-year experience with the Internet market, the Axome Agency now focuses on e-business websites: graphic and ergonomic designs, technical development and follow-up, and marketing campaigns. We help conceive different types of projects, from animating social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, to online gaming. Marketing planning is at the heart of the dynamism of the sites and e-shops.

The team adheres to simple, pragmatic values. Respecting the clients and providing excellent quality work matter the most to us. We are available and approachable, and try to improve ourselves every day.

This state of mind, based on the individuals and their wanting to blossom professionally, guarantees the importance of human contact in our exchanges. Trust is central to our professional relationships.

Our creative researches are bold. Whatever the domain, any solution proposed to you will be original and innovating. Inspiration and curiosity are our main tools when it comes to answer to your demands.

Welcoming our customers in the best possible conditions is one of our main preoccupations. Our interlocutor will treat your requests with honesty, and will help you along your project.

A great blend of various skills, our team listens and guides you. Dialogue is our strong point. The variety of perspectives and know-how makes us strive.

Go to see them and on top of it they are nice people! –

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