Head-on with the carton boxes

The adventure of Marron Rouge  started “head-on with the cartons” for me.

After a first interview, in January 2013, to evaluate in which way I could come and help him in the project, it is in his ready-to-move showroom, right in the Village des Créateurs, that I joined Jean-Marc, the very first day of my internship, 3 weeks ago. Struggling my way through the boxes in a messy room, I found that day Jean-Marc with nostalgia and emptiness across his face, although he was smiling to me to greet me. After a few days, I realized I arrived in in the company when a chapter was coming to an end in the history of the little indian-style logo… gone were the days in the little “cocoon” of the “Passage Thiaffait”, it was now time for Marron Rouge to move on and stand on its own feet. But my mind was made up, I would definitely be a part of the new chapter!



My name is Adèle. A young, eco-freak, 27 year-old woman, graduated from Lyon II University with a Master in Brand-strategy and, as Jean-Marc, willing to build a cleaner and even more beautiful future for the mankind. I’ve always yearned for a job in a “conscious” and “conscientious” company. Conscious of what it would bring to the society, and aware of how and why it would do it. Keen on Marron Rouge’s creations, but also on the project’s “ethicological” integrity, I could only join the adventure… even if this would first mean carrying all those boxes and bags, the great teak table and the old little sewing machine table that seemed to weight like a ton! And the new shop with the exposed ceiling beams and the stone wall was absolutely gorgeous! I knew it, Marron Rouge was going to work, but also Marron Rouge and me would hit it off!



After three weeks spent in the company, I could now understand the organization of Jean-Marc’s enterprise : a “multi-task” founder that devotes himself to the design of his products as well as to the monitoring of the production chain, logistic chain, but also to the prospecting of retailers, to the brand’s web-marketing and even to the development of an e-commerce platform.

After visiting the premises of Bioport in Vaulx-en-velin and after taking part in the press day organized by the press agency in Paris, I discovered Jean-Marc’s work hinges on the help of two professional teams for the press relations and logistics :

–         My Beautiful RP press agency, dedicated to the development of his press relations, and specialized in the “ecological and ethical” press world is absolutely crucial for Jean Marc and his brand to be renowned in the fair-trade design area. Besides, the agency’s work has clearly a revenue impact for Marron Rouge.

–         Bioport logistics platform: its job is to make the link between the manufacturers in India and the final customer or retailer in France by storing Marron Rouge’s products and preparing the various orders.

Both of them provide Jean Marc with more security concerning tasks that require much time, much accuracy and great professionalism and that Jean-Marc cannot do alone.


As regards the brand positioning, I think I understood Marron Rouge seeks to appear as a green fashion and design products quality brand that would sell up-market and yet not so expensive products.


Concerning its brand identity, Marron Rouge seems to have understood the importance of dedicating itself to the materials which introduced  it to the public –recycled bike-tire, inner-tube, parachute bag canvas and security seatbelt. As a matter of fact, it sounds that the brand DNA is about recycled gum, canvas and security seatbelt and that Marron Rouge ought to preserve it… without curbing it though!! And in fact, Jean-Marc hasn’t hesitated lately to expand his parachute bag canvas bags collection, develop its fleet of furniture, and much more! From may on, you will be able to wear Marron Rouge not only on your shoulder, on your ears or under your bottom but on your feet!!!

After doing bags, furniture and jewelry, thanks to the encounter between Jean-Marc and his friend Stéphane Bourmaud-Baudet, the idea of extending the collection to the footwear was born! And now we only can wish good luck to our multi-recycled brand!

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