4 au Carré (4 in square) : 4 girls in the wind…

Four girls in the wind …. ??!
They are not English and they do not sing either! (For the second point, I do not know, I advance, perhaps!)
But damn what are they doing? Who are they?
Go even one of outstanding ……

What do they do?  4 au Carré (4 in Square) is a collective of four designers from different backgrounds and creating additional furniture and accessories for hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, and communities. Besides it’s beautiful what they do. They were present on the exhibition Vivre le Design with Marron Rouge in  Lyon in early September on the Home Design Show. They did not start in a yellow submarine, but in four containers …..
The suspense is at its worst ……., tick, tock, tick, tock ….
I show you the pictures of containers …

Here you can see the full album of the containers

Well you’ve found!?? No …!


I give you the solution:

Elsa Somano

Lisa Lejeune

Mathilde Alexandre (Mademoiselle Dimanche)

Maud Garnier (UltraSofa)


These four young women I met them several times and I even worked with one of them for part of the layout of my stand on Maison et Objet. Mademoiselle Dimanche had designed for Marron Rouge lighting

Well I think I have said enough and I will introduce them individually


Elsa Somano: Elsa created luminous objects point by point (!) Aluminum design a beautiful uncluttered “What made ​​me want to work with and get this group is to share as much by our experiences (good and bad). I met three great people who work like me who have small business structures in the design and interior decoration. They are more involved in life and know how to share ”

I also asked her what inspired Elsa environment, ecology and sustainable development, and on it she was very straightforward:
“I do my best in my life every day to pay attention to the environment in my small scale. About my work because even though aluminum is a recyclable material, this is a difficult operation at my level because it requires a lot of energy. Make a beautiful light with energy saving lamps we’re not there yet. ”
Want to know more about Elsa and her designs: http://www.elsa-somano.com



Lisa Lejeune is a designer specializing in furniture.

“I tried to get closer to professional architects. Elsa Somano, who likes to put people in touch, we proposed to regroup in order, firstly, be able to offer a more comprehensive offering: furniture, lighting, textiles for any project … architecture and decoration. other hand, we mutualize four ways, contacts, we share experiences. and finally, I have been working three years with manufacturing partners, a workshop manufacturing and prototyping, where there is practically only boys!! 4 au Carré  is the feminine side of my scale collaborative! ”
Like Elsa I asked him what inspired the environment, ecology and sustainable development: “I work with the material rather than wood, from my training. With The Factory, the studio that I work with Francheville (in the area of Lyon , France) mainly, we always propose solutions to customers the most environmentally-friendly. we prefer native wood, wood of local origin (Jura, Franche Comté …) as exotic woods difficult to trace. we use non-VOC glues and varnishes and prefer panels with low formaldehyde emission. ”
Treat yourself to know more info about Lisa: http://lisa-lejeune.com/lisa-lejeune-mobilier-acc.html


Mathilde Alexandre (Mademoiselle Dimanche): Mademoiselle Dimanche is a trademark of textiles and decorative accessories created by Mathilde Alexandre, textile designer with a passion for patterns and colors.

“With Elsa and Maud, had already had the opportunity to exhibit together, and then to compare our products and our universe. And it turned out that it worked very well together. And with the world of Lisa, it’s also very consistent. The idea was born of the collective under the leadership of Elsa and Maud, and when they told me about it, it soon became obvious: our products work together, we have all four of the Approaches to Work and our businesses close enough, we have the same policy … The fact of coming together can offer a whole range of services and products we can not offer individual, while retaining their distinct identities. ”

Mathilde delivers us his thoughts on ecology: “I am not an ecology “terrorist”  or sustainable development. But it seems to me utterly inconceivable to ignore these issues when something happens. In my work I do “at best” with the means that are mine and with the opportunities I offer my partners, in line with my product. This requires the choice of production locations (in France rather than elsewhere), by choice of materials …
I also links these environmental issues in respect of man, it seems to me that one can not go without the other. ”
For those unfamiliar with Mademoiselle Dimanche: http://www.mademoiselledimanche.com


Finally we conclude with Maud Garnier from UltraSofa , designer sofas and contemporary objects.

Maud & Elsa

“Coming together creates a truly dynamic creative, communicative and enthusiastic.
It is a sharing experience, knowledge and networks. We are able to make an offer to larger customers. Our four different universes all emphasize our commonalities: an ethical eco-friendly with a local manufacturing, offers a collection of custom and a real customer service: specifications to customer delivery. ”

What we said Maud on the environment: “Designer sofas and contemporary objects, our products are of French manufacture, and we use local artisans working with the best materials manufacturing methods expert. The concept: leading-edge design, quality French for an eco-responsible product at very affordable prices for large and small. ”

Go to discover the universe of UltraSofa: http://www.ultrasofa.com

You think now that I’m going to stop because I have presented the four young women well no!




 We whish to these four talents long life

Visit the web site of the Collective 4 au Carré and the  Facebook  page

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