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Marron Rouge in 2016

Tuesday 5 January 2016

 7 years ago in January 2009 began Marron Rouge project with a first step, the opening the website in July 2010. Gradually Marron Rouge has become a brand specialized in recycling with a clientele mainly business oriented : shops distributing our products, companies wishing to custom objects, other professionals specialized distribution on the Internet in France and Europe.
Present on trade shows and events related to Design and Creation, Marron Rouge have made a presence and is recognized as a major player in the upcycling and recycling.
If I take up my pen today is because I get to a “turning point” in the history of Marron Rouge. These last two years have been tough economically and survival of the company was threatened by several times. 2015 was a particularly difficult year marked by a series of events that have not really helped to spread an optimistic and unifying atmosphere for a specialized trade, and therefore Marron Rouge suffered the consequences. These reasons do not explain alone the poor economic situation of Marron Rouge: insufficient backlog, cash position deteriorated, restricted distribution channel.

One reason why Marron Rouge is in this situation is the fact that I work and support this business alone. I did everything for this business works, but overall neither my strength nor my presence nor my will were sacrificed. The working alone makes me fly over the functions inherent in managing a business. A key function such as the commercial could not be processed optimally even if I have the qualities for. 7 years that Marron Rouge exists it makes seven years that I fight every day for this company to promote recycling / upcycling integrating Design, Creation, Environment and Human Being. That’s 7 years that I changed life, I invested all my funds, my time to draw a life less profitable than in the past, but it is a will.
Today I managed to create a brand, a philosophy from scratch and refining my convictions. The bags collections, furniture accessories create a word of mouth by journalists, users, partners, suppliers and customers.
Given this situation a decision is required, total liquidation of the stock to regain financial health and benefit from some cash. All stock is therefore proposed to floor prices. The success of this step is crucial to consider a future

There could be a positive issuel to this sad episode for Marron Rouge : it can continue to exist by pooling arms, brainpower and cash. But the three elements together are needed to continue
I am open to any discussions and / or proposal for a further step: to redefine together a new economic model, operate (or not) the projects that are “in the pipeline”, associate, come together, share … . or even “stop” Marron Rouge for me to join a current or on ongoing project, coming to use my knowledge and skills. I am open to all without any constraint territory and /or project. …. My suite will not be done alone.
I could have simply introduced a broad sell-off destocking and does not inform you about current issues, but it is not the solution I have chosen.
The glass half empty or glass half full? You probably understand which of the two I prefer ….

Thanks for your attention

Jean-Marc Attia