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(Français) Carina Orru : Le Festival et les Amis du Vent et Vive l’Economie Circulaire 28 et 29 juin, 2014 à Paris

Tuesday 17 June 2014

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Marron Rouge : One of our favorite for Christine Ollier Director at Olétal

Monday 2 June 2014

With Marron I have the chance to meet a lot of people and one of the last encounter I made is  Christine Ollier .

Christine Ollier is the leader of the OLETAL company which is located in Lyon .

OLETAL is a wholesaler supplies for shops and since  some years OLETAL product paper bags personalized or customized



Appointment with Christine Ollier , I arrived at the shop and I introduce myself by saying that I had an appointment . A man welcomed me and said with great kindness I  will inform Christine and it goes in the back room .

A few minutes later a woman comes to meet me wearing a broad smile.


In reading the project of Marron Rouge , she offers me to make a presentation of my products in her shop for all clients ( which could also be mine) . I find this very generous offer , and over all that a priori this is a first in this shop. Of course I accepted the proposal and appointment June 16, 2014 at OLETAL .


But I leave it to Christine to attend because I asked him a few questions.



Jean-Marc : Hello Christine Ollier . You are the leader of the Company Olétal that many shopkeepers  know . Can you introduce yourself in a few lines and introduce your company ?

Christine Ollier : Hello Jean- Marc ,

Oletal is a family company founded by my father in law  in 1962 and I have led since January 2005. I am a mother of 3 children. My background is unique and run the business is a passion constantly renewed .

Olétal is a company with dual activity on both sites of 500m2.

– Showroom rue Pierre Corneille : We are wholesalers supplies trade since 1962 : packaging (paper bags , plastic gift wrap , bags … ) mannequins, hangers , display, window decorations , labelling… ) . We position ourselves as a partner, advisor to our clients.

– Since 1995 , we have developed a production of paper bags flexo printed or hot stamping . We offer positions on a wide range of bags and we print from small quantities ( 200 bags ) . Our deadlines are very short.



JM: Your company shines in Rhone Alps but not only. The website covers the whole of France?

CO : Indeed, our reputation is strong in the region and the website allows us to expand our offering throughout France and even abroad . It brings us great contacts and new loyal customers over time .


JM: What is the current force Olétal ?

CO : Our choice is a strength but also our industry knowledge that enables us to support customers in their research . We have an excellent ” sourcing ” and can do manufacture many products corresponding to specific requests .


JM : You now have a full service commercial space for shops. What  kind of shops are the most represented ?

CO : We are constantly developing our service: delivery, storage , listening , counseling … Historically, marketers ready to wear procure from Olétal , but also the shoemakers, jewelers, perfumers, store decoration , fashion accessories , lingerie … In fact all businesses may be interested in our offer, even as food for 6 months we have expanded our food packaging . We also provide communication agencies, government, museums, and national chain stores.


JM : Can you introduce your team ?

CO : Henri , Christelle , Marilyne and Thomas are the sales team , sedentary or traveling . My assistant , Christelle also manages our dealers in France . Fabien and Massoud are in production.


JM : Would you have a ” funny ” story about a client request ” wacky ” you have made ?

CO : Wacky might not be the word, but yes unusual . We decorated a car for a night match at OL . We sometimes sell modeling for artists who enjoy the cut to create a work .

Printing on bags can be surprising : lovers messages ( especially for weddings), original logos …



JM : June 16, 2014 , you will welcome in your premises  Marron Rouge for a whole morning . What made ​​you decide to accept our presence ? A priori this is the first time you do this kind of operation?

CO : I first and foremost a heart for products Marron Rouge , and I find it interesting that my clients can meet young designers. They are themselves looking for differentiating products . Create fun times meeting within Olétal seems quite consistent with our culture.


JM : Another thing to add?

CO : Welcome to Marron Rouge


JM : A final question concerns more Marron Rouge . We specialize in the design and recycling. What you think of when the word jumble , environment, ecology, recycling , sustainable development?

CO : Above all, my printing bags , since the creation of this activity, in 1995 , Richard Ollier chose avant-garde at the time, to invest in a printing machine based inks to water in respect of the environment.

With regard to recycling, we offer more recycled and recyclable bags, paper or plastic. We intend to make our contribution in the chain of sustainable development.

Any action of our suppliers in this sense, innovation, holds our attention.


Let’s meet t on June 16 from 9:00 to 14:00 for shopkeepers of the region in the shop Oletal 9, rue Pierre Corneille 69006 Lyon – +33 (0)4 78 52 01 300