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Photo contest glamor bicycle

Friday 29 June 2012

Copyright Marron Rouge

Following the great initiative of Echo Mag last year in April 2011, they decided to “get it” again this year and organize a new photo contest. Not only a new photo contest is organized, but a new website / blog is born The contest theme is “Take pictures of glamorous cyclists in Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg and Reykjavik, and send us these photos at cyclechigeneve [at] gmail dot com” The subject must not only be cycling, but cycling and the cyclist. Send us pictures of cyclists glam, chic, shimmering, cool.


The contest began on June 23, 2012 and ends precisely on Saturday 1st September 2021 at 12:43


All contest details here (in French)

The 5 best photographers can choose their price, starting with the first winner.

  • Knog bag a bike, donated by the Bike Shop in Vernier Demierre
  • A bike bag Vaude M Bayreuth, hosted by the bike shop Flyer Centre à Genève
  •  A bag with recycled bicycle donated by Marron Rouge, the online store of ethical products and recycled
  •  A guide to the most beautiful bike rides in the Lake Geneva region, offered by ProVelo Genève
  •  A bike helmet offered by the ATE Genève



Shooting indian way during Kulteco Festival

Monday 25 June 2012

As every year, the festival KULT&CO., took place in May 2012.

The theme this year was the ethical fashion and the Indian design. A highlight of this festival was the photo shoot ‘Indian’. Participants preted the game with enthusiasm and good humor as evidenced by these images. Feast your eyes, we believe to be there  (in India).

Sunny : summer and music

Thursday 21 June 2012

After a long absence on the net, I decided to come back today in a symbolic manner which is June 21: Day of Summer and festival of music!

When we speak about summer , one of the first thoughts is still the sun, hey we’re not going to miss out, this post will be sunny and music through SUNNY!

The “older” know what I mean with SUNNY, the youngest perhaps know the song but not knowing that this beautiful melody which had been released in 1966.

So we will have fun watching and listening to some interpretations more or less musically good …. of Sunny !

Feel free to let me know of interpretations that are not listed in this post, which has also not pretended to list them all.

We’ll start by the composer of this wonderfull song Bobby Hebb

Then come THEversion of Johnny Rivers!

A vesion soul and dance from the beloved James Brown , the Sex Machine’s man

Another soul version of the beloved Marvin Gaye

Even Stevie Wonder did it :

A surprising version from…the actor Robert Mitchum

A jazzy version ….4’o clock in the morning by Nancy Wilson

For the end ….a japanese version which comes from  a tv reality show….

Some more version from George Benson, Ella Fitzgerald and Boney M, et some more …

Very good summer and Happy music festival