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Even wood can be recycled

Friday 27 April 2012

With our friends of Green Team, we have decided for the begining of Spring to sahre about wood

Wood, natural and noble material at the start can also retrain and all stages of wood’s life:

– The first waste from sawmills
– The latter come from all manufactured objects
– Finally all manufactured products are reused and recycled into something else, without making a chemical transformation

The first waste from sawmills that used to make pulp, the manufacture of chipboard. The barks are also used as stuffing material or different chips are also used as bedding

The latter coming from all manufactured objects give amazing results in terms of creativity and we chose this niche there to show you some interesting initiatives.

You all rememberthe Villa Déchet (Waste Villa): The project set up in autumn 2010 by Frederic Tabary (architect) and Yann puddle (set designer) who were inspired by a similar house in California. The bins of Nantes (France) is where they found the raw material and then recycling these materials.

Villa Déchets © Sébastien SALOM-GOMIS/TAbAkERO

The company Atmosphere & Boiswood initiative very interesting and design by reusing wood paneling, old barns Canadian. look instead (in French but website is in english too)


Turkish designer Gursan Ergil Studio offers the beautiful wood furniture recycled

For those who read English here is a link which explains his ethic approach


© Gursan Ergil Studio


© Gursan Ergil Studio


© Gursan Ergil Studio

And then we’ll finish this post with a video that deals with the poetic recycling of paper …. which is only at the origin of wood! (In french, but very legible for non French speakers)

Do not be afraid to recycle



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Marron Rouge at the catwalk of Village des Créateurs

Tuesday 10 April 2012

5 April 2012, residents of the Village of Créteurs made a catwalk to present their new collections.Marron Rouger was also there, here are some pictures with our accessories

Eco Design Contest marron Rouge : The results

Monday 2 April 2012

Quick reminder about the origin of the project: This project was born from a trip to India where we met an intern within the NGO that we manufacture bags and recycled inner tube, which had been a pupil of the SchoolLa Martiniere Diderot. We asked her to put us in touch with his teacher, Delphine Mille, to organize a contest on the theme of recycling. The project began in September 2011 and just ended in March 2012 and 15 laureates were selected. Achievements have been first presented at the Open Days of La Martiniere High School on 9 and 10 March 2012.
On March 28, 2011 a jury of professionals met to elect the best creations of the 15 laureates, pre-selected by Delphine Mille, a professor at La Martiniere Diderot and Jean Marc Attia founder of Marron Rouge
Jury members are: Amanda, president of Artgens, Laure Vial Lenfant, society LM Show, Sophie Tinland Lelandais, teacher DSAA Creator, designer at La Martinière Diderot, Cecile Liard, organizer of the Marché de la Mode Vintage à Lyon, Frederic Cadet, designer and CEO of the agency of eco-design, with its nomMathilde Alexander, creator of Mademoiselle Dimanche, Aline Périer, photographer, Isabelle Gleize, Director Village des Créateurs, Thousand Delphine professor at La Martinière Diderot, and Jean  Marc Attia founder of Marron Rouge
During this work session the following criterias were defined by all jury members:
• Opportunity to open a new line of products for Marron Rouge
• Consistency with the strategy of Marron Rouge
• Feasibility of mass-produced by Marron Rouge
• Cost of manufacture due to mass production by Marron Rouge
• Product Innovation
• Product triggering an impulse purchase
• Potential for sustainability in the market “mode-Deco-Design” for Marron Rouge
A nice discussion arose from this jury who worked in an objective way and that is really focused on the criterias. It therefore did not question in any way the creativity of students who have demonstrated a great inventiveness and who have talent ..
Thanks to this particular meeting with professionals that I personally did not know at first is born a great adventure it has really shown what were the real viable projects to Marron Rouge, beyond even the blows of heart starting

Four designs have been awarded by the jury:
• The first is Shana Derivière that created small knots recycled seatbelt and frayed ends. This will be declined by Red Brown as a trademark with the fashion accessories delivered

• The second is Laura Norman, who has created from the tube and woven bamboo spikes inside, desk accessories. Through this work she has created a “new material” which could be declined by Marron Rouge  in other decorative objects design

• The third is Anaïs Buyère who created from bicycle inner tubes a floor mat. Due to this work, Marron Rouge will create modular carpet made from “slab” interlocking

• The fourth is Eva Peillex that creates a floor mat made from recycled seat belts and woven

The four winners received a voucher for 100.00 Euros each.
La Martiniere Diderot received a voucher for 200.00 Euros for the association of the school for purchase of books or other cultural materials.

Shana Derivière - Anaïs Bruyère - Eva Peillex - Delphine Mille - Laura Normand