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Maison et Objet – January 2012

Friday 27 January 2012

We share with you, the pictures of our booth on the trade show Maison et Objet which take place at Exhibition Park in Villepinte (France) from Jnauray 20 to January 24, 2012.

This adventure could not be possible alone and I just want to thank everyone and all those who made this event possible. The conclusion of all this is we have meetings with human beings (yes) and we were motivated to  “work” with them because they believe in our project and it is not only a   mercantile position. My way of thinking is that today’s economy necessarily passes by humans and that’s good, it’s just in line with the draft Marron Rouge.

First of all a poster imaginated by Benjamin Gargou. I just give him a picture I made in Vanarasi in February 2012

Take a look at the two pictures and see the results, surprising and nice, isn’t it?

The booth had been realized by  Pyairault (, included all decorative items . Lamp shades imaginated and conceived by Mademoiselle Dimanche








Support from  Village des Créateurs , Belonging of  Collectif du Développement Durable  , furniture from  Rendez-Vous Déco make this event a true sharing.

And a very big thanks to Lionel for the whole presence during the show. We wish Lionel  very nice holidays.

A big thank you to Créations d’Idées for the T-Shirts

Do not forget the photograph, My brother André and his wife Solange who “supported” me during all the trade show.

Business differently in Rhône (France)

Thursday 12 January 2012


Invited by Rhône en Vert


On  17 January 2012 from 6:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Marron Rouge will participate in a discussion on “Making a commitment to environmental protection an asset to its business plan”

You are cordially invited to this debate at Graduate School of Business and Development 3A – Campus University officials René Cassin International Professional – 47 rue Michel Berthet Sergeant Lyon 9th –

Towards a more responsible business?
What is a product or service more accountable? These products and services are they necessarily more expensive, what are the impacts of a more responsible trade on the customer-supplier relationship?


Besides Marron Rouge two other guests will be in the debate moderated by David Delille: professor at the Graduate School of Business and Development 3A in charge of solidarity economy and sustainable development.
Jean-Christophe Bargin: director of “Vision Naturelle” network of opticians engaged in an environmentally responsible approach.
Virginia Blaison: Director of “Radieux Environement“: sale of eco-construction.

The exchange will continue with a drink offered by Soline (organic deli in Lyon).

Thank you to register by following this link

Marron Rouge enters in Cité du Design in Saint Etienne (France)

Monday 9 January 2012

Since end of 2011, Marron Rouge is at Cité du Design in Saint Etienne (France) with the “materialstore

The materials which had been selected by “materailstore” is recycled newspaper and here are the items that you will see inside this “materialstore” and which are made of recycled newspaper

Cité du design

3, rue Javelin Pagnon

42000 Saint-Étienne




Marron Rouge will pay 5% of the sales made on the web site to Parrainages Inde

Friday 6 January 2012

As some of you know, we are closely linked with the association Parrainages Inde.

Staff Parrainges Inde


This association under French law help single women in the region of Pondicherry in India. These women are either widowed, abandoned or divorced. Within the association we fund the education of their children. On December 29, Hurricane Thane was very violent in Tamil Nadu, especially in the region of Pondicherry. A lot of women that the association help, were affected by the cyclone. Their house (hut) were completely or partially destroyed.

I got daily news of the situation which is not the most fabulous. The first day I had Evelyne, the president of the association, she was under charm  as all these women had one thing in mind for January 1st,  is to wish their vows to Evelyne while their “house” was either completely destroyed or very damaged.

To date the census was done on women who are sponsored to the number of 110, 72 huts of 110 ( have not yet been visited), 14 are completely destroyed, 25 have lost their roof or are very poor condition, 33 were given the shock.

In solidarity, in Marron Rouge, we decided to pay 5% of sales made on our website for the period 1 January 2012 to February 15, 2012. For those who want to help, by donating the contact to make a bank transfer to the account given of Parrainages Inde. . Evelyne is in India, until March 15, 2012 the best way to donate is transfer. Thanks in advance for those who can give something. Here are under after the bank coordinates..
Please do not hesitate to share this post on your social Network, Facebook page…


Here is the mail I received some days ago from Evelyne :

Happy New Year Jean Marc here it ends badly as you can see.

Sunday 1st January 10:30 p.m.: The electricity is back! since 5 minutes, so I send you the email I had prepared last night! The death toll rose there about forty dead in Tamil Nadu.

Pondicherry December 31, 2011 at 21:00

Dear godparents, donors.
Dear friends,

By the time the world prepares to celebrate the new year, in light of a candle as I write this mail (Pondicherry is immersed in the dark).

As you may know the cyclone Thane has severely affected Tamil Nadu and particularly the territory of Pondicherry and Cuddalore region on the night of Thursday 29 to Friday, December 30, with a maximum intensity of the 0:00 to 7:00 morning.
Thousands of trees were uprooted and fell on some houses destroying a large number of huts. Trees and branches have damaged the streets making it sometimes impossible traffic.
The White City was cleared with cranes, in poor neighborhoods the residents have only sickles to cut the branches and trunks.
Since Thursday evening (29/12) there is no electricity.
The trees in large quantities, utility poles, traffic lights, signs, plates and other debris litter the ground ….
The boats were propelled to the land. Some palm roofs (mostly) were pulverized in seconds.
With the limited information available (no electricity, no internet, no newspapers …) Thane killed 7 people and 20 people in Pondicherry to Cuddalore.

I went with Leela on Saturday morning to visit some families who live by the sea
Ms. Muruvae and four children had not eaten since Thursday night. Fortunately the family informed of the severity of the storm found shelter in a safe place to spend the night. The hut is partially destroyed. They were hungry (we gave money).

We are moving in the mud to reach what remains of the hut of Mrs. Manjula. Rats have already taken up residence.
The situation of Mrs. Manjula is also dramatic. At 23 hours the water suddenly came into the hut, she soon had water up to his neck. She left her children and found a safe place to wait out the flood. The hut is destroyed, all is lost: the clothes, ration card, the bank book, exercise books and children’s books, uniforms, food …

Ms. Malika and her daughter live in a concrete house, no mess, just water inside.

The roof of the hut Nathalie and her 4 children is destroyed. They are tenants and the landlord asked this morning to go very quickly. The children also had not eaten. They were surprised by the rising waters at midnight. Nathalie did not think his hut could be flooded. She lived with her children in a housing project during the 2004 tsunami.

Of the four families met this morning, three are in a serious situation.
The association “Referrals India” manages 110 families. We will pay to the affected families money so they can buy rice some vegetables. Then he will have to buy clothes, books, repeat the huts if they own, repeat the bank books, the ration card ….
We work discreetly as usual.

In the coming days we will contact all of our families and take stock of their situations.
We will keep you informed of course, depending on the severity we will appeal for donations.

Ernestine (one of our two employees) and his family moved in with their older sister as the roof of the hut is destroyed, the neighborhood is devastated.
Concrete homes have held up, except for the roof sheet (tarpaper), which is often full of holes.

Thank you for your attention.
Happy new year to everyone.


Evelyne & Jean-Marc à/in Pondichérry

Resolutions for 2012, is it complicated?

Friday 6 January 2012

As we specified for our wishes for 2012 we hope the coming year

More recycled
More caring
More human
More optimistic

Why wait until January 1st to make resolutions, because it is customary and ancestral custom.

Our planet is suffering a little more every day of disasters, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsuanmis …. because we do not take care of Her and not care for us either.

Is it complicated to sort our garbage?
No, in addition on the country side can make compost


Is it difficult not to let the water run while washing dishes or for a shower?
The answer is super easy and the more you’ll save the less you will pay


Is it difficult not to let our appliances on standby?
No it’s just a natural thing that will save you in, and that will make you consume less power and create less waste atomic!


Is difficult not to take his car always?
There is public transportation, bicycles, walking


Is it difficult to change its mindset to say that recycling is a good thing?
It is not. On top in some countries of Africa, Asia or South America, recycling is anchored in everyday life and everything is recycled.


Is it complicated to be a little more attentive to others?
We do not live in a world of TV reality, or is guided by the marketing and human stupidity. You just talk with people, I did not say send an email  or a mail but just TALK, and the number of issues personal , professional, political, or family that resolved through discussions


Is it difficult to help people in trouble?
At Marron Rouge we try to do as far as we can, with the type of business we have chosen. Even a simple smile could help people


Is it difficult to see things in a more optimistic without being next to the plate?
Example: at the end end of year one plane left the runway at Roissy and went crashing off the tracks, no injuries, no deaths. It is good no? And although the images we were shown what are the passengers screaming to the employees at  the desk of the company, because they had waited a long time! They could have died and many are not and face increasingly journalist films the people shout: is there something I missed?


Take the time to live a little better, but do not rely ONLY on others to do so, each individual is the proper agent of change as requested and as needed.


With our friends of Green team, here are the pots they wrote about resolutions for 2012 :


Grettings 2012

Wednesday 4 January 2012