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Christmas drawings from Marron Rouge

Friday 23 December 2011

Just before Christmas, we share with you the drawings made for Marron Rouge


First, here is gretting card done by Benjamin Gargou

Here is also by Benjamin Gargou , this drawing which represents with poetry the universe of Marron Rouge’s stuffed toys

Then a number of drawings conceived by our press agency My Beautifull RP to illustrate Marron Rouge

Avec des pneus on vous fait des sacs - With tires we can do bags

Avec des ceintures de sécurités on vous fait aussi des sacs - With seatbelts we can also do bags

La laine faite à partir de bouteilles plastiques recyclées - Yarn done from recycled plastic bottles

Bouteille plastique = Sac - Plastic bottle = Bag

Le papier journal recyclé chez Marron Rouge - Recycled newspaper from Marron Rouge

Joyeuses fêtes et bonne vacances à tous

Si ces dessins vous interpellent, jusqu’au 31/12/2011 vous pouvez faire dessiner vos enfants sur le théme de la forêt :

Draw me the forest 

Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays

ECOSAPIN: a Swiss idea, replant your Christmas tree after the holidays.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

In November, while I was traveling in Switzerland for the trade show  UNICREA, I was listening to the radio a report that stunned and I thought, why not having thought of it before.

In January 2008 a young man David Berreby listening to a woman who said she was just too sad to see these trees on the sidewalk waiting for the garbage.

The idea began to germinate (!) in the head of David and he said that the thought of this woman was not fallen into deaf ears:

He delivers you a potted tree for Christmas, and end of holidays he take it back  and replant it

This is an idea which is great in every way:
• We do not cut more trees for nothing
• We will be able to educate children about the importance of the Forest
• There will be less waste in the month of January in the streets
• You enjoy a farmer who will not see the tree that has grown to die just for a fleeting period. He grows and replanted after
• This is called sustainable development in all its glory
• What a great Christmas gift for the trees


This concept exists in Switzerland, and the project to implement it in Paris is launched.

Congratulations David, I really like this great idea!

Web Site


Take adavantage of the next holidays with your kids to get them to draw on the theme of Forest  and to participate to the game organized by Rhône en Vert

Draw me the forest 

Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays



Frédéric Bianchi : Excuse yourself and he takes care of almost everything

Tuesday 6 December 2011

For all your hairy or plucked friends here is a solution!


Excuse yourself, we take care of everything!


Here is  the slogan of En Cas d’Absence (in case of absence)  the specialist in Lyon to keep animals at home. We met Frederic Bianchi, head of the company Cas d’Absence (in case of absence), and we asked him some questions.



Marron Rouge: How long has your company created?

Frederick Bianchi: Since July 2, 2004 to be precise.

MR: How did you satart this idea of ​​keeping animals at home?

FB: Just because I did it gracefully and regularly for my friends and it’s a need I had tried and I did not find anything at the time. I felt embarrassed, by dint of asking my friends this service.

MR: Never mind you of all the animals?

FB: Mostly cats, rodents and birds. All animals in the home. At the beginning we were dealing with dogs, but too restrictive and we systematically delayed in our schedules and tours. But our mission does not stop there: we take care of plants, mail that can be redirected to an address and / or open on request.

MR: You work all year round?

FB Yes, but with spikes (even very large spikes) during the school holidays, long weekends, public holidays and during the summer as our busiest period. Especially during the summer we use the external (always the same people ) since the beginning to help us ensure the twenty daily visits per person ….

MR: What is the average cost of a visit?

FB: the tour returns to average of 7 Euros (net of tax credit). There are formulas that annual subscriptions are also eligible for volume discounts.

MR: How does a visit?

FB: Generally we are expected by the animal. Cleaning, food and water are provided and a few hugs to these critters are is appreciated. We arrived to the accompaniment of end of life of some animals that could not travel with their owners. We have in most cases a veterinarian reference, in case of problems. Otherwise, we have our own network of veterinary care in case of minor or major issue with an animal.

MR: What is your area of ​​work?

FB: Lyon and its surroundings. When we can not take care of a new animal, we refer them to other contacts in the region and vice versa

MR: Are you alone to take care of your company?

LR: yes for now but in January of next year, I would be joined by Lionel for the expansion of the company.

MR: How did you conclude this interview?

FB: I do this business by choice and I do not regret it. They are nice encounters with animals and their masters. The history of the most “funny” is the care of a mynah bird who can not keep his tongue …


This is our friend Frederic, also be an animal lover is a young man who is not devoid of humor and always ready to help (thank you for the various raids in Designers’ Village).

The website En cas d’absence

The brand bew blog


Facebook profile

Facebook Page of Frederick


Coordinates of  En Cas d’Absence :

Frédéric Bianchi
En-Cas d’Absence
3, rue Burdeau – 69001 Lyon – France
+33 (0) 4 72 00 23 39
+33(0) 6 13 35 27 88




Ethic presents – A selection from Marron Rouge

Thursday 1 December 2011

We are the  December 1st


Holidays approaching and with our friends Eco-Informants of the Green Team we have selected a number of beautiful gifts and ethical.

Pants, a frog and hop it wriggles easy: a good start for ethical gifts



Our first selection goes to you guys with a selection of boxers shorts from the brand KOLAM.

Kolam is certified GOTS/FLO that respects and workers but also your customers.




Each boxer short comes in a tin metal recycled.

These boxers chic, beautiful colorful organic cotton and are available in several colors. There are sold at a price of € 19.00 on the website of ORIGEEN or directly to the  store or : 28, rue Palace Grillet 69002 Lyon – France



We continue with Easy Frog with accessories made ​​of hemp



Multi purpose kit for children and adults, available in black frog, red, pink and orange – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton – Size: 18×13 cm – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 16.50

Wallet and key ring, slipped into his bag, frog available in black, pink and orange. – 55% hemp 45% organic cotton, natural color, aspect linen with cotton touch – Size: 12×6.5 cm with key ring included – Washable at 30 ° C – French Confection – price € 14.00

On sale on the website Easy Frog




There now … it wriggles. !

This is the name of a collection of Mademoiselle Dimanche (Miss Sunday) – I not like only graphics and aesthetic for the creations of  Mathide  but also her  approach




All these accessories are made of linen and cotton and are sold on the new website of  Mademoiselle Dimanche from € 18.00 for the small pouch and up to 115.00€ for the lamp shade




To end I will advbise you two books about recup and recycling


L’art de la récup


Remake it


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