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Do not be afraid of ecology anymore

Wednesday 2 November 2011

This is a new theme that brings together some of our friends Eco Informants: Fear. Inspired by the October 31st  and has now crossed the ocean it is  fun to celebrate fear and be afraid.


Fear is defined by the disorder that can cause vision or the expectation of danger.


Once will not hurt, but I decided to address this issue in a slightly more serious.

Should we be afraid of ecology?

Should we be afraid to protect nature for a better balance between man and his environment?

Ecology is dangerous?


I will try to give you answers with some thoughts and reflections that follow. As usual (I know I ramble) but I’m not here to give lessons or you make you feel guilty. What scares me today is far from ecology, on the contrary.


Here are some pictures of my fears :


I’m afraid of a nuclear accident: serious accidents  of Tchernobyl (with the clouds that do not pass the borders) and Fukushima, have raised awareness that a real danger existed. The Germans and the Italians are they more stupid or smarter than we French? Fear caused them to stop the nuclear and find a transition in the coming years. While I finish to write this pot I just take knowledge that Belgium will get out of nuclear production.


I’m afraid of Bisphenol A: What is this new gadget that is bisphenol A? It’s just a chemical that is included in full product of everyday life, and without asking you to integrate your body to wreak havoc. See especially the articles (in French) published by Quat’Rues, Abonoeobio, Vertissimmo

The list goes on … .. All these examples are not “one shot” of the environmentalists. Nothing more natural than save our planet for a better world. A world upside down, which sometimes favours and often only economic imperatives that could be changed with a little goodwill, discussion and awareness and made good decisions. Economic realities are necessary in a non anarchic world, but do not forget human being


Ecology does scares me, it brings up the human being who is in center of the ecology


Is it  wrong to want to live better and completely consistent with what is around us and try to make better use of our resources and also especially our brain cells (or not).


This is not ecology that must frightened us , but another glaring example of the world today world is Greenwashing ! (They want us to take bladders for lanterns). I invite you to read or reread the note I had done on the subject


We’ll finish this post mood with the famous Bridget Kyoto illustrates our kind words and reacting to her fears, how can I say …. Watch more! (it is in French)

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