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Not only one event in November 2011 for Marron Rouge

Friday 28 October 2011

We go your way during this month starting with Saint Etienne (France)  TATOU JUSTE, consume differently. This is a first for us on this show and we are quite happy to go in this town to show our collections in a European capital of design and in addition how to consume more responsibly

See you on 5 & 6 November, 2011 at the Exhibition in Saint Etienne



We will be participating for  the evening GOLDEN BLOG AWARDS. Thank you again to all Internet users who voted for us and allow us to reach the final in the category Ecology / Environment

This ceremony recognizes the best blogs on the web who officiate, as well as the Cesars for Cinema, the Victories for the Music, or Molière for Theater

Event is held on  November 16, 2011 at the Hotel de Ville in Paris


We continue our journey to Switzerland in Yverdon on the Designer’s exhibition  UNICREA. We participated in a first session in May 2011 and are returning with See See you from 18 to 21 November 2011 at Chateau d’Yverdon, Switzerland



While I will be  in Switzerland Thierry will be in Paris for a firsttime  in the market for gifts and Eco Bio

See you on,  November 20th, from 10h30 to 18h30 to  Comptoir Général, 80 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris (France)


We end our tour in November with Thierry on the friendly SALON POP’UP. This is a second appearance for us. A great friendly atmosphere, visitors rather friendly, and cheerful pro organizers, in short we love.

See you November 26, 2011 from 11:00 to 1900 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris (France) Porte de la Villette


The four ecologic Marron Rouge’s ottomans are … arriving!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The four Marron Rouge’s ottomans are …  ecologic


While you to read the post title I hear you giggle!, But I assure you no ambiguity, Arthur, John, George and James are the “Fab Four” of Marron Rouge which will give a touch rock roll to your home.


Yes they are really eco-friendly  and socially manufactured these ottomans.

The Recycled Materials :

Tires –  Seatbelts – Tube – Denim

The Manufacturing :

A NGO which is fighting against poverty in the Northen area of Delhi (India)

To fill these ottomans we called Cassin Ronan  Cassin from Magasins Verts in Angers (France), via VERTISSIMMO. Remember the post I had done on the new section of Vertissimmo, our beloved Abi found the Madame Zazu eco building in the person of Ronan Cassin.


Well he found me to MATERIAL to fill the ottomans poufs. The cork from Portugal, thermo heated. The process makes it swell (like popcorn). The matrial as processed become  rot and incombustible. A healthy way to recycle wood and itis comfortable.


More details (in French) on cork with the post of Abi


These ottomans are available on Marron Rouge’s site – You will have to wait a little bit for Georges..

Let’s draw … .. a forest during school holidays

Thursday 20 October 2011

Since 1 October 2011, until December 31, 2011 Rhône en Vertt started a game of “My Online drawing” for the International Year of the Forest.


The school holidays come to be conducive to ballads …. in the woods for this beginning of  autumn. Why not educate your children to explain the importance of the forest and the harmful effects of deforestation.

Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne
Deforestation is the action phase of forest elimination  areas on our planet. This elimination is caused by cutting trees and clearing land. These lands are then used to:


  • Expansion of agricultural areas
  • Urbanization
  • Mining
  • Soil The abuse of some lumber for a variety of: furniture, firewood, cosmetics…


Deforestation has affected a large part of Europe from the Middle Ages until the early 20th century. Areas affected by deforestation today concern the tropical forests of Asia, Africa and South America.



The principle and the rules of the game: •

  • Be aged 3 to 12 years
  • Draw a picture whose theme will be the Forest
  • Scan the drawing of your child and send it via this form online
  • For lovers of real mail using Post Office and send the drawing to Rhône en vert – 13A chemin des Molières 69700 Givors, France. Do not forget to send your details including your e-mail in order to be contacted.


I invite you to read (or reread) the interview (in French) with Sandrine Jacoulot, the head of Rhône en Vert, made by Laurence Moulin from ABONEOBIO


Marron Rouge and others have joined this game to reward the best drawings.

– 10 games Bioviva Editions,

– 10 teaching kits FRAPNA « La Forêt m’a dit »

– 5 organic stuffed toys Marron Rouge

– 2 t-shirts et 1 cap Quat’rues

– 50 copies of the magazine « La Petite Salamandre »

The list of winners will be published on 1 February, 2012


Other posts for the game of Rhône en Vert (in French)



Morgan Kirch : a talent of fashion who loves ecology?

Tuesday 18 October 2011

As some of you knows, since March 2011, Marron Rouge became a resident of Village des Créateurs, (Designer’s Village). The principle of Designer’s Village is to help the launch of a brand during 23 months. All years since 10 years, Designer’s Village organize a competition to reward a new designer. This year it is Morgan Kirch who win this competition. Graduated from Esmod School in 2010, Morgan Kirch show a new ready to wear collection for women which brings chic and elegance in giving privilege for the colour black. His favorites fabrics are silk, yran and leather. Look the elegance of this collection Gentleman, he came to see Marron Rouge’s collection and he choose for his shop two bags (black for sure) in tube and seatbelt to show into his shop.  

As you can see Design fashion and ecology could go together.

Sac/Bag Marron Rouge – Lalita – Ceinture de sécurité/Seatbelt

Sac/Bag Marron Rouge – Roulotte – Chambre à air /Tube

Istanbul Cats

Monday 17 October 2011

I just spent a few days in Istanbul and don’t be afraid  you I’m not going to do a tourism review of this beautiful  town. One thing that charmed are Cats. Cats are everywhere in tjhe streets, in historical sites, but never agressive or frightned. Here is photo album that I am very please to share with you .



Shamengo : the 1000 pioneers for tomorrow

Sunday 9 October 2011

A new project is going to emerge, it is project I am particularly proud to present. During the Ethical Fashion Show, I met Catherine Berthiller who was a reporter for France 2, present the launch of Shamengo.  I spent some time with Catherine and later we called and this approach, sincerity and that smile makes me believe in nice project.

Shamengo a program of “international cross media” Catherine and her team will give a voice to all those want to participate in a better world: take care of itself, create in ethics, protect the planet and also commit with others.


Sounds good to you , feel free to join this network to explain and promote your initiatives and commitments.


A project of Catherine is to profile the 1000 pioneers of the new world. And for the launch of Shamengo a beautiful operation “CLEAN TAG in Paris”.  Subscribe.

I am furious, I am already engaged with an important thing (to me)  and I can not participate in this operation



Sign up for the night of CleanTag and participate in a major operation in the streets of Paris during the night from October 19 to 20th, 2011. Your mission? Help the community to achieve Shamengo 10 000 tags for the launch of Eco

To subscribe, it is here





Marron Rouge at Ethical Fashion Show 2011(republish)

Friday 7 October 2011

Rather than words, which come after, here are some first pictures of this beautiful edition of the Ethical Fashion Show


The recup is an art

Friday 7 October 2011

We are in June 2011, I am in my workshop and we knocked on the door. Two women are in front : one is questioning the other take pictures. They want to know everything … .. on recycling.

We will start by introducing two women :


The lady who questions Chaplain Marie Hélène is a historian and journalist .Prima, La Tribune, Les Echos and inserts some regional Marie-Claire and Madame Figaro have called her to make documentaries around the world and throughout France. Flea markets is an occupancy on lot of week-end for her.


The photographer Aline Périer made some trips around the world to meet human in their environment. The richness of the conversations and the decline of humans that makes us share can only enchant me.


Despite the interview and photos, I Met (with a capital M) two exciting woman to share a passionate moment rich where I let go my mind without a struggle.


Aline Marie Helene and just released a beautiful 192-page book, titled



© Aline Périer- Marie-Hélène Chaplain- Editions Tournez la page


This book is made of 4 parts


1 – The Art of Retrieve: Marie Helene and Aline went gleaning and meet the “Artisans of the recovery” and see what was in “Retrieve exotic.”



They make us visit the Villa Déchet (Waste Villa): The project set up in autumn 2010 by Frederic Tabary (architect) and Yann puddle (set designer) who were inspired by a similar house in California. The bins of Nantes (France) is where they found the raw material and then recycling these materials.

20 days to collect 50 tons of “waste consisting of planks, apple crates, pallets, zinc, scrap metal, glass …

18 days to build the house …

And one month to visit before disassembly.

“This villa is a symbol of the prevention of waste rather than recycling. If we have refused to buy packaged products, the garbage would fill more slowly: the less you waste, the less we need to recycle, “said Frederic Tabary


2 – Retrieve in Material : They have a very well illustrated inventory of the recovery of materials: Stone, Wood, Metal, glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic.


Beware the wood does not burn in the Jane and Simon Besque Nicola: the rest is nothing but a book skateboarding, without mounting shelves are simply screwed to the wall with screws as big as an arm!

© Aline Périer


3 – From the Plein Art Bin: There are presented the artists who will make the garbage I would call “tramps Recycling” and then everything goes, all materials, all ideas even crazier: the pipe cleaners, umbrellas, coffee spoons, tubes of all kinds: there are success stories


4 – Retrieve of hands: It is up to you, examples are given to you to make objects Retr. It is a good introduction to start and then let your imagination to create your own Recycling.



A book that is readable and look happy, you think I am passionate about the topic. While the book refers to Marron Rouge in the first part, I heartily recommend, and in addition there is much talk of human adventures, so do not deprive yourself.


The end of the book is packed with fun places ….


Références of the book who can found on-line :

ISBN: 9782364830042 – 192 pages – 19,7 x 25 cm- brochée – 22.00 € – EDITIONS TOURNEZ LA PAGE


You can sit on my seatbelts

Thursday 6 October 2011

“Hello, I came to see what you do with seat belts because we had spotted and wanted to see the result in real” said a young woman on the show Maison & Objet in September 2011.


“We also create decorative objects made from seat belts and would like to show you our work.”


I try to slip away from my booth and I will see their work presented as they are winners of a competition “Young Artists” of Ateliers d’Art de France.

But who are they?



Anne-Lise Bouchet-Amlil and Alice Mace met 10 years ago and quickly realized that they had to do something with all these things abandoned, discarded, forgotten. But that does not stop there because we do not yet know their creative energy. They definethemselves as two children of sustainable development. Both young women are based inAngersand they use local artisans to make their creations.


In any case they do not leave me icy, because they use substances or materials from recycled and you know my taste for recycling and diversion (of materials, I said …)


I love the stool and bench with the feet so centipede topped with seat belts.


Ladies, Hat for your creativity!


Anne-Lise Amlil-Bouchet et Alice Macé

Demain Design

18, rue du Port de l’Ancre

49000 Angers


Draw me….the forest

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Rhône en Vert has launched a game “My Online drawing” on the occasion of the International Year of the Forest.
Grand Jeu mon Dessin en ligne

This game is for all children aged 3 to 12 years who are willing to draw a picture with the teme of  The Forest. This game had started October 1st and ends December 31, 2011. So let draw your kids


To play is simple, scan the drawing of your offspring and send the form online or by mail  to: Rhône en Vert – 13A Chemin des Molières 69700 Givors, France : Please do not forget to specify your contact information, including your e-mail in order to be contacted.

Monts du Forez (France)


Portal Rhône en Vert (in French) is a real “green” treasure  for the Rhone-Alpes region, and you can find in  4 spaces

  • Espace Troc : You can trade any (almost) through this space
  • Covoiturage : A very good practice
  • Agenda : appointments to find a trade show, an organic market, an internship ….
  • Annuaire : All good green places of the region


You can read the interview with Sandrine Jacoulot, head of Rhone en Vert on  the Blog of ABONEOBIO.


Forest conservation is vital and crucial issue for our planet. Deforestation causes climate change serious and can cause drought in some areas. An image that stayed with me forever etched during a humanitarian mission that I had made in the Democratic Republic of Congo, , is the massive deforestation of this beautiful country. The causes of deforestation are many in this country that was and is still subject to endless wars and troubles:

– the slash and burn agriculture

– use firewood

– uncontrolled industrial logging


Rhone en Vert awaits all those beautiful drawings and take the opportunity to educate your children and explain the role and importance of the forest. And then a walk in the forest is nice in all seasons.

Monts du Forez (France)


I invite you to read a note(in French) referring to the website of the International Year Forest by  Vertissimmo.


With some other partners we have chosen to promote this  this initiative to reward the best drawings. The list of winners will be published on 1 February, 2012 :

– 10 games Bioviva Editions,

– 10 teaching kits FRAPNA « La Forêt m’a dit »

– 5 stuffed toys Marron Rouge

– 2 t-shirts et 1 cap Quat’rues

– 50 copies of the magazine « La Petite Salamandre »



The other posts (in French) on the game Rhône en Vert :