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In our satchel for the back to school….there will be Love

Tuesday 30 August 2011

What is there in our satchel for the back to school? This is the new theme with our friends Eco informants for the month of August 2011.


At Marron Rouge instead of satchel we will say bag  .. and rightly so here is a brand new bag which will be available on our website beginning of October 2011.

DOUNIA - Chambre à air et ceinture de sécurité recyclée - Recycled Tube and Seatbelt -©Aline Périer


But this autumn we’ll tell you about love, a large and broad topic, like how beautiful the nice meetings provide good results.


We have created for our friends UNIVERSAL LOVE, co-organizers of the Ethical Fashion Show four pairs of earrings, heart-shaped recycled materials: we could not do worse than that!


The first well-named: LOVE ADDICT (ACCRO A L’AMOUR) recycled tube.

LOVE ADDICT - Chambre à air recyclée - Recycled Tube ©Aline Périer


The three following in recycled carton and newspaper :



LOVE ETC... - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


CRAZY LOVE - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


ALL ABOUT LOVE - Papier et Carton recyclés - Recycled Newspaper and Carton ©Aline Périer


The fabrication was entrusted to the NGO in Delhi who manufacture all our accessories in tire, seatbelt and inner tube recycled. This NGO fight against poverty


Do not forget Universal LOVE  is an association that promotes Ethical Fashion and due to the profits generated by the sale of accessories, such as these earrings  they participate in various awards in fashion schools in order to promote young designers and give an ethical profile in a designs due to profits generated by UNIVERSAL LOVE.



These earrings  will be available on the Ethical Fashion Show at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from 1 to 4 September 2011 on the stand of Universal Love and by mid-September 2011 on the sites of UNIVERSAL LOVE and MARRON ROUGE.


In addition to these earrings are simply..pretty

Love …. on ears in recycled mode or recycling fashion as you like .

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Catwalk of thoughts – UNIVERSAL LOVE

For the Back to School the other posts of our friends of Green Team (in French) :

VERTISSIMMO : you will be able to speak about eco-building without headache

Friday 26 August 2011

It’s been a while I wanted to talk about VERTISSIMMO and I use excuse because they will offer a new service which I find pretty good, especially when we know the philosophy VERTISSIMMO. (In French)



VERTISSIMMO is a permanent virtual exhibition deals with the healthy and sustainable habitat. It shows you the best products & industry professionals and brings you all the information you need to make informed choices. I discovered  them at birth Vertissimmo site late 2010 through my membership in the group of Eco-informants.


For those who know me a little, ecology and the environment are increasingly part of my life choices and Vertissimmo published on his blog a number of articles very interesting and educational. I was not a “hard” of ecology in the home, and due to the readings of posts made by Abi, the creator of VERTISSIMMO, which allows us to share stuff on the construction, renovation, DIY, insulation, decoration … .. and, in a simple learning fun and often without any “guilt”, today I became a fan!


After the “back to school”and from September 20 discover a whole new section entitled: Advice from Ronan, an expert in eco-materials



But who is this Madame Zazu* on eco-materials?


Ronan Cassin is a store manager at Matériaux Verts à Angers (France). Due to his background  and the expertise of all its employees, Ronan will enlighten you on a solution that you would not have thought of and that is not necessarily more expensive.

Ronan Cassin - au centre de la photo - in the center of the picture


It is clear that today the big names in Retail you extol the virtues of a particular product which is often nothing green by affixing a green logo (not a label!).


This topic and the help of Ronan will help you in your choices if you want to opt for solutions that respect the environment and respectful of your well-being.

Themes that could possibly be part of this section:

– I want to transform the floor of my kitchen with waxed/polished concrete, and what are the green alternatives for this transformation?

– What a boiler installed in my apartment?

– The cost of work is it necessarily more expensive …? – … ..


For more information (in French) : La rubrique de Ronan sur vertissimmo


* Madame Zazu is the name  that Tex Avery gave to Droopy  playing a role of  Fortune teller


Bags in recycled yarn : a real social project

Wednesday 17 August 2011

As part of the development of our business, we are looking for social projects to manufacture our designs in India. Through our research and our various networks we have been in contact with a new NGO: Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute

Femmes couturières et tricoteuse pour une première réunion - Tailors and knitting women for first meeting

The first meeting took place in November 2010 and we met and saw the leader of this NGO: Sunita Bhasin. The contact was immediately established and we agreed to meet again soon my next trip to India. Beginning in April 2011,had been held a meeting a little more formal for the establishment of a new collection of cotton bags and bags and fashion accessories wool made from recycled plastic bottles. That’s done and the collections are ready


The SSMI social models built in different areas:

• Provide autonomy to women with the operational unit of ” Women Empowerment Centre Varalakhmi

• Develop education and schooling of children with the operational unit “Sanjay, Deepak Centre for Education

• Helping the poor to have access to medical care with the business unit” Nirmala Gopalakrishna Centre for Health Care


Based on these three principles the centre provides training, consulting and tools to generate income. A particular program is to prepare about 40,000 meals a day for school children. Different groups of women are autonomous and self created initially by the women in the future. For the manufacture of fashion accessories we use this unit to which we give to other projects. Women are made in working groups where they receive training and consulting. In conjunction with a program coordinator, we check that the models are made according to specifications established.

Finitions pour la Collection de Marron Rouge - Finshing of Marron Rouge Collection

Varalakhmi Centre of Women Empowerment: The center is working on three basic principles:

  • The establishment of a relationship between training and empower
  • Help empower women socially disadvantaged
  • Focus on work at home to preserve the life of woman

Sanjay, Deepak Centre for Education: This centre provides education to approximately 1200 disadvantaged children from kindergarten to high school. Part of the funding comes from the Indian government.


Nirmala Gopalakrishna Centre for Health Care: The centre provided medical care to disadvantaged populations, including eye care and dental co-financed by the Swiss organization Vision for All

We are really happy to have found this organization which in addition to doing good actions is full of optimism and good humor.

Femmes qui préparent les repas pour les enfants scolarisés - Women who prepare meals for kids who are at school



Sunita Bhasin au premier plan - Sunita Bhasin at foreground


Conseils d'hygénie - Hygienic advices

L'hygiène au coeur des préocupations - Hygienic is essential


Femmes qui préparent les repas pour les enfants scolarisés - Women who prepare meals for kids who are at schol

How to do without a car in Lyon?

Monday 15 August 2011

If one takes the bull by the horns and we do not decide ourselves what we want for our lives, it is endowed with no “win” new ways of thinking his day, including transportation of people on the urban area.
This post was inspired the complete overhaul of the bus system in Lyon public transport. TCL (Common Transport in Lyon). From August 29, 2011 ATOUBUS operation is implemented

What is really going to change:
It announced by TCL in progress:

– Simplification of routes: the routes are simplified with more direct routes between major hubs of the city and the city two hearts, peninsula and Part-Dieu.

– A regular schedule: Of the 26 major lines: frequency of about 10 minutes all day, from September to June, and enhanced frequency in the evenings, Saturday afternoons and summer.

– Transversality: With Atoubus and 17 direct connections from device to device, including five major lines, no need to go through the city center.

– The intermodality: Metro Connections Tram enhanced TER

26 major lines to connect faster the major sectors of the city
71 additional lines to bring you faster on the main lines
27 to better serve specific neighborhoods stations and business parks

TCL as said it is now up to you and certainly to stop taking his car for a yes a no. Do not forget the highly developed network VELO’V Lyon: Lyon was the first pilot city for the location in the city of self-service bicycles. The network is more dense, so much the better!

From my side I walk a lot in Lyon and I use my bike or VELO’V. The car is used only for business purposes to go on a show. When I go on weekends I use a lot by train and then cycling 15 to reach 20 km linking the places to visit. It’s always a good time to meet people and see the environment in a nice way. I can also use acar but not alone in the car.

And the winners are ….

Friday 12 August 2011


Hello everyone,

Here is the list of winners who participate in the one year marron Rouge game


  • Guillaume Clermont
  • Nathalie Dutruc
  • Karine Ferre
  • Aurélien Leveque
  • Vincent Raynald
  • Marie Billy
  • Guillaume Aubron
  • Jonathan Chauvel
  • Lorie Blanc
  • Anais Liegaut
  • Elise Faure
  • Rebecca Armstong
  • Sylvie Colson
  • Laeticia Maerien
  • Romain Lubet
  • Ilinca Florea
  • Martial Soucaze
  • Adeline Zamora
  • Josy Veaudour
  • Stéphanie Jadot


Congratluations to them

Photo Story : Looking for a candy floss in Delhi

Saturday 6 August 2011

I will publish soon other pictures about Delhi, but until that I re-publish  the photo story I captured a few months ago. a Here I am in Delhi – One of my favorite activity is to sit on a street corner and just see the “spectacle” …

On recherche une Barbapapa - Looking for coton Candy

On recherche une Barbapapa - Looking for coton Candy

On recherche toujours une Barbapapa - Still Looking for coton Candy

On recherche toujours une Barbapapa - Still Looking for coton Candy

On recherche une Barbapapa encore - Looking for coton Candy, again

On recherche une Barbapapa encore - Looking for coton Candy, again

On veut nous tromper - Somebody want to play a joke

On veut nous tromper - Somebody want to play a joke

Enfin voila la Barbapapa - Here is the candy floss

Enfin voila la Barbapapa - Here is the candy floss

Wikio ranking of Environment Blogs August 2011 (France)

Wednesday 3 August 2011




Exclusive : here is the Wikio ranking of Environment blogs for Augut 2011 for France

1 Météo Mulhouse
2 Greenpeace Blog
3 Eco(lo)
5 Mon Mulhouse le blog 100 % BIO
6 Green et vert
7 Ecolo-Info
8 Aboneobio
9 Buzzecolo
10 Blog Economie d’énergie
11 CarFree
12 vertissimmo
13 Arnaud Gossement
14 Blog Quat´rues, vêtements équitables
15 ecoloPop
16 Eco-Blog
17 Effets de terre
18 La buvette des Alpages
19 Global Mag, le blog – Prenons la planète en main
20 centpourcentnaturel

Ranking realized by Wikio


Colonel’s Retreat

Monday 1 August 2011

Petit déjeuner avec Clients, Arun en turquoise et moi de dos)- Breakfast wit UK customers, Arun in turquoise and myself

As you know in order to find the social projects and/or know how for all the products from the Boutique Marron Rouge  go several times a year in India including Delhi. Now I have an address in Delhi to share with you: Colonel’s Retreat. But what is it that  Colonel’s Retreat?


This is a guest house in which I got because, or rather thanks to the indiscretion of a hotel that was overbooked and had moved to this guest house. At first surprised and a little angry because it did not correspond to remaining on the reservation made at the outset



Arun, the owner, was quick to put us at ease and make our stay as pleasant as possible and I assure you he is very successful in this role. The hotel’s location is ideal in an area south of the city accessible by subway (yes the subway in Delhi is also moving!). The Defence Colony neighbourhood is very quiet, away from noise and horns of the city. The pension is a foolproof clean and elegant but not ostentatious almost luxurious.


Breakfast (with a delicious banana cake with ) are taken with other guests and every time it is a moment of exchange with people from all backgrounds and a discreet staff  but always ready to make your stay as pleasant as possible .


Arun has been of great help on several occasions either a personal view and / or professional. You really feel at home here and nothing is left to chance, you can ask here almost everything, or almost (though my name has three initials!). I attended a lot of hotels in my life and it is in my top three because I go really happy every time.


Do not hesitate to recommend on my behalf (Jean-Marc) if you want to book a room here.

D 418 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024


Mobile: +91 9811 740 900




Rather than a long speech here are some pictures and details to go in this beautiful place where prices are soft.

Entrée Extérieure - Outside Entry

Un lobby intérieur - An inside lobby

Sale de bains - Bathroom


Bureau, Ordinateur, Wifi - Office Computer Wifi

Bureau dans chambre - Office in a room