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Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Manufacturing (Vol 3)

Thursday 28 July 2011

Here are some images of women spinning in the centre in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. This is a private enterprise set up to create employment in the rural areas. About 100 Women benefit from here as they are not all employees but can get wool to knit products at home while they can take care or their children or the elderly. They work on product based wage system.

Rouet Improvisé - Improvised Spinning Wheel

Tricot à la main de laine Angora - Hand Knitting for Angora yarn

Tricot - Knitting

Rouet Traditionnel - Traditional Dutch Spinning Wheel

Chauffage Solaire - Solar Heating

Presents for the first birthday of Marron Rouge

Thursday 21 July 2011

For this first birthday, we decided to offer gifts to the top 30 …..


To win a gift is easy:

  • All you need is a delivery address in France
  • Add a comment to this post on our blog
  • Send us your contact information on the following email address: in putting it in the mail subject Anniversary Marron Rouge before July 31, 2011
  • Accept that we publish your name on our blog and our social networks


The first 30 registrants will have a small gift from us.


These are gifts to be distributed:


Sac Brodé en coton blanc doublé - Broderie "MarronRouge"Sac Brodé en coton blanc doublé - Broderie "MarronRouge"Sac Brodé en coton blanc doublé - Broderie "MarronRouge"Jute bag bottle holder, Marron Rouge embroideredSac Tibétain en Coton et Soie Marine et GrisBig jute bag, floral printed brown and redRecycled tire tube Passport holderRecycled tire tube IPHONE casePortefeuille Aamir

Marron Rouge web site : One year

Thursday 21 July 2011

Marron Rouge web site is 1 year old. On July 21, 2010 is the official opening of the site of Marron Rouge.

ONEYEAR: This has happened a lot of things during this year and we will do a retrospective with you.



The first trade show where Marron Rouge exhibit  is

Ethical Fashion Show, held in Paris in September 2010: beautiful meetings and the great team of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

The following shows and other outdoor events have been:

– Fair Christmas Market in Lyon beginning in December 2010 organized by CLACE

Planète Durable Porte de Versailles in late March and early April 2011 –

POP UP (in French) in Paris Porte de la Villette in April 2011

VALERIANE (in French) in Brussels in early May 2011

UNICREA Morges in Switzerland in May 2011



Of course Marron Rouge has not escaped the adherence to social networks such as Facebook at first and then Twitter. 01

We begin our infancy Google + … What these social networks bring us? Beautiful and not virtual meetings: Eco-informant group created by Anne Sophie Novel, and actors I will not mention in order to do not forget anyone …



It’s a real pleasure for me, keeping this blog, shots of heart, commitment, sometimes rants, laughter, fun, sharing, Thursday of Ethical Fashion

First Awards … : NEOPLANETE and 20MINUTES elected Marron Rouge’s Blog, blogof the week in March 2011 since March 2011 we continue to climb in the ranking of Environment Blogs Wikio and early July we were ranked 21st.



The Designers’ Village

In March 2011, Marron Rouge joined as a resident of the Designer’s Village  in Lyon. The Village was established in 2001, is the structure of economic development of businesses in fashion, decoration, design of the Rhone-Alpes. True incubator of fashion, the Designers’ Village offers a unique concept by hosting a dozen young brands resident in the workshops and workshops shops Thiaffait Passage, on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon. Other fashion companies adhering to the association (forty) enjoy the benefits support and advice offered by the Designers’ Village.


Press and Articles

The print media and web communication have written about Marron Rouge throughout the year. The 3 publications that “we have really enjoyed”



L’interview Durable avec Rebeccas Armstrong


The short-term projects:

All new products are exclusive designs of red and brown, from September 2011 the new collections will be launched:

• Fashion Accessories and eco design recycled tube and seatbelts

• Accessories modes knitted and crocheted and given to two new social projects in Delhi and northern India. We will be launching new accessories with innovative materials and recycled knitted …

• The new collection of stuffed animals will be organic cotton and is entrusted to the community of women rehabilitated in Calcutta. This workshop we will also make new products with materials diverted ….

• New collections will be presented to the Ethical Fashion Show 2011 in Paris at the Louvre Carousel from 1st to September 4th , 2011 as well as Maison et Objet, the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, Hall 6 Booth S75

For this first year and future projects, I’d say it’s fairly positive, encouraging and there are always delicious moments and all in good humor. We are happy to celebrate the first anniversary with you

Marron Rouge joins “Collectif Développement Durable”

Monday 18 July 2011

Marron Rouge joins “Collectif Développment Durable

The Collectif Développement Durable is a group of independent brands that have a combined expertise in sustainable handicraft practices in the fields of decoration fashion and design.

The goal of the Collective is to better inform consumers, journalists, shops and industry professionals about each brands’ environmental, social and economic commitments.

Each company within this group demonstrates and defines tangibly its own specificities within the following areas:


Préservation de l'environnement
Natural materials, renewable resources, recyclable or recycled products, eco-efficient transport and packaging…
Equité sociale
Good working conditions, fair trade, tracability…
Gestion durable
Long-term partnership with local structures, supporting existing know-how, encouraging economic self-sufficiency…


A development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.Rapport Brundtland, 1987
It is a continually evolving process that involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity


ShiZen : We do not want their reverence

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Remember the post I made on Shizen, and as  says Rebecca Armstrong says in his last post Shizen is now bowing out and I’m not happy for that.

The Associate Editor Juliette Pic, has just published the following on Facebook: “Do you like Shi-Zen? Support us by sending us a promise subscription  to or propose to become a distributor: A gesture of solidarity that is not binding and can help us damn:)

Abi from Vertissimmo wrote about them also .





Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Manufacturing (Vol2)

Wednesday 13 July 2011

For this note we decided to show you…..(but do you know what we will show you…?) picture of the NGO which manufactures all fashions accessories and decorations items in tire, tube and seatbelt.

We are not the first to support the beautiful social project of this Indian organization but it represents only our convictions which are described under : “Marron Rouge encourage good working conditions, no minors, ecologically responsible practices wherever possible, recycled products, social awareness, NGO collaboration, valorisation of know-how, sustainable social projects.” On top of these convictions we are very happy to know Anita and Shalabh who are leading this wonderful project

The new collection is being manufactured now and will be ready for this September.

Here are the pictures of this manufacturing workshop.

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Manufacturing (Vol 1)

Thursday 7 July 2011

Since the beginning of this section we try to be as complete as possible and show you all facets of what we believe to be ethical fashion. For this post and the next we decided we will be very visual and we show you the pictures of the workshops where our products are manufactured in India.


You will first photos of the workshop manufacture of soft toys in the suburbs of Calcutta. We re-publish the history of this workshop:

ere are the words from Niddhi the creator of this unit :

“Established in 2004, the Fabrication unit is the brainchild of a young toy designer from NIFT. Fresh out of college and dreams abundant we set out to give the conventional stuff toy a new face.

With an area of 4500 sq ft, our workshop is located in a small premise in Rajarhaat, a newly developed area on the outskirts of the main city of Kolkata. Here at the company we are a close knit family of 35 workers.  Majority of these workers are women who have been trained in house. This is the first time they have stepped outside their homes to earn a living for their family and support their children. Since the male members of their families were unable to support their families this factory has been a blessing in disguise for them.

When they had initially come to join work, they were very clueless and inexperienced. After many laborious months of training and patience they are now very efficient professionals. They now have ample knowledge of their tasks and are aware of other aspects of the unit also. All processes like cutting, stitching, stuffing and finishing etc are in-house. They are now able to provide their children a better education and a better living. We also cover education fee for some of their children who need it most.

The best part is that they were a clean slate before walking through our doors and very eager to learn. Hence now nothing is impossible for them. They have now turned out to be a very formidable group of disciplined and professional women. Earlier they were just carrying out the hand finishing processes but now gradually they are becoming very good at operating all the concerned machinery too. They have come to get together as a very happy family always supporting each other in rough times.”

It is a delight every time going to this workshop a good mood prevails, women are proud to display their work and professionalism is present. We are so happy with their work for next season we are working on a bag with a new recycling material , but shhh….. appointment in September.

The books for summer

Monday 4 July 2011

Here it is summer and with our friends  Eco-informants from green team we will continue to offer relaxation. Last month we began the summer with music and this month we will talk about books.

We will start with hiking guides, such as the Les Nouveaux Guides Franck. These guides are presented in a small folder which are inserted into the removable sheets of hiking trails. Each sheet contains:

A presentation page and a detailed description of the course, the level of difficulty of the hike, the elevation, the average travel time, the state of the markup , course design on IGN base map, road access, departure and variants, one or more photos taken on hiking trails.

The icing on the cake is that each sheet is removable and can be inserted into the plastic bag provided with the folder so no need not take the entire folder. In this collection I have tested for you “LE VERCORS” and “L’AVANT PAYS DES DEUX SAVOIES”




Go to see the other « Nouveaux Guides Franck » (in French) on Glénat web site








Also at  Glénat in the series of Guides Libris guide is that I use quite often 120 BALADES ET RANDONNEES A PIED A VTT A VELO

With this guide you will find some nice places in Dombes, Bugey, Dauphine, Pilat, Les  Monts du Lyonnais and Beaujolais. Jean-Luc Rigaux, the author of this guide, selected some route for hiking, mountain bike and  cycling for all levels of difficulty,  to do alone or with family or friends.

I especially tested the bike and mountain bike routes des Monts du Lyonnais, which are pretty well marked and then the area is beautiful.

The end of the book gives you directions to get started in sports to the outdoors such as climbing, canoeing, kayaking, Craft, Via Ferrata, snowshoes … ..

Ideas for hiking weekend  are also suggested in regional nature parks,,, Chartreuse, The Bauges, The Pilat …


This book is quite comprehensive and I use it often for all or part for my bike ride or mountain bike or hiking.

By late afternoon before going to dinner or to the bed here are some books and authors that fascinate me and that I share with you:

Patrick Modiano , all his work a few books  : Une jeunesse, la place de l’étoile, rue des boutiques obscures, Dora Bruder…

Le dictionnaire de la Bêtise followed by the Book of Bizarre Guy Bechtel and Jean-Claude Carrière. Stories that you are hilarious storytelling as alarming but a real treat

Jean Echenoz : Le Méridien de Greenwich, Cherokee, L’Équipée malaise, Lac and also  an offbeat and hilarious biography of Ravel.

Two fetishes books that I often offer  which represent the human being as I like to read: L’ami retrouvé de Fred Uhlman et Vingt Quatre Heures de la vie d’une femme de Stefan Zweig (I talk about the book and not the movie that I did not like)

In detective genre the first books of  Robert Ludlum are not bad at  all

Enjoy the outdoors brief fill your head with beautiful views and wonderful summer to you

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