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Thursday of Ethical Fashion : TEES4TREES and New York

Thursday 23 June 2011

For this Thursday the men will still be honoured, but not only . For those who follow the Thursdays of ethical fashion you will recall the two friendly men Remy and Scott from TEES4TREES.

We will not talkto you about them  to them but also a woman whose name you probably will evoke some memories: Bette Midler! Yes only hert! But no I do not have the chance to have met her or have interviewed. But you tell me what ratio TEES’TREES and Bette Midler?

TEES4TREES has signed a partnership agreement with one of the  association which deals with Bette Midler, New York Restoration Project * which aims to make New York greener, including the planting of trees. So by purchasing T-shirts from Tees 4 Trees,  a tree can be planted now in New York. I do know that there are indiscretions projects on French cities … but shhh!

I refer you to the ticket I had done on Tee4TREES And here below a brief description of the project New York Restoration Project


*New York Restoration Project (NYRP) carries out Founder Bette Midler’s dream of a cleaner, greener New York City. To that end, NYRP restores, revitalizes and develops under-resourced parks and community gardens throughout the city’s five boroughs, working to ensure that every New York City resident, family and neighborhood has access to vibrant, green spaces. By providing enriching educational and community programming, NYRP also works to instill both individual and civic respect for nature and responsibility for contributing to New York City’s environmental sustainability.

Focusing on four principal strategies, NYRP is drawing upon its expertise and commitment to excellence in horticulture, landscape design, community outreach and educational programming, and coalition building to make NYRP a respected and trusted leader in revitalizing underserved New York City neighborhoods.

Tees4TREES WEB France



EARTH HOUR : It is summer… but it still remains

Wednesday 22 June 2011

January 26, 2011 with a number of Eco informants, we had decided to mobilize for Earth Hour, held on the evening of March 26, 2011 from 20:30 to 21:30. A reminder of what the Earth Hour: global event which was the third edition. It is a unifying event that aims to mobilize people, governments, cities and businesses around a simple action: Turn off the light for 60 minutes (the meaning of the logo) to mark the commitment of all the fight against climate change. Clearly, turning off the light (!) For one hour educates all who are directly or indirectly affected by this event. On March 26, 2011 was also the evening of the switch to summer time and today we are on the second day of summer and the tickets we wanted to take stock of the changes that have occurred.

From a personal point of view I have taken a number of my habits in daily behaviors:

• More electrical appliances on standby

• shorter showers (oh that’s the smell ….!)

• Lights Out

• Heating systematically decreased the night with the automatic thermostat

• car used exclusively in the workplace where I have the goods to be transported, or when we are more than three to occupy

• Intensive use of public transport, walking and cycling

• Use of recycled paper

• Sorting bins

• …


All these measures have materialized in two back payments from the company’s gas and electricity, as I had overpaid and advances were more in line with my consumption of previous years.


In Marron Rouge,  we prefer to use recycled materials. This helps to use less energy.


In terms of energy sources, nuclear power is not my preference. At the time of Earth Hour we were full after the shock of the Tsunami and the failure of safety systems of the plant in Fukushima, Japan. We even discovered that other Japanese plants were not quite the “standards” of security expected. Japan must now cope with the sudden power outages and Tokyo live on less than neon and the influx of bikes as transportation. So under duress there is an alternative to energy consumption, without affecting real life every day. Germany, Italy, Switzerland voted to phase out nuclear power in their respective countries. When will France and the rest of the world. The departure of Ms. Lauvergeon and, given the reputation of the substitute do not augur a rapid release of nuclear energy. Another incident that has been reported in the United States


There is an alternative to nuclear power, we must get there by our actions, our will, our optimism and consideration of setting our beloved presidential …. ! We celebrated the dignity and the music was yesterday so today was the second day we will wish you beautiful, green, outdoors, at sea, the mountains, the countryside, hut, and in the background consume the least energy possible.

Other post from Eco-Informants on the subject (in French)

Cyrille [Ecowizz] : 5 astuces pour préserver la planète en période estivale

Abi [Vertissimmo] 3 posts on energy savings(in French) : Conserver la fraicheur : les alternatives à la clim électrique Pour le jardin, pensez aux lampes à LED !


Green Defintions – Volume 3 – Thoughts about fair/ethical trade

Tuesday 21 June 2011

The theme of this post will be fair/ethical trade. I give you some thoughts on the subject to make it a much more positive about it seems. This post was written after a meeting with the CLACE (Collectif Lyonnais Actors Fair Trade) following the fair trade fortnight in Lyon

Fair/Ethical Trade  need not show the image of an entire community of implorantes Indian women coming out of the bag just sold to  you.  It is clear that should explain how the products are manufactured where they come from and under what conditions they were manufactured, but for to find you with an Indian to South America (and his hat) out of the tablet of chocolate or coffee package and his flute pan… First question for the bag should it not be nice to and chocolate or coffee should not it just be good? Fair/ethical trade is a positive first step, and the actors (whether African, Indian, American, …) who manufacture the items offered are people who are funny, enthusiastic and not at all guilt- . They have another culture, another way of seeing things and were not fed (!) necessarily as Judeo Christian cultural education.

Products, excluding food, fair/ethical trade necessarily have to be ugly, ethnic and convey an image of “hippie”? No certainly not! That’s what I’m trying to show through my posts on Thursday on the ethical fashion. One thing that is often overlooked in the purchasing fair/ethial is the notion of pleasure in the sense of sudden heart. Is it wrong to have some fun? When you offer a gift to a child or an adult the first observation is that pleasure which is reflected. I think the fair/ethical trade is also known to offer products glamorous design, beautiful, nice, poetic … … The fact that a product is fair/ethical trade should not be the icing on the cake?

This post has no claim to criticize any player, nor to give lessons to anyone. All proponents of fair/ethical trade, still present today are certainly not to criticize, quite the contrary. They opened the doors of sustainable development and other initiatives it closer, and one can only applaud them for that. I am far from abandoning any reference to fair/ethical trade I just wish that term evolves and shows a much more positive without making Greenwashing.

The subject is vast and could spend hours to unpack, but I will stay on this positive note today and am ready to share with you your own thoughts and contradictions.

ECO-DESIGN : So British

Monday 20 June 2011

At the initiative of UKTI (UK TRADE & Investment), June 17, 2011 at the British Embassy in Paris, presented a collection of eco-contemporary design designed and manufactured by some of British designers.

22 designers attended with projects ranging from completely different but all in the same direction as the environment. Marron Rouge was invited to meet with these eco-designers on this day.


Among the 22 designers I talk about my favorites:


Rehan Kaleem with his organization be my planet. Rehan showed me a prototype in recycle bags with the flap detachable and interchangeable. I look forward to the progress of the prototype and to possibly consider working with the nonprofit association.



Hannah Lobley uses a unique method of recycling used paper that turns into blocks of a material similar to wood. Hannah Lobley has a number of awards to her credit. The traditional methods of woodworking are used to create objects whose interior surface has features suggestive of wood.


Stella Corall with Lucentia that specializes in the creation of the production of aesthetic products made from recycled plastic and textile.



Polly Lam with Stoneearth which offers a range of bamboo furniture features a modern design.


Sebastian Cox carries furniture coppiced hazel

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : ORIGEEN

Thursday 16 June 2011

It did not stop the momentum, on ethical fashion and men. Today we decided to talk about ORIGEEN in Lyon.

Not only is a man who will make you discover its ethical fashion but he will talk about ethical fashion for men ! ORIGEEN is a site for online sales and store concept located in the heart of the Lyon peninsula.

Nicolas a founder of ORIGEEN, we met several times in his shop or at events requiring the presence of actors Trade Fair in Lyon.

"My basic idea is summed up by our slogan: ecology is not fashion, but fashion can be environmentally friendly! You can have a good look without to impact the planet and at the same time respect the work of men. "

Elegant, open and rather jovial Nicolas opens the doors of his shop full of beautiful clothes and accessories ethical. Finally a place for “us men” to find clothes (which are neither a suit nor a jogging!), which are beautiful, relaxed, well cut and very ethical.

In the origin (ooh! It easy) Nicolas has studied law and began his career with a notary. The growing interest in environmental and sustainable development have somewhat deviated from this path and with three other accomplices they first opened the site in 2008 and in 2010 the store concept.


Here are some “quotes” that summarize the spirit of the shop and Nicolas:


“Ecology is not a fashion …” Concern for all, environment, sustainable development and bio are everywhere. Beyond a mere fashion, ecology and responsible use should be the concern of all. Ecology should not be a fashion or a trend. Origeen was born from the desire to allow the man to dress “organic” while remaining close to the fashion trends.


“But fashion can be environmentally friendly” Origeen entered his approach in ethical fashion, but above all ecological urban, casual and chic to scan the image too often stereotyped clothing “organic.”


“Be environmentally fashionable” Brands chosen for their ethical commitment (respect of working conditions) and / or ecological (organic cotton, modal or ecological materials, carbon offsetting).



Origeen encourages the development of eco and ethical fashion by creating partnerships and actions with other actors in this field, but also regularly offers new brands and new designers.


“The definition of man  bio/organic by  Origeen” :

Today, ethical fashion sulks too happy men Origeen is for today’s man and he offers a full range of clothing and accessories. A man casual and trendy.


“The definition of ethical fashion by Origeen”:

The fashion industry is not neutral in terms of environmental impact, quite the contrary. The environmental awareness is growing in fashion and Origeen wants to support and promote environmentally friendly products in an ethical fashion and democratizing environment.

Here are some brands you can find in ORIGEEN: Knowledge Cotton Apparel (I love my navy blue sweatshirt with hood), Tudo Bom ?FYE (these are very well-designed eco sneakers) LASPID who has a “corner” in Origeen Concept Store in Lyon and has collaborated with Origeen to make limited edition colors for Origeen.


Rendez-vous In ORIGEEN 16/06/2011 from 18:00 for a drink with private sales for the brand Marron Rouge  -25%

ORIGEEN 28 rue Palais Grillet 69002 LYON









Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Nicolas Klein

Thursday 9 June 2011

Now for Thursday, honour to men. Thursday of Ethical Fashion has been until now an emphasis on women and I would also like to demonstrate that interest in ethical fashion is not just a woman concern.


Nicolas Klein has accepted my invitation and give us his opinion very wise on ethical fashion.


Who is Nicolas Klein ?

Nicolas was living in Marseille (South of France)  ,and he emigrated to Strasbourg (North of France Alsace region), not the other way(oh there must be a girl there!). He began his career as an assistant executive in a magazine of South France oriented fashion / culture / deco / chic / luxury. In 1996, he discovered the Internet and was involved in this new media, and he joined a web agency in 1999 in Strasbourg as a graphic designer / webmaster and spends 8 years as Creative Director. The hellish schedules and the growing interest for sustainable development make him leave this position to begin in 2007 by creating a small personal website ( ), which proposes to link distributors with baskets of fruits and vegetables with farmers.

“I began to seek an economic model that would allow me to live my skills in a universe that is close to my ethical aspirations. ” : the die is cast

With the success of the” panier-bio (organic basket)”, Nicolas created a second project ( which aims to bring together on one site, offers organic products from different ecological and fair online stores. Finally last year he created his own creative agency KDtic “A name chosen around a little word play between the ethics that I set myself for not fool my customers (which is common in this area) and world of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) which is mine. “


Nicolas talk forever about ethical fashion: “When Jean Marc asked me my opinion on the ethical fashion (read fashion fair trade and organic agriculture extension) I immediately responded to this. Even for a man,  fashion is important.


“I have long questioned whether it was better to buy a clothing brand expected to last longer or renew your wardrobe with clothes mostly low-end … I still have no clear answer … Sure my last t-shirt bought organic in a supermarket that specializes in sports have not passed the first wash to 30 degrees (should take to XXXL hope to finish with an M) [If you want  now to offer a T-Shirt, to Nicolas, you know its size!!!!] … I travel a lot by bike (bicycle paths in Strasbourg are many!), And no jeans does not end the season without the crotch gets turned into the natural air conditioning. Pleasant in summer but not very well seen by customer during appointments … The quality of a garment is really a collection of random to another even for brands to provide a sensible quality. “



Nicolas explains how his approach was born in fashion and in particular its approach to ethical fashion, “I had my period when I was confronted in the middle of the undermining of luxury, inaccessible with my starting salary … I have yet developed a taste for beautiful things … There was then a more prosperous period financially where I had access to clothing brands with original cuts, “trend” as we like to say in fashion! I’m going through all types of budgets and all types of styles (except the suit and jogging) [whew]. All this without any concern for anything that relates to the conditions of production … It later those questions about ethics occurred to me, coincidence or not, but shortly after the birth of my daughter (2002) … We no longer see the world in the same light, we ask more questions about everything we will leave to our progeny. . It is reassuring to see that we agree on the subject

The difficulty in finding the ‘clothes’ and the poor image (yes still the case) to ethical fashion is rather well described by Nicolas: “The ethical fashion boutiques online for guys do not run the web. Even initiatives to the attention of women, supposed to be more addicted we are struggling to find their place and especially to be economically viable. If we say that ethical fashion is no longer the South American poncho that is what I continue to see at fairs and green organic fair that I go occasionally. “

What to buy, how to buy, and favorites: “Today I try to watch what I buy myself moving more and more toward basic” timeless “. I cracked from time to time for a polo shirt or sweater style a little offbeat, but I generally limit my intake. A little more sober does no harm, even some who say it makes them happy! (see Pierre Rabhi) For T-shift I like those (QuatRues) and those of Laspid (I have my timeless Green against the machine “). If you can find cheaper elsewhere, the quality is by appointment. As for shoes, it seems that things move a little more common sense. While some brands are making efforts to use recycled materials, others (Ethletic , The Naturalista, Bionat …) go further by taking into account all the criteria that I consider mandatory ethical fashion the Ethics must absolutely involve the side secured to producers and use of non-polluting, ideally from organic agriculture. “

A conclusion rather realistic now offers “The offer is progressing, but still too marginal. The big brands and large retailers use to buy ethical fashion a pipe and do some marketing for a Green offers more limited. Moreover, among the smallest players, are more than basic, but I guess they lack the means to showcase their creations or create shops “physical” that would make them more visible … So for now, happy to buy ethical clothing basics for my needs, but I have not yet taken the step of systematic or ethics at all costs … ”


Here is a course that I am pleased to tell, because it combines the skills, enjoyment, awareness and commitment to ethical values ​​that I share. Nobody is perfect and it’s good to  recognize, Nicolas proves it in this interview truth, without pretence, without false modesty, and as I like to share with you  It’s good to us by his doubts, as he does, simply. I knew very little Nicolas, through the network of eco-informants. I know him a little more today and I am happy to share this view of ethical fashion with you because we feel a real human.  Thank you Nicolas


Thursday of Ethical Fashion : NEOPLANETE and Fabienne Broucaret

Monday 6 June 2011

For this Thursday ethical fashion we decided due to the Ascension and the big bridge to do this note on Monday.

For this Monday so we will start with strong NEOPLANETE and Fabienne Broucaret the deputy editor

In Marron Rouge we have a soft spot fotrNEOPLANETE as they follow us since the begining and they trust us.

I did not get the honour to meet Fabienne in person, but through the published reports and articles, we can feel someone sensitive to environment and not as a feint way. On top on that she is available and what a positive force come from the articles. Exactly the same way I see sustainable development: it is funny, it is not vindictive and aggressive. Fabienne and her team really transmit that through the articles


Fabienne(third from left) just win an award for the report qu’elle à fait en Inde en Mars 2010 Voyage en terre equitable (Trip in a fair territory)


I asked three questions to Fabienne :


How started this project which you are carrying today?

Yolaine de la Bigne founded this magazine en 2007. Web site is born in 2008, the web raddio in 2009. Yolaine wanted to defend 3 values through NEOPLANETE : free magazine in order to give access to all for information, diversity varied with information which shows that the defense of the planet affects our everyday life in all its aspects, the optimism to break with the guilt and anxiety-provoking discourse generally associated with sustainable development.


Why did you choose ethic?

To be consistent in our beliefs and our professional project. But also to defend a way of life and thought more responsible, instead of the current frenzy. It also allows us to address all areas (fashion, beauty, transport, energy, tourism, cooking, animals, economics, etc.) of life. And this is an area that moves a lot, very dynamic, which is great for journalists.

What is the motivation of doing this job today ??

Meetings! This business allows us to meet passionate people, who promote alternative lifestyle, fairer trade, quality products … It is a profession with which we are constantly learning and exchange. It is also very motivating to help raise public awareness by promoting ethical initiatives and showing how everyone can do every day. In the field of fashion, we appreciate and to discover new brands, to tell the career and beliefs of the creators, the human stories behind the clothes, to inform on new material (there is no as cotton in life!). But also to demonstrate that ethical fashion is beautiful and creative, far from the image that often sticks to the skin. Just look at everything that can be done in terms of recycling, it is impressive!



*Yolaine de la Bigne was a columnist on various French radio. His commitment to sustainable development, is undeniable. Moreover, it was rewarded several times. In doing research on Yolanda I found this video elsewhere dealing. … Ethical fashion (in French)



From my side I am happy to exchange with Fabienne, I thank you for taking the time to give me some. Fabienne: thank you to all your team to focus on all the initiatives of sustainable development sustainability . NEOPLANETE reconciles us with the press but not bound guilt on.


Distribution list of Paper version of the magazine Here

Le site Facebook Twitter

Thursday of Ethical Fashion : June 2, 2011

Wednesday 1 June 2011















JUNE 6, 2011



If we start summer with music

Wednesday 1 June 2011

The month of June comes and we decided to prepare for summer with our friends Eco informants of the Green Team. What will happen this summer? Sumer will be festive and musical gift for Marron Rouge: you are invited today to go listen and see all the musical events in the region.


Dès aujourd’hui débute la 9ème édition Nuits Sonores,

festival de musique électronique bien connu et reconnu, du1er au 5 juin 2011 à Lyon .

Today begins the 9th Nuits Sonores, electronic music festival well known and recognized, From 1 to 5 June 2011 in Lyon. Notable events in there today on the Place de l’Hotel de Ville in Lyon Laurent Garnier. Frankly this guy there did much to electronic music and more he is humble and talented

Who isLaurent Garnier ? :

: Laurent Garnier (also known as Choice), (born 1 February 1966, Boulogne-sur-Seine, France) is a French techno music producer and DJ. Garnier began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late 1980s. By the following decade, he had a broad stylistic range, able to span deep house, Detroit techno, trance and jazz. He added production work to his schedule in the early 1990s, and recorded several albums.

During the late 1970s, Garnier discovered clubbing with his brother in Paris, where his family lived. He loved disco but also listened to all other contemporary musical genres including reggae, funk, and punk. At the age of 16, Garnier had started recording and mixing music on tape recorders.

In 1984, Garnier started working as a waiter for the French Embassy in London. He stayed there for a year and a half before moving to Manchester in 1986. Living in England he discovered the booming UK house scene and started DJing. (Source Wikipédia)


Here is the whole programm of Nuits Sonores

The icing on the cake is that the Nuits Sonores is engaged in sustainable development and solidarity.


The second musical event we want to talk about what isLes Nuits de Fourvière from June 7  to July 30 2011:
Beyond the eclectic program with a few stars that go to see
NUITS AU BENIN ,Angélique Kidjo , Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Gangbé brass band : I never saw her but her voice and the orchestra will probably decide me to see her
PSY , Les 7 doigts de la main : Since I have heard of this event….

JOSHUA REDMAN / BRAD MEHLDAU DUO : I already saw Brad Mehldau more than 3 time et this pianist is really talented

I would like to have seen Sting but 55€ for the concert…..

Sustainable actions of Les Nuits de Fourvière




Of course there is also the Festival of Music June 21 (day of summer), 2011, but I’m as excited as the first editions: too much commercial and too many events and not always of high quality.


A third event that is dear to my heart for many reasons it’s Jazz in Vienne from 28/06/2011 to 13/07/2011. The things I want to see:
Ahmad Jamal :
Return to forever with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, Franck Gambale, Jean-Luc Ponty :
Herbie Hancock / Wayne Shorter / Marcus Miller – Musical Direction : Marcus Miller :


Here is a good way to start summer in Lyon.


And the important news for the month of July : on 21st, Marron Rouge will have his first birthday


Have a good summer

Here are the other notes of Green Team friends in French :