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Thursday of Ethical Fashion

Thursday 28 April 2011

Hello everybody


When you will read this note Marron Rouge team will be in Brussels to exhibit our collection to the trade show VALERIANE.

For this Thursday of Ethical Fashion we decided to be more light and remind you all the notes we already made:


Just tell us the ones you liked and the ones you less like and why


And we made for you a shopping list


For the men visit the site or the shop of ORIGEEN in Lyon, you will find FYE shoes and LASPID clothes.

For all your bags you could find REVERSIBLE which is made in recycled tarpaulin….. or all the luggage ecodesign from BIOLAP

For women, if you visit Lyon do not forget to visit Hélène’s shop LA NATURE A DU STYLE.

And there is also a very nice online shop……MARRON ROUGE.

If you want to get “healthy” readings you can get the magazines SHIZEN and NEOPLANETE


We will wish a very nice month of May and we will see you next Thursday for an ethical fashion day.

Quat-Rues launch its 11th collection

Saturday 23 April 2011

Did you remember I made a recipe with our friends of Quat-Rues for the first note I made for Thursday of Ethical Fashion.
Today I will not make a recipe but simply announce the launch of their 11th collection.

As usual the silkscreen messages on the clothes are engaged ones. Coming from trade fair, Quat-Rues clothes are in organic cotton. The silkscreen images are made with water based ink (it is more sustainable and more ecologic : so we will not complain about it)

On top Quat-Rues is about 5 years, to be honest they do not look like : The web site had made facelift.












T shirts équitables et bio Quat´rues 2

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Thursday of Ethical Fashion : SOAP

Thursday 21 April 2011

This note has something special for me, I could not explain why. I will talk about SOAP which comes across the Atlantic. Probably what I like is  is the recycling aspect, but also the whole personality which comes out e-mail’s exchanges with these two girls, but I will not sell the bear’s skin before to kill him (French Proverb)


We then contacted SOAP on one morning and in the afternoon, I got not only I got an answer but almost everything to have this note done to write my Thursday of Ethical Fashion note. SOAP is SOphie on the right and PAscale on the left together living in Montréal (Canada). And these two girls are doing wonderfull things / the recyclent your clothes old or new in…clothes. SOAP is a young company which birth in 2003. The two designers Pascale and Sophie works hard to offer two collections forward-thinking by year for men and women.


Could we start this interview, please?


How is born this project which are  carrying today?

We started to transform our own clothes by pleasure and our relatives request to do the same for them. We found a common passion to design new items done with old clothes, so SOAP is born!


Why did you choose ethic? Why did you choose recycling? At beginning we did not know that we “were doing something for the planet!” While we were doing search on the web and encounters with people who were making something similar, we did know that it was good. We really knew that the fact to prevent the landfill of fabric. Today, 8 years later, we are more “green” than ever, even the small waste is used.


What is the motivation to choose this job today? There many reasons, but the main threes which are the best value are : environment respect daily, the fact to do not have a boss and the schedules we want, and the designer skills could be done.











What are the SOAP events?

We are doing “Thursday SOAP”, the workshop is open to public from 4 to 7 every week

We propose also the “tupperSOAP”, like Tupperware evenings, we go to people’s homes, we demonstrate and then they can buy the clothes.

We do lot of catwalks in a year, in two months we made 12!


Could you detail the process of manufacturing?

–         Search for fabrics, used of new clothes donations, recovery of fabrics

–         Sorting to get only the quality, the others will go for poor

–         Cut the patrons for each clothe almost one by one

–         The waste go to a company which shred it to do some stuffing

–         Sewing

–         Quality Control

–         Sale


Is there any other actions made by SOAP?

We are partner of the foundation “Rêvez la vie”, for the adults who got cancer

We make donations to TreeCanada to make planting of trees in forests

We dress some celebrities as Amélie Larocque Domlebo PorcelaineMelissa_Desormeaux_Poulin

Here is project that I like to discover, with these two girls full of talent, energy and humanity. On top they are naturally protectors of environment. When I say to you that recycling is very good way to do fashion! Sophie, Pascale I will be pleased to meet you in Montreal or somewhere else.

Some green definitions – Volume 1

Wednesday 20 April 2011

During PLANETE DURABLE (Sustainable Planet) we met some visitors et by their remarks and questions, we got the impression that they were a little bit lost, and there is some confusion and amalgams who where done by these visitors on the initiatives of Sustainable Development. By this note we will try to this vast topic in giving you simple definition on

Sustainable Development, the “BIO”, Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, Greenwashing, Recycling, Green Construction and Green Habitat

To do this we navigate on the net or we ask some specialist from Eco Informants. Other sources comes from Wikipédia

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come (sometimes taught as ELF-Environment, Local people, Future). The term was used by the Brundtland Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development as development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future

To illustrate the “BIO’ we asked Laurence from Aboneobio : concept of subscription for French Bio products, to give the definition

The « BIO » (organic) non-food – Translation of French Source ABONEOBIO

What conditions are required pour a non agricultural product should be considered as organic ?

  • Only the agriculture component of the product should qualified as organic / by example it is the T-shirt which is organic but the cotton
  • The product should be made of a significant part of agricultural ingredients organic certified
  • The product should not contain ou very few chemical substance of synthesis
  • The company should not minimize the risk for health or environment of a product which could be classified among dangerous substances or preparations

Click there to see the full article in French

Here is another interesting article (in French) on organic agriculture

GREENWASHING (a portmanteau of “green” and “whitewash“) is a term describing the deceptive use of green PR or green marketing in order to promote a misleading perception that a company’s policies or products (such as goods or services) are environmentally friendly. The term green sheen has similarly been used to describe organizations that attempt to show that they are adopting practices beneficial to the environment

The term is generally used when significantly more money or time has been spent advertising being green (that is, operating with consideration for the environment), rather than spending resources on environmentally sound practices. This is often portrayed by changing the name or label of a product to evoke the natural environment or nature—for example, putting an image of a forest on a bottle containing harmful chemicals. Environmentalists often use greenwashing to describe the actions of energy companies, which are traditionally the largest polluters.



Although no universally accepted definition of fair trade exists, fair trade labeling organizations most commonly refer to a definition developed by FINE. an informal association of four international fair trade networks (Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, World Fair Trade Organization, Network of European Worldshops and European Fair Trade Association): fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South. Fair trade organizations, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.

ETHICAL FASHION is inspired of Trade Fair model and principles f ethic, with two types of concerns : environment and social. In environment domain Ethical Fashion associates designers who lookk for minimizing the ecologic footprint of their production, in using eco friendly materials, organic or recycled and manufacturing processes with less water consumption, energy of transport, always in the view to reduce environment impact along its life cycle. Social aspects are treated by the respect of trade fair with a decent salary, respect of workers and the prohibition of child labour, the respect of international conventions of OIT and the application of a minimum chart of social rights.


RECYCLING is processing used materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for “conventional” waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production.[1][2] Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” waste hierarchy.


Esra from Terra Cités who make the conception  and realise green building constructions and eco friendly renovation as a corporate promoter for collective habitat and conceiver for personal home, write us the two following definitions :

The GREEN BUILDING (also known as green construction or sustainable building)is the construction or the renovation of a building to respect the natural environment. / 1)in process building (use of materials with poor impact environmental, renewable energy, controlled usage of water, waste treatment…). In this view a house “ low consumption” is not obligatory green build, as soon as it is concentrated on the look for low energy consumption (this target could be achieved with non ecologic materials!)



The green habitat is an habitat realized in a green building approach. This word design or a new construction or a renewed construction. The green habitat is a bioclimatic habitat, i.e. integrated in a soft way to the natural environment in taking benefits to naturals inflows (sun by example), and in getting protection of it (wind for example). The type of habitat should also be low energy and realized with eco friendly materials which support a healthy indoor. Note this is the ideal definition : today most of construction focus only on energy consumption, without thinking to the type of materials and to the health of workers and habitants.

Abi from Vertissimmo just wrote an article about habitat (in French) : Un habitat sain, vert, durable, écologique, bioclimatique ou éco-énergétique ???

A second note will be published about the above topics and will be more my inputs


BIOPORT our solidarity logistic platform open a shop

Thursday 14 April 2011

As some are aware of we use Bioport as a logistic platform. Bioport have been created in order to help solidarity associations to carry and tock all their material for their projects.

Bioport value added is the  common use of and competences means  in order to get a better logistic performance.

– Logistics for NGO, Solidarity Associations (AAH, HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL,…)

– Professional Insertion by economic activity

– Logistics for Trade Fair Actors


Since April 10, 2011, they open a Trade Fair shop open from Monday to Saturday from 10h00 to 19h00. Here is the address : BIOPORT, ZI DE LA RIZE, 29, Avenue Karl Marx , 69120 VAULX EN VELIN


You will find Marron Rouge’s products but also KARAWAN AUTHENTICPAPILIFOREST PEOPLEETHOS


Do not hesitate to visit the shop and once again a big thank to BIOPORT’s team to have this project made.

Thursday of ethical fashion : Remise à Flots

Thursday 14 April 2011

There was wind on the sails during PLANETE DURABLE. While we went for a walk in the booths we just met Marie Laure and Nathalie who exhibit bags, nice ones, and original. Most of the bags are made of boats’ sail and other fabrics we found on boats Nathalie told us “Marie-Laure and I join Remise a Flots project due the human values And the commercial challenge. The initiative of this project came from our Director Olivier Doublet, who decided 5 years ago to create inside Maison de Quartier from New Harbor, in La Rochelle, an insertion workshop linked with sailing. Since one year with the arrival of our designer Anne Naudet we have expanded the creation workshop and real girl’s bags we would like to wear. Marie-Laure and I benefits of this arrival in order to develop the commercial part”


Marie-Laure take care essentially of the social part of the project, She also founded an association, WEO, which a supportive caravan linked French associations and African associations. She just finished a trip to distribute sewing machine and others goods in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo.

For Nathalie it is the story of Remise à Flots which seduced her: recycling, French savoir-faire, insertion. Nathalie came various backgrounds, classical dance teacher in La Rochelle, plane manager at Air France during 10 years, and does not supporting anymore the life in Paris, she diced to come back to her home town.



The dressmakers have all different stories and since they came into Remises a Flots they just recover smile in the workshop and got pleasure to work in this adventure and make the signs of Remise à Flots.


Here is another ethic project.


Thursday of ethical fashion : EthikMind©

Thursday 7 April 2011

While I navigate on the net, I just found this web site of Ethic sports clothes. It is the first time I see this type of fashion. On top of that he is listed as friends in the web site of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

It is decided I will send an-e mail to them in order to invite them for Thursday of Ethical fashion. Two hours later after, I received an enthusiastic answer from them :

“My name is Marc-Andre KOEHNLEIN, I live and work in Mulhouse. I am 28 and I got a diploma as Master in Sciences and Engineering of Environment from Strasbourg University. I currently work as an engineer inside Sustainable Development Department of agglomeration from Mulhouse : m2A (Mulhouse Alsace Agglomeration). I am in charge of “Energy missions”, i.e. I got the responsibility to downsize the consumption of energy scaled for the territory and to propose to elected representatives an energetic politic renewable and decentralized.


When I was in the fourth year of my studies, I got the chance to find an internship position  in Hawaii (USA). This background had influenced me for my choices which conduct me to create EthikMind©. I worked as a naturalistic diver and I was every day in contact with people passionate by ocean, ecosystems and by sports associated (diving, surf, canoe…). Their “mode de vies” and the spirit was extraordinaire.”

Well after he delivers this message, you think yourself that you are in contact with a nice person.

I do not resist to make this joke : He is not an entrepreneur who surfs on the ecologic wave (Yes I know, it is easy!!!)

What he adds is very interesting : “ On the other side, if number of sportsmen got so much pleasure and enthusiasm to do their favorite activity, it is due mainly with the environment which goes with it and the relation that they keep alive with it. For example, the sea diving is for some, a way to discover and a wonder which direct you to humility and behavior respectful for environment.  It is this conscious and this  nature respect that EthikMind© community wish to transmit, in order  for the reef coral could be admired by a lot of generations of divers full of attention.

What is EthikMind© and what are the values?

EthikMind© is a brand of technical clothes ‘fused’. The collection is made for sportsmen (women) which practice their activities outdoor, sea, mountain, forest… Go to see his web site he tells you more (in French)

EthikMind© target is to propagate strong values on nature respect, with its DNA, but also with strong future graphic messages on clothes.

What is the collection of EthikMind©?

EthikMind© offer a collection of technical clothing,  EthikMind© products are made for a special universe, between the crossing of  slide sports  also with mountain bike, multi sports raids and trails.

here is an ethic mind that I like. We do have the opportunity to meet with Marco, but the e-mails and phone call we got are very high quality.



Tuesday 5 April 2011

What a title for this note….Friends from Echo Mage in Switzerland, who got attention from “Tribune de Genève’ (Daily Newspaper from Geneva) with their joke that they decided to launch a picture contest on theme Bike and Glamour


Go directly on their site for all details :


Rachel and Joseph

Friday 1 April 2011

With our friends of green team from Eco Informants, this month we honour humour. We all deal with serious topics. Is it for that reason that we cannot get fantasy? Only for decompress, I say yes with no hesitation. And this humour which is anchored came from two loved ones.

Here is in a city of Algeria in 1953 (it does not rejuvenate us, my dear). Rachel encounters Joseph or the contrary. The get married and had 6 (plenty) kids. From this marriage, some years later, is born a Jean-Marc who spend most of his life laughing. Can we laugh about everything? Not sure… Nor really want to laugh about Japan or Libya or humanitarian catastrophes. Not either on some electoral results. On this subject I found very funny this humoristic sentence of Pierre Col who published on Facebook “Pierre Col decided to fight symbolically against F.N. (Right extremist) in preparing for the meal couscous and merguez” mockery as I like>

I take care about Marron Rouge with pleasure and if can do it with good sense of humour… It is not because I support social projects that I have to bring all the misery of the world on my shoulders.


Rachel & Joseph have learned me at least : solidarity yes, but laugh also!

One of the prettiest story it is when I arrived for my humanitarian mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. I was in the south, in the second city of the country: Lubumbashi. I was taking care among others tasks of accounting. The accountant (we will call him G.) who was reporting to me was a big  imposed man who look like Yogi bear. One of the scouring tasks every month was to take out from for folders all officials documents and put all these document with removable rings to be shipped. The first month  I gave 8 folders to G.  and it tooks to him all the morning. I did not say anything in trying to thing about next month. Then, the following month we got about ten folders and I said to G., here is the deal I take 5 and you got 5 folders. I do the process from folders to removable rings in 10 minutes and I went to see him in his office in saying him : I have finished. The he looked at me with amazing stare with a big Congolese accent : “But Sir you are magician” And then needless to sya you I went to my office to laugh during 10 minutes

Also in Congo, I have a meeting with the governor of Katanga, imminent personality from province and I am the waiting room under a very hot temperature. After a while the executive assistant come and tell me that² governor is ready to see me . Protocol is very important and you have to come  not with a tie but for men, with a shirt and be careful about your way to speak. I went into the office of the Governor and in front of his desk an armchair probably done for the visitor. Governor told in showing me the armchair: “Have a bout ” (this is the translation of the French expression). It was really difficult for me to do explode of laugh and I avoided crossing his stare during the first minutes of the meeting.

In India, it is a permanent peal of laughter as the people are always smiling, but I cannot share anything there. By cons one of the cult movies who makes me think about India is  “THE PARTY” with Peter Sellers, a monument of humoristic cinema.


One of my favourite joke that Rachel could have done :

Simon call his Yiddish mama and said to her “Mum, Thursday evening I will for dinner with 3 of my boy friends and 4 girl friends. One the lady will be my future wife but I will not tell you which one is she. And the mother “ I wait for you my son”. Thursday evening is coming and the dinner start, everything goes well and it is impossible which girl is the fiancée of the boys. During the meal mama goes to the kitchen and the son follows her. He ask to his mother “So did you find who will be my future wife?” She looks her son and ask “Isn’t the brunette with the blue shirt” Simon looks his mother and says “Mama you are clever, I got a lot of admiration for you. How did you do to find? “ The mother answers in continuing to wash the salad : “I don’t like her”


There is also the giggles I had with one the organizer of the of the Trade Show “Planete Durable” (Sustainable Planet) – Go to see the article written by Rebecca


Do not forget to laugh, it is good for health – Happy 1st of April


As you probably understood I dedicate this note to Rachel and Joseph

Other links to notes of Green Team members (in French) :