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Thursday of ethical fashion : Rebecca Armstrong – Ethical Fashionhead or tails?

Thursday 31 March 2011

As promised, I gave the headings for Thursday to Rebecca Armstrong. You remember Rebecca? She made an interview and published on her blog. I am not disappointed at all. Thanks a lot Rebecca.

On tail side, the sense of product first. I want a clother which does not smell death. The death of little hands of textile industry. The death of little pieces of planet, there, there also, here, a little bit far, so close, everywhere, collateral damages of these so pretty colors and fabrics, fights which infiltrate themselves in the planet entrails, pollution for brilliant colors, smell of money. The death of savoir-faire under the flag of worldwide uniformitarian. To face this realities. To choose

Heads or Tails? I have never been good to risky games , And ethical fashion, it is a rysky story. I wish to avoid the dark side. For the organic consumption I just want it popular. A fashion which speks to a large number of people. Not an ethic bargain. An ethic with federate sense which become a flag, a banner undet to redesign a social model. Utopia? May be, but we need some, no?

Wainting, my reality is often far from what I can imagine with comfort in my sweet sofa…Ethical fashion is complicated. Environment ethic, Social Ethic, Economical Ethic , the three Captain? And where is Ethical Fashion in Paris? On the web ? As I am only a girl from province, in front of my computer i navigate from page to page.. but doubt is there to buy something I cannot touch, without desire with real contact? So from time to time, one article, one item arrive in my letter box. But the expression , time to time, smells anecdote. I wishI got more.I do not want to lie. I just want. You too certainly> Tomorrow we will discover our shops in capital..but also in provinces, Then we could feel with our fingers ethical fashion. I could be wear of sense.

EARTH HOUR 2011 : It is today

Saturday 26 March 2011

On January 26, 2011 with some of Eco-Informants we have decided to mobilize ourselves for Earth Hour which take place this evening,on March 26, 2011 from 20h30 to 21h30.  A reminder about Earth Hour : worldwide event for third time. It is an event which direct to mobilize citizen, government, cities and corporations with a simple gesture : switch off lights during 60 minutes (it is the meaning of the logo) to keep the will of anyone against the unsettled state of climate.

It clear that switch off lights (!) during one hour will aware all the people which will be directly or indirectly concerned by this event.

Take the time to think to how we can better live, how we can better consume and how we can try to answer to the 15 questions posed by Abi on Vertissimmo on her previous note on Earth Hour on nuclear subject.

One thing do not forget to laugh and to get fantasy : we will get an incredible chance, this evening, to laugh, to discuss with our friends, relatives, without music simply with parole  and dialogue. A real party for Human Being

I will not recommend to do unconsidered things or to do not do. It is not beacuse WWF encourages us to switch off the lights taht we can do everything and anything. Do what is the best for you.

As I said on my previous note we think (or not), to take profit to take rest but especxially this yeart, think (As was singing Aretha Franklin in Blues Brothers’ movie).  Let’s continue for the following months to reduce energy.

I end this note with some sarcastic humor : Light speed is higher to the one from sound. It is because some men seems  to be brilliant until they open their mouth.

Have a good evening

Here are the links of other Eco-Informannts about Earth Hour (In French) :



Thursday of Ethical Fashion: TEES4TREES

Thursday 24 March 2011

May 2010 Iam in Lyon’s streets running everywhere in order to open Marron Rouge’s web site in time. My mobile phone is ringing: Hello my name is Rémy Giemza and I would like to know if it is possible to visit your flat as I saw the ad in the Atelier Promethée’s showcases. I answered yes and we met 30 minutes later. A young man accompanied by another man who speaks English find me in Place Sathonay. “The English speaking men” is looking for a flat eiother in Paris or in Lyon. We then go to visit my flat and during the visit, they asked what I am doing in my business life and I just explain that I am currently building the ethic Marron Rouge’s project and they just told me what they implementing: TEES4TREES. But what is it? So they explain their concept: If I buy a T-Shirt, they plant a tree.

We start to then exchange together and I invited them to be a guest for Thursday of Ethical Fashion Show.

Meeting on March 12, 2011 in a restaurant la Bonâme de Bruno in Lyon at 20h30 for an interview and a dinner in a nice place with Rémy Giemza and Scott Thompson about this nice ethic brand.

Appetizer and Meal Order to the waitress and  I start to question Scott in order to know what he did before. Scott was a lawyer in New Jersey during 30 years and one day he said stop to everything because of the volume of work which was huge. He stops his job, sold his flat and decided to come to Paris without any preconceived idea. And then he fall in love but not only for the city… in the same time he  visits Rémy that he met earlier in U.S.

Rémy made also lawyer studies and worked like internship in the law firm of Emmanuel Pierrat. From childhood Rémy was sensitive to environment causes

Step by step Rémy and Scott realize that they got the same humanist value and the love of nature. They want to do something clever and responsible. These two men decide to create Tees4Trees, a nice brand which respect the environment..

Starter and main course are served (not in the same time I insure you!)

They built Tees4Trees around 3 golden rules :

  • All clothes they manufactures are organic certified , today the got the GOTS label
  • Plant of a tree in a site of your choice. You will geolocalize your tree through internet.


  • Fight against waist: When you order one clothe at Tees4Trees, you can have a 8 weeks delivery time. This time is necessary to manufacture the clothe and send it


To plant the tree they are in partnership with a number of associations who take care of reforestation around the globe. For this year, 2011, Year of Forest decided by UNO, this nice project got all his senses. We invite you to read the note made (in French) by Abi of Vertissimo about this year of Forest and the issues.

Today Tees4Trees is in partnership with big American cities in order to plant trees …in town (Yes we will breathe better). Tees4Trees is implemented on the two borders of Atlantic ocean

Desserts are on table and the atmosphere is really euphoric, I just tell them some jokes about my parents : Rachel et Joseph (we cannot invent these names)

I spent a pure delight moment with these two men. The food was excellent.

This project with so much ethic power really outstanding

A detail, I forgot to tell you that the T-Shirts are beautiful.

Another detail Scott did not buy my flat

Long Life to Tees4Trees

French Web Site

U.S. Web Site

Worlwide Site

Rebecca is on holidays

Thursday 24 March 2011

Contrary to what we announced the note about Thursday of Ethical Fashion will not be written by Rebecca.Some people have not  a very easy life : Rebecca is on holidays.

Have nice vacations Rebecca and see you next week.

EARTH HOUR 2011 : essential or compulsory?

Friday 18 March 2011

On January 26, 2011 with some of Eco-Informants we have decided to mobilize ourselves  for Earth Hour which take place on March 26, 2011 from 20h30 to 21h30. From now on it is only one week. A reminder about Earth Hour : worldwide event for third time. It is an event which direct to mobilize citizen, government, cities and corporations with a simple gesture : switch off lights during 60 minutes (it is the meaning of the logo) to keep the will of anyone against the unsettled state of climate.

It clear that switch off lights (!) during one hour will aware all the people which will be directly or indirectly concerned by this event.

Today with what is happening in Japan, this event take more sense! We have really to find a solution on how we produce energy.. I am like Ecolo-Info (French Blog) I have not the heart ready for party and I have a deep humility for Japanese people who are paying in first line unconsciousness to use the bad energy. How a nation who get two bombs chose nuclear energy? (See Anne Sophie Novel from Ecolo Info)

Yes let’s think during this hour to what we can do without lights. I am un donor of lessons or a truth holder. I did not lure myself, the note you are currently reading just come due to nuclear energy. We will cannot stop all the nuclear centrals from a day to another. But, Mrs Lauvergeon it will be great if on the evening of March 26, 2011 you will just say : here is the plan we will have in the 30/50 years to come, nuclear centrals will be closed , we have found alternative solutions in order to be more close to people who are living on our Earth. And as citizen let’s find alternative to consume differently without to forget our pleasure and fantasy.

Am I utopist,  next to the plate? I will not answer this question, but the wish to be give more solidarity.

It will be a very good thing if we switch off the lights the evening of March 26, 2011 but not only for us, but also for the others.

Here are the links of other Eco-Informannts about Earth Hour (In French) :


You said Rebecca?

Friday 18 March 2011

February 28th at 16h10 : here is the message I received in my Facebook mailbox “on my blog (http://rebekbek.typepad,com), every Friday I publish the interview of someone who make progress for the take into account of stake of sustainable development. I wish, if you accept submit to you 11 questions. If want to go for it here is my e-mail address…

First thing I navigated on the blog’s pages : I drag through, I read the  Friday interviews, one article about ethical Fashion, movies’ reviews and during my reading I feel this humanity which show through, this fine intelligence and this human being lover and I think with no hesitation I will go for it. I will not only accept the Rebecca’s invitation but also ask her to “work” a little and to introduce herself because I decided to welcome this nice person as Rebecca is.

So here she is, and I let her speak “ I just got into sustainable development in the beginning of 21 century… It comes from my studies I discovered the issues linked tour ways of life, not adapted to the impermanence of Earth resources. However, I admit that it is not the ecologic dimension which questioned me. For me, it the human dimension who is in center. To consume here without limits, while it costs the life to others!

I have huge chance to work on topics for which I have concerns : I manage sustainable public politics into inter cities in High Normandy (France). Daily I try to propose to elected people and put in place some concrete actions in order to improve the sustainable high quality of the community. I also work on cooperation decentralized. This job gives me passion.

In parallel, I created my blog in September 2010. It is a “leisure”, a small piece of life on top that I feed when I have time to give “available brain” This virtual space, I wish it for exchange. The blog is very young, and I hope it bigger> I do everything to “educate” it as the best way as possible. This blog is a place to talk about sustainable development often, but also other topics : music, readings,…

My “ little addition of sustainable life”, I find it also in being radio chronicler. Every Tuesday morning, my sustainable chronicle is broadcasted on radio from Rouen (France) HDR (, chronicles we could listen again on my blog obviously. I try to make live sustainable development on air in talking about some serious topics (Tchad lake, Probo Koala, Schiste Gaz…), sometimes some lighter subjects (reverse graf, ethical fashion show, green people awards…)> Finally with sustainable development I got pleasure while I transmit ethic values. Why to ask more?

I know in my true life I am not necessarily an example… On my blog I dared to give my ecologic imprint….the result is not very cheering…I buy my clothes essentially with the big brands, ethical fashion is only an occasion. I smoothly move to The Minus. To target quality, than quantity. I have still a lot of work

I wish that Ethic become popular daily. To do that, the market should move. Today I can full my caddy of shopping with organic and fair trade. When ethic shop signs multi band will see the light, my dressing will be more virtuous…

My dreams? I would like that big Medias open their mind really to sustainable development. I have some ideas about it, but as I am not introduced to them, this project is a sweet dream. In my life, I want to be able to continue to have coherency between my private life and professional life, a little bit every day, it is already a big construction site, no?”

Here it is, you can see a little bit more who is Rebecca. I find her approach so ggod that I invited to prepare the next note for Thursday of Ethical Fashion for March 24, 2011. We will meet again Rebecca next Thursday as a writer of the Thursday of Ethical Fashion.

Thanks a lot Rebecca for the interview published today on your blog (in French)

UNIVERSAL LOVE : BE careful about your credit cards

Thursday 17 March 2011


You remember the article I made on UNVIVERSAL LOVE.

So they have now a real website with real items to buy. I think I will go for it, the prices avery sweet, Organic T-Shirts less than 20 Euros, badges, one CD. The most expensive item is about 35€

On top the site is very pretty with their nice logo


Thursday of ethical fashion : KULT&CO

Thursday 17 March 2011

First time I saw Anett Oehler and Nadège Rembeault, we (Marron Rouge) did not have yet our offices in Designer’s Village in Lyon (France). I was just getting out of a big flu and I met them at home (my office at that time) and I had slippers! To promote ethical fashion it is an entry in!!!

I just create with KULT&CO and wonder who they are…

KULT&CO is a collective which organizes events to promote ethical fashion. The team is made of young professionals from Design, Events, Ecology and Culture.

Their goal is to inform about alternative solutions for trade and industrial manufacturing which is the cause of number of human and ecologic issues. By their actions, they help much of people to know better the work of designers and producers which have ethic values : organic textiles, vegetal dyeing , recycling, trade fair, sustainable and social economy…

The main targets of KULT&CO are :

–          to support ethic design innovative and accessible

–          to create links between all the actors : designers, producers, distributors and consumers

–          to inform and train for ecological practices production : natural dyeing, water based silkscreen

–          to sensitize public about existing products from fair trade : there are some alternatives which are affordable, well designed, and aesthetics (As a shortcut I will add that there is not only poncho and macramé in fair trade)

We asked Anett, one of KULT&CO founder to tell more about her motivations “ One of the questions, I asked myself at the of the end of my studies for fashion design in Berlin was to know if I want to work in the textile fashion industry. Information I got and documentary movies I saw encourages me to do not work for a big brand of textile clothing. I look for alternatives, and I found my values in ethical fashion, small brands engaged in contemporary style.

When I arrived in Lyon in autumn 2008, I did not find much ethical brands in this city. With the encounter with Nadège in 2009, I found a dynamic and creative partner. Together we could realize and stage our values in organizing cultural events around ethical fashion: anew initiative to “wake-up” public for this thematic”  It iqs charming to listen Anett speak with a small German accent and on top, always smiling.

Nadège the co-founder add : “My job, is to coordinate cultural projects. My link to ethical Fashion? I have always been careful to manufacturing conditions which are hidden behind any clothe or object. I wanted to go over, to take engagement. Today with KULT&CO I do promote of ethical fashion which passionate me. It allows me to address various social issues.

Originally artist, I use my creativity to mix genders in order to make accessible and festive the KULT&CO events: carnival, theatre, music…” Last time I saw Nadège it was in café with evocative name “Café Cousu (sewn)” She was all simile and she was talking to me about the next festival that KULT&CO is organizing : From May 2 to May 22, in Lyon : ETHICAL FASHION AND AFRICAN DESIGN. We will probably participate to this event around a debate or round table for Sustainable and Social economy.

KULT&CO: here is a good initiative we can give support and which is handled with power and motivation by these two young ladies.


Thursday of Ethical Fashion : Laspid

Thursday 10 March 2011

Today, I was  lazy and I decided to let Sébastien Delabre talk, one of the founders of Laspid. It is true that it witness is complete, but do not worry I will come back at the end

“Even if there is lot of people which gravitates around Laspid’s project, we are still two to handle it since the beginning Franck and myself. We are two childhood friends, coming from Puy en Velay (France.) I made studies of economy and Franck Computer and Automation.

Since years 2000, we played to design t-shirts for friends and the wish to make our permanent job, associated to the fed up of previous jobs, direct us to the project with the wish to do it full time. In parallel we were investigated in associations. Especially for me a passage as a volunteer in Artisans du Monde ( world’s craftsman) consolidated the idea that if this project was “seeing the light”, it will be the reflect of what was important for us and it “will see the light” in respect of Human being and environment.

Laspid’s project is born in 2005, and we design our first limited series of organic cotton T-shirts and coming from fair trade in 2006. To find models which were organic and fair was quite difficult but we wanted to associate these two points as it seems to us very complementary. It was done when we met the founders of Ideo which values and steps where corresponding to ours. Still today, we work with Ideo which die is based in India (from cultivation of cotton to manufacturing). Since the start, we work with surplus from raw materials not used by other brands who work with the same workshop as us, a true positive exchange which allow to the manufacture to optimize the production and to Laspid to offer small series (from 1 to 100 units) in a multitude of colours and designs. I believe that were the first on-line shop to offer only limited series of T-shirts organic and fair




For silkscreen, we work with craftsmen based near Lyon. We go to work with him to realize all our limited series. This craftsman is motivated to reduce the environmental impact of the printing technique and improve the quality of designs. We tested with him ink with water based and he is doing since 2007 our silk-screens with inks with no heavy metal, no phthalates, no formaldehyde. Another advantage for these inks, we need only water to clean the material and no more use of solvent.”

As usual I did not ask myself more than 5 minutes when I met these two young guys to bring the project: irreproachable ethic, T-shirts in the move, innovative design. On top of the web site, there is also a blog and especially a very good article on JR artist who realized of the most beautiful movies I saw this year “Women are Heroes“, and there is also the lovely boutique in the bottom of Croix-Rousse slopes (Lyon area).

Thanks to Sebastien, for always warm welcoming people in the boutique.

Thanks to Franck  for the superb intervention yesterday, during a meeting of Clace, we found the communication thread for the fifteen of fair trade.


Two Years!

Monday 7 March 2011

Housse Ipad en Chambre à air Recyclée

It is very kind to be invited for a birthday. It is a mark of sympathy, especially for this age : two years! Here is a morning I wake up, I jostle you….oh no, I confuses everything !

I restart : One Thursday in February it is 15h13 precisely (If I wake at that time…, I got an e-mail from a Mikaël who says to me he have two years old. For this age he writes very well! He is inviting me for his birthday! What an honour! He advises me to go to see his blog. Decidedly he intrigues me. So I let things done and I go to see the blog. I read but I don’t “print” immediately. As soon as I “printed” (two times the same pun, it a little bit exaggerated) . I then realize that I see the eco-blog of Villiere Printing

I accept the invitation and I give him two presents (one for each year)

On top I am sure and certain that he is a generous guy, go to see his blog I can guarantee it!

As Mikaël like to say (in French) : If we open the eco-blog, it is to sensitize a maximum of people and allows us to express our way to approach the ecology with humility, open minded and always with fun.


Housse Iphone en Chambre à air Recyclée