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Sustainable development in I.T. distribution…

Monday 27 December 2010

The I.T. distributor  PASSWORD.FR is intererested in recycling and… …then he decided to sell Marron Rouge products in recycled tyre dedicated for compters.  Since this week you can findfrom his online store : Laptop Cases, Laptop Holder, Iphone Case, Ipad Case and the famous Messenger bag. Welcome to I.T. in sustainable development universe.

Photo Album # 3 – Unusual Pictures

Saturday 25 December 2010

 I would like to share with you some “unusual” pictures I made during my different trips in India. These pictures are published only for pleasure and if you got a smile when you will see it, target is achieved. My intend is not to laugh at anyone, I have too much love for Incredible India.

Recycled Vinyl

Monday 20 December 2010

Last sunday 19/12/2010, I went to the Design Christmas Market on Sathonay square in Lyon (France). I discovered a nice way to recycle vinyl records. I am not only passionate of recycling (I think you already understood that since the beginning of Marron Rouge) but also music(s). It was the first time that I saw this way of recycled vinyl’s. Go to see the web site of David Spanu and go to visit his shop : Magasin Nouveau – 8, rue Dumont D’urville 69004 Lyon.  He is a talented crazy about recycling and innovative..

The “eco-informants”

Saturday 18 December 2010

The « eco-informants » is a list of exchange and thoughts dedicatee to give quick answers to draft content for causes linked to climate changes, biodiversity, on questions for development, to ecology in general, to sustainable ways of life, to politics interrogations, …. This list is private, only by application and have target to help web editors, journalists, and campaign responsible to work and collaborate to level more global.

This list is created for French speaking area. If this list evolves we will inform you.

Did you say Recycled…?

Wednesday 8 December 2010

We discover a book who make very pleased to read and to see . The title of this book is (in French) :


The publisher La Plage, have authorized us to speak about this book we like much. We tanslate the extract of the description of this book and invite you to see the following on the publisher site (It is all in French, ask them if they have an English publishing).

This book is sold ont the web site of  achat nature

To design items from tube, candy paper, old fabrics

Did you know that plastics bags worked with iron are transformed in synthetic fabrics with many usages?

Bike tube goes easily with sewing machine

Do not throw away old pull over or candy paper, you could have a second life for them and transform them in design accessories. Step by step, discover in this book the secrets of a tem of Eco Designers, their advices on fabrics and their know how simple but rigorous…

The Jewels

Saturday 4 December 2010

Finally jewelry in recycled paper are on line. It have been a little bit long, because of many part number, and the pictures. But admire them it is pretty


Wednesday 1 December 2010

If you go to Paris, you should not miss “AU FOND DE LA COUR, 20 rue Chapon, 75003 PARIS +33 1 48 04 56 40 – A very nice sale exhibition from 5 designers Claire-Marie NEUVILLE, Françoise HAMON, JUD, Isabelle CHATELIN et Lola WICHEGROD. You can see them every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the month of December from 13h to 19h and on 22/12 and 23/12. A must to be seen in Paris

Claire Marie Neufville is textile disigner and and silkcreen. She creates drawings and print the fabrics, home linen with unique designs and very nice silk scarfs who made her famous.

Françoise Hamon love with passion recover and divert many items used on every day life to transform them in something funny and surprising.

l’Atelier Isabelle Chatelin will bring you for every project a dedicated creative answer and innovative. The challenge? Mix every technique… pastel, redraw pictures, images created with computer, plasticine in real situation, ink background, photocopies of materials reworked with …

Lola Wichegrod will show you haw she incorporated pictures transferred on fabrics and you will see you can easily sew it on sewing machine or to hand embroider in your creations. The technique is simple and give a personal touch to your creations. One book of techniques : Scrapbooking Récup’ & Créations from Laurence Wichegrod aux Editions Le temps apprivoisé 12,90€.

Judith you will admire design and silkcreen from Judith. (bis)

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Good morning, published another time a wonderfull article  on Marron Rouge and this time the article (in French) is for the stuffed toys.

Here is the extract, for those who cand read French 

“Nouvelle production pour le site de commerce équitable Marron rouge, une collection de doudous crée par la designer Marie Noëlle Bayard qui a prêté sa patte et son talent au service d’ une collection de petits animaux en tissu tout doux pour les petits et les grands…” Lire la suite de l’article