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Gilles HIRGOROM – Our favorite photographer

Friday 25 June 2010


One morning, we came to see Gilles with all the treasures we had found. He decided to join the project, by taking all the pictures for the website. Here is a short story of his life, filled with passion.

Gilles Hirgorom, photographer

Born on February 26, 1958 in Versailles (France)

Few people know that Gilles’ passion for image never stops. He spends most  of his time taking pictures and he never goes out without at least a compact camera.

At the age of 13, he enrolled as a member of his school’s photography club.  He started by printing the 6×6 negatives of his father, an amateur photographer.

Printing before shooting gave Gilles the ability to appreciate grey contrasts and lights.

Gradually, his hobby turned into a passion. Gilles started using his father’s old “Semflex” and learned how to take pictures.

In high-school, he was following science classes, but spent most of his evening with a photo enlarger. He then decided to stop studying science. Photography school seemed the only way to go. He got his degree after a quick training.

In February 1979, 23-year-old Gilles founded a studio with partner Michel Marseault : H et M Studio, 9 rue Concorcet, Paris, France. Experience on the field taught him. For a few  years, he made ads and industry photography.  But since the 90’s, Gilles has specialized in culinary photography. The H et M Studio has gotten bigger and has moved to another location to 49 rue Rodier Paris, France.

For 15 years, H et M studio has been a reference in culinary photography, but not only : food packaging, objects, still life or people. Everything is an inspiration to Gilles, who also uses digital technologies.

Gilles’ activity is mainly based on studio work, but he likes to make reportages in black and white. He also loves picturing his family through his lenses. It’s almost vital.

We invite you to admire some of Gilles’ work on his site 

All the pictures published in this article were taken by Gilles in India in 1985 and are a part of his personal research.

Roadmen couple, Thar desert – Copyright Gilles Horgorom

Dressmaking workshop in a deserted palace, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India – Copyright Gilles Hirgorom

Rickshaw waiting for customer – Copyright Gilles Hirgorom

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To sponsor a family in India

Thursday 24 June 2010

One of the main reasons the MarronRouge Project exists is « Parrainages Inde Association » (« Indian Sponsorship Association »). You can find more information about them below. We also invite you to visit their website  (in French). If you need more information about the association in English, please use the contact form through their web site:

Association Parrainages Inde - Aidez un maman à scolariser ses enfants.

The association’s first sponsors in Pondichery have been active since 1999. It has been officially registered since 2001.  In France, it is managed by volunteers, and by 3 people in India. Their goal is to help lonely destitute women with children. Today, « Parrainages Inde » is helping 100 families and 200 kids to go to school and university.

Why sponsor?

To help finance the kids’ studies and help their families to live in better conditions.

Pictures India #1

Thursday 24 June 2010

From time to time we will share with you the best pictures we have from our differents trips in India. Just open your eyes

City of Jaipur from Wind Palace - 02/2010

Young ladies near Ganga river in Varanasi (Benares) 02/2010

Road between Madurai and Trichy - 11/2009

Fishermens' returns in Pondychérry - 07/2009

Recycled Paper Products

Tuesday 22 June 2010

One of MarronRouge’s main projects is the encounter with WELLPAPER. We will be together at the Ethical Fashion Show from September 25 to September 28, 2010 in Paris

Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood, a.k.a the WELL project as it is more commonly known, began in 2005. The projects’ main goals are to create an alternative livelihood for the women from the villages around Auroville, and to promote products made of recycled materials.

Danny and Orly are the guiding force behind this project. They are from Israel and arrived in Auroville in 2004. Orly had her own studio in Israel, where she worked with papier mache and other recycling techniques. She also dedicated her time to giving lessons to mentally-challenged people, and troubled teenagers. Danny is a certified public accountant. They have successfully combined her experience in recycling techniques and social work, and his skills in business strategy to set up and run the WELL project.

The WELL Centre offers technical training to the women. For a period of four to six months, a group of eight to ten women learn to create products using recycled materials, mainly newspaper, as raw material. They are taught, amongst other things, to roll newspaper into reeds, which they then weave into baskets. As well as baskets, WELL’s current product range includes coasters, jewelry and accessories such as earrings and hair clips. In addition to the technical training, the WELL project also provides a social empowerment program. The women are offered training in company development, health and hygiene awareness and family care, as well as physical activity classes. The program also includes personal development coaching, group strengthening, and improvement of communication skills. After the training is completed, the women are assisted by WELL in setting up their own profit, in  sharing production workshop and in marketing their products. They also continue to benefit from the social program.

The initial two groups, after having completed their training, opened their own production workshops in the village of Allankuppam. Both workshops are running well and their products are now being sold in different stores across India, as well as exported to countries such as Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, Ireland, and in France with Marron Rouge. The Sri Mother workshop produces woven baskets of different sizes, shapes and colors, while the Mira workshop focuses on producing coasters, jewelry and accessories. The Sri Mother workshop has been one of the most successful groups in their product sales and professionalism. In order to keep up with the orders they receive, the team is now employing eight additional women to assist them with production. The Mira workshop is also now employing four additional women, whom they are training themselves.

Though promoting recycled products is an important part of the WELL project, that is not where it ends. The WELL project, besides providing alternate livelihoods, encourages the women to empower themselves : their increased skills, self-confidence and pride is perfect evidence of that. But for most of the women, it is the pure joy of coming to work everyday, to talk, laugh and sing together while they work, that motivates them to continue as a group through life’s challenges and changes.

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Marie-Noëlle BAYARD – Our (funny) designer

Sunday 20 June 2010

Marie Noelle is our drole designer  meeting her is a true encounter with a designer of great talent and an amusing personality . Here she talks about herself.

My grandfather was a super gardener, in fact a great fan of Lion’s Head Dahlias. My grandmother was a seamstress who learned how to flute Batiste Collers, my father was a do it yourself enthusiast able to transform a tumbledown cottage into a summer palace, my mother was an expert knitter who could knit a whole wardrobe of clothes for her children with the tips of her needles: I was surrounded by talented people who could use their hands to create marvellous things with everyday materials, textiles, yarns and cloth. Lire le reste de cet article »

More About Marron Rouge

Thursday 17 June 2010

The Project


The project Marron Rouge is born in 2009 because of the founder Jean-Marc is involved in an association sponsorship lonely women inIndia: Parrainages Inde

 Autodidact first,  then Director of Operations within IT groups.

Then back on the benches of the school: INSEAD inFontainebleau.

And humanitarian missions inAfricawith the International Red Cross? In 2008, fed up and  questioning  make him “leave everything” to create Marron Rouge, during another trip toIndia. He has a taste for travel through five continents (his mother called him “the man of the street”). He needs to share, meet the men and women of all countries. It is a patented optimistic, who prefers to work in a good mood, and especially with humour. One man above all human values.


In the implementation of this project was accompanied periods shorter or longer byJean-Michel Baptistawho opened his own restaurant and Thierry Bourgeois.


A stop on frame in India since 1999!


Initially, the association Parrainages Inde, whereJean Marctook part since its inception in 1999, this association helps lonely women in southern India, in order to give school education to their children. Then there are successive trips in this country and in particular that one of January 2009.

In 2009, Jean-Marc left his life of “dynamic framework” dedicated to think a little more and give him a human sense, responsible, sustainable to his work and his life altogether. These trips are an opportunity to learn a little more each time the Indian people. He was attracted by the almost permanent smile of the people, know how, “wanting to.” The first step is an ethical trade with actors of the social economy and solidarity, and the sale of their products inFrance. Very quickly, it is not completely satisfied with this simple exchange, Jean-Marc starts thinking and design environment.

The philosophy of Marron Rouge was born!


Village des Créateurs (DesignersVillage)

 The first important step is the acceptance of the bid of Marron Rouge  as the creator of the Village des Créateurs inLyonin March 2011, nine months after the opening of the site Marron Rouge. The Designers’ Village, established in 2001, is the structure of development

Economic for  enterprises fashion, decoration, design the Rhone-Alpes. True incubator of fashion, Designers’ Village offers a unique concept by hosting a

dozen young residents brands in workshops and shops Thiaffait Passage, on the slopes of the Croix Rousse inLyon. Other fashion company’s adherent Association (forty) enjoy benefits support and advice offered by the Designers’ Village.


Design 100% fromLyon

All fashion accessories and decorative objects of Marron Rouge  are  now created byJean MarcAttia in the showroom  ofd Designer’s Village inLyon. The stuffed toys are created by Parisian designer Marie-Noelle Bayard

Ethics and sustainable development

For the manufacture of his creations, Marron Rouge collaborates with NGO’s and social projects inIndia. Each project is  subject of one or several visits to ensure that no child labour, the local working conditions are good, that employees have social security coverage and their children are in school.Logistics,France, is provided by the logistics platform solidarity Lyon BIOPORT that ensures humanitarian logistics as well as other actors in the ethical and fair trade.

Recycled materials

Recycling is the spearhead of Marron Rouge, to this day, his favourite subjects are the tire, tube, seat belts, canvas bag parachute. Making bags and accessories recycled inner tubes, recycled tires and recycled seatbelts is entrusted to an NGO fighting against poverty inDelhi: mode-ethical experience-the-making-vol2

All tires come from bikes and are used. All belts are from for series production. These belts were originally made for cars, airplanes, boats, buses, trucks … All tubes are collected in the streets by the poor in Delhi (India) and are sold by them to a central sort that belongs to the NGO that makes these accessories. Parachute bags are recovered from the Indian Army. Other recycled materials are being tested for new collections in 2013.


The honours of  Marron Rouge

Marron Rouge joined CLACE Collectif Lyonnais des Acteurs du Commerce Equitable


Marron Rouge’s is elected blog of the week by  NEOPLANETE et 20 minutes

Marron Rouge joined Cité du Design à Saint Etienne



Marron Rouge is part of  Green Wire of Maison et Objet

Marron Rouge joined Collectif du Développement Durable in 2011


Marron Rouge was elected by the blow of heart Paris Design Week Maison & Objet and Galeries Lafayette and is displayed in the window Lafayette House from 7 to 29 September 2012.




Les événements majeurs

Maison et Objet, Paris


Ethical Fashion Show, Paris et Berlin

Unicrea, Suisse


Planète Durable, Paris

Exposition des Designers deMaud Rondard, villes itinérantes en France



Thursday 17 June 2010

Our partner already gave us their trust by inviting us to the Fair Trade Show of Stuttgart.

Located in Rhône-Alpes (France), Equi’Sol has been working since 1996 for the promotion of reliable Fair Trade systems. The association’s two main missions are :

1. To improve information and raise awareness of the different target groups

2. To foster economic development :

–  through the Coordination of the “Pole of Skills for Fair Trade and responsible consumption in Rhône-Alpes” :

– Promoting offer and stimulating demand

– Supporting Fair public procurement and Fair purchasing of companies

– Organising meetings by themes and training sessions

– Guiding entrepreneurs

– Working on supply chains

– Organizing Fair Trade in Europe (the European Fair Trade Fair).

BIOPORT : The interdependent logistic platform

Thursday 17 June 2010

Even with our logistics partner, we have an ethical and interdependant approach.

Since 1994, Bioport and Bioport Insertion has been developing specific activities for 3 platforms, located in Rhone-Alpes and Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur regions (France) for interdependent projects :

–          Give logistic support to NGOs and Interdependent associations

–          Implement Professional integration through economic activities

–          Give logistic support to Fair Trade organisations