Marron Rouge : The Movie

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Go on stage for Marron Rouge !!!
And win gifts certificates…
Become a director and to tell us what you think about Marron Rouge.

How ?

It’s simple, express yourself with a little film from 15 to 30 seconds to tell us what you think about Marron Rouge. Be inventive , creative , and if you have a developed sense of humor, it’s better

Send your movie to , give us permission to distribute and use this film
You have until September 20 midnight to send your film.
The selected films will be rewarded with a gift certificate for the site Marron Rouge

Do not hesitate to share this information


Biolap residency at Marron Rouge

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Following the announcement we made in early January 2016, we were in direct contact with BIOLAP we met first in 2011 on the last edition of Planète Durable tradeshow, in Paris . We share the same values ​​in terms of Design, Environment protection and Human.

We met early February 2016 with Fabienne Le Hénaff and Jean-Michel Duivon,


Fabienne LE HENAFF


Jean-Michel Duivon


the two founders of BIOLAP, who came with the question: “What can we do to help? “.

Very touched by this attention

Throughout the discussion, they offered their stock of existing products that they stop marketing, to devote temself entirely to the development of their consulting activities concerning the circular economy, the “Made in France” , Eco-innovation …
So we reached an agreement that I integrate their products within the logistics platform and the Marron Rouge site.
Today these products are sold on the site Marron Rouge at a promotional price.
You will appreciate the sleek design of BIOLAP Products: classy and simply beautiful for bags, protective covers.

Eco-design using natural materials such as linen and / or recycled materials.
These great accessories are sold at unbeatable prices



BME vegetal_range_biolap






(Français) La bio dans les étoiles du 13 au 15 avril 2016 à Annonay : Le bonheur est dans l’assiette

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Marron Rouge sensitize students to recycling and upcycling on 31 March and 1 April 2016

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Recycling is one of the leitmotiv of Marron Rouge since the begining, you doubt it?

This is not an easy thing, even today, to understand that recycling is good for the environment and for once his wellbeing and his own ego. The preachers, not only in the field of recycling, are not generally appreciated and frankly one of the best approaches is to try to convince by showing what we can do and try to open everyone’s imagination these demonstrations.

31 March and 1 April 2016 respectively, I will be speaker  in a primary school next to Agen (France) and at a high school in Brive la Gaillarde (France).

The purpose of these interventions is to educate students to recycling by a demonstration of all the existing initiatives and everyday gestures and their meanings. Some examples :


lThe city of San Francisco, which gradually reached “zero waste”

La Villa Déchet that has been built from 25 tons of garbage of all kinds in the suburbs of Nantes (France)

La Villa Déchets situé dans l'écoquartier de la Bottière à Nantes

La villa Shamengo on the COP21 website built from recycled materials,


The valuation of restaurants waste to produce biogas

The design , and  upcycling of course there is Marron Rouge  but not only.


Blogs such as UPCYCLEDZINE or Recyclart you have all these great creators



SHOWROOM-MARRON-ROUGE-PALETTES-RECYCLEESMarron Rouge showroom made of recycled pallets

After this brief introduction workshops will be conducted to create objects from recycled materials. The objects will be created by way of example but the goal is to open creativity to demonstrate that all (or almost) can be recycled or creatively, in the true sense, either industrially.


L’intervention du 31 mars aura lieu à l’école primaire d’Estillac , à côté d’Agen auprès d’élèves de cette école. La connexion s’est faite lors de la rencontre d’une des enseignantes et à qui j’ai proposé de faire cette sensibilisation et elle a adhéré tout de suite. The 31 march 2à&- intervention will take place  to primary school Estillac, next to Agen (France) with pupils of this school. The connection is made at the meeting of teachers and to whom I proposed to this awareness and joined immediately.




L’intervention du 1er Avril aura lieu au lycée Cabanis à Brive La Gaillarde auprès d’éléves de cette école. La connexion s’est faite sur la Villa Shamengo , pendant la COP21 et une des enseignantes assistait à ma démonstration avec un pneu de voiture. The 1st Ap^ril 2à&- intervention will take place to school Cabanis to Brive La Gaillarde with students of this school. The connection was made on the Villa Shamengo during the COP21 and one of the teachers attending my demonstration with a car tire.



She asked me if I wanted to work with students of the school and of course I said yes immediately


Very happy to be a speacker for these new generations

The world of Tomorrow is on the way





(Français) Demain le film, c’est non seulement un film mais c’est tout simplement la vie.

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(Français) Un superbe gîte, le Domaine des Ormeaux à Ajat dans le Périgord noir

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Marron Rouge in 2016

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 7 years ago in January 2009 began Marron Rouge project with a first step, the opening the website in July 2010. Gradually Marron Rouge has become a brand specialized in recycling with a clientele mainly business oriented : shops distributing our products, companies wishing to custom objects, other professionals specialized distribution on the Internet in France and Europe.
Present on trade shows and events related to Design and Creation, Marron Rouge have made a presence and is recognized as a major player in the upcycling and recycling.
If I take up my pen today is because I get to a “turning point” in the history of Marron Rouge. These last two years have been tough economically and survival of the company was threatened by several times. 2015 was a particularly difficult year marked by a series of events that have not really helped to spread an optimistic and unifying atmosphere for a specialized trade, and therefore Marron Rouge suffered the consequences. These reasons do not explain alone the poor economic situation of Marron Rouge: insufficient backlog, cash position deteriorated, restricted distribution channel.

One reason why Marron Rouge is in this situation is the fact that I work and support this business alone. I did everything for this business works, but overall neither my strength nor my presence nor my will were sacrificed. The working alone makes me fly over the functions inherent in managing a business. A key function such as the commercial could not be processed optimally even if I have the qualities for. 7 years that Marron Rouge exists it makes seven years that I fight every day for this company to promote recycling / upcycling integrating Design, Creation, Environment and Human Being. That’s 7 years that I changed life, I invested all my funds, my time to draw a life less profitable than in the past, but it is a will.
Today I managed to create a brand, a philosophy from scratch and refining my convictions. The bags collections, furniture accessories create a word of mouth by journalists, users, partners, suppliers and customers.
Given this situation a decision is required, total liquidation of the stock to regain financial health and benefit from some cash. All stock is therefore proposed to floor prices. The success of this step is crucial to consider a future

There could be a positive issuel to this sad episode for Marron Rouge : it can continue to exist by pooling arms, brainpower and cash. But the three elements together are needed to continue
I am open to any discussions and / or proposal for a further step: to redefine together a new economic model, operate (or not) the projects that are “in the pipeline”, associate, come together, share … . or even “stop” Marron Rouge for me to join a current or on ongoing project, coming to use my knowledge and skills. I am open to all without any constraint territory and /or project. …. My suite will not be done alone.
I could have simply introduced a broad sell-off destocking and does not inform you about current issues, but it is not the solution I have chosen.
The glass half empty or glass half full? You probably understand which of the two I prefer ….

Thanks for your attention

Jean-Marc Attia






Marron Rouge and Cop 21 : Shamengo, Place To B, Changer Fashion for Climat, We Are The Climate Generation

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Marron Rouge will be involved for COP21 , Climate Conference which will be held in Paris from November 30th to December 12, 2015. We will also introduce some inititiatives we support.



Marron Rouge sera un des acteurs qui mettra en scène la Villa Shamengo sur le site du Bourget avec le mobilier fait à partir de matières recyclées. Une performance sera réalisée le 30 novembre, 2015 avec Gregory Hoogstoël pour une réalisation faite à partir de pneus et de bouteilles plastiques .Communiqué de Presse



The initiative of Anne Sophie Novel got also our attention


From November 28th to December 12th 2015, Place to B will be gathering narrators from all over the world in a unique residential location, in the friendly environment of Belushi’s, refurbished for the occasion, and the St Christopher Inn, the international youth hostel dedicated to Paris. Journalists, photographs, designers, youtubers, poets, artists… They will all have the same ambition: be the bearers of different forms of expression, and produce a new story about the climate issues.

Marron Rouge will provide some recycled furniture for some spaces






A major initiative of Isabelle Quéhé concerning fashion will take place on 7 & 8 December 2015 in Paris

This event is organized around three appointments :
A symposium : This day will offer an overview of the environmental impact of fashion. It will be led by professionals in the sector and will discuss innovations , projects, solutions and industry best practices . Six round tables each illustrating one of the steps of the fashion and textile industry will present the issues and actions that led fashion to fight against global warming. The symposium is open to the general public and professionals registration required . To register click HERE. Simultaneous translation of the conference in English and French will be offered.

A catwalk on December 8 at the invitation and the signing of a charter






(Français) Anne Ghesquière : portrait d’un parcours féminin bio mais pas que

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Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

PlacetoB A Fresh Climate and Community for New Stories

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Marron Rouge is committed to the climate with partners concerned about our planet and the humans who inhabit this planet.


At Anne- Sophie Novel initiative Place to B , is a site that will gather all journalists , photographers, designers, graphic artists … in the heart of Paris near the Gare Du Nord in direct transportation link to the COP21 conference at Le Bourget.  Come and join the residential community of Place to B, the collective of narrators, the Headquarters for climate.


Become a COpilot, we still have some spaces left to sleep, create, share ideas, meet each other, and be informed!

From November 28th to December 12th 2015, Place to B will be gathering narrators from all over the world in a unique residential location, in the friendly environment of Belushi’s, refurbished for the occasion, and the St Christopher Inn, the international youth hostel dedicated to Paris. Journalists, photographs, designers, youtubers, poets, artists… They will all have the same ambition: be the bearers of different forms of expression, and produce a new story about the climate issues.

Being a physical and digital platform, a hub, a community and a magnifier of new media all at once, Place to B will offer a unique experience at the heart of the media during the COP 21, and many important participants are already working with us!

To live the Place to B experience and be at the heart of the dynamics, you just need to sign up at this link: HERE


          FOCUS on one COpilot




Johanna Lee Sadik, (Brazil)


#Blogger #Social media outreach

From her native Brazil, this young lady has been travelling the world for several years. Passionate about the impact of the cultural and environmental heritage on the narrative speeches about climate, Johanna is excited to join the Place to B, « a place of co-creation and storytelling by excellence ».


More information :

Contact mail : MAIL PLACETOBECOP21 

Accommodation Contact : Sami Cheikh Moussa 

Press Contact : Margaux Roberge