Bring MARRON ROUGE at Grand Palais in Paris during the Climate Conference

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Bring MARRON ROUGE at Grand Palais in Paris during the Climate Conference


 RECYCLIT community organize  a competition to choose the “best” recycled design for the Climate Conference which will be held in Paris this end of year  2015 in Paris


Vote for out two designs in completion. Nothing more simpler


Design 1 : Click on the following link and then click on the purple icon with a heart Votez pour ce projet


Design 2 : Click on the following link and then then click on the purple icon with a heart Voter pour ce projet


You can vote for the two designs and you are allowed to vote once every month

Thanks in advance to share and to broadcast



Vote Marron Rouge for recycled design for Recyclit for Climate Conference

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 RECYCLIT community organize  a competition to choose the “best” recycled design for the Climate Conference which will be held in Paris this end of year  2015 in Paris


Marron Rouge decide to participate for two categories :

Fashion and Accessories Art and Design and so to ry to win one of two prizes:

  • Eco-Designers prize
  • Internet users prize

Below for each category of the products we put in competition we provide you the link to vote a. To vote follow the link and click on the image shown below to the website of Recyclit




Fashion and Accessories



Art and Design



Joins  RECYCLIT community  and share their values



The green Curves , a sustainable bench by Benjamin Rousse and Jean-Marc Attia

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“The green curves” is the name full of humor and poetry chosen by Marron Rouge for his new creation, the result of a successful collaboration with designer Benjamin Rousse. The idea for the project came from the discovery of synthetic grass by Jean-Marc Attia, creator of the brand Marron Rouge, who had initially proposed the collection “Grass”, with 3 stools with seat recycled synthetic turf. This grass is recovered on sports fields. Jean-Marc wanted to open a space for creativity to other designers and he naturally ask Benjamin Rousse giving him carte blanche to think about furniture using this material. Thus the “Green curves’ bench was born.
What sit creativity Brown Red



For Marron Rouge, the desire to work with Benjamin Rousse was born following a meeting on the exhibition desDesigners on Eurexpo Lyon organized by Maud Rondard. Benjamin had his “Bench Pebble”. Jean Marc was sensitive to the aesthetic, poetic and environmental approach to this creation. Benjamin enjoyed the Jean-Marc approach as a designer, and diversion of material, its sensitivity to materials recycling and upcycling. So both shared the common desire to create pieces that challenge. The thinking was to highlight the matter that is too often now considered a poor material and divert it to make “something” aesthetic and comfortable. The irregularity of this material called synthetic grass associated with a more contemporary form of this object is something unique, aesthetic and comfortable. The result is a contrast between a geometric wood structure and seat curves inviting comfort. The sight of this material inspires sensuality. Green Curves is a modular bench: the number of “rollers” turf may vary, leaving a space only with wooden slats




Who is Benjamin Rousse ?BENJAMIN ROUSSE

After studying at the school of Condé Lyon, Benjamin Rousse has sharpened his work at the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne. Graduated from the School of Art and Design in Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) Design of a DNAP then a DNSEP product design in 2011.

It focuses on a holistic approach to design that fits into the life of every day, while questioning the space and the object. Objects, spaces, simple and functional combining aesthetics and gaiety. A relationship between form / function, full / empty and matter / poetry. If Benjamin Rousse research modularity, it is more interactivity of interest. The design is a development factor for companies, he worked increasingly with companies looking for originality, a major factor of distinction and credibility, brand image.

His professional background is varied. It develops concepts, furniture, sets for publishers, brands, galleries and individuals; juggling between industrial design and design gallery … From the mirror to street furniture to shoes, to fashion through the creation of a sailor He had the opportunity to work for The EDITORIAL, Workshop Espinosa, Duravit, Cardinal Group, Greater Lyon, Marron Rouge, Veolia, Bensimon, Jean-Paul Gaultier … His work is a reflection of the character: simple, honest, curious, poetic.

He has participated in several exhibitions: LYON CITY DESIGN at great God hotel in Lyon (audience award for its roller bench), PARIS DESIGN WEEK, HOME live Eurexpo design DESIGN TOUR Lyon in 2013 when he was awarded the prize “heart stroke” of the jury for its scenery and its work,

Designer’s Days (OF DAYS) Home Around the World BENSIMON in Lyon, Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Parade Children Terribles / Junior Gaultier and The ARCAD

So far it does not remain “compartmentalized” in one area, but rather interact in various fields, furniture, art of the table, fashion ….COURBE VERTE








COURBE VERTE 3The bench is available on Marron Rouge website


The 2nd year at the Institute Paul Bocuse is punctuated by large groups of work. In this case, Upfront is a project combining creativity, expertise and professionalism. The creation of a temporary restaurant requires perfect preparation, through involvement of each exchange between the Management section of the Restoration and the Culinary, allowed them to find their restaurant concept and imagine the first plans decoration, and raw recipes.

The theme of the Mountain, has inspired them right away. Their concept moved to the Institute in April, in the Spring. They then chose to work the season products, and imagine decorated in spring colors while keeping own textures to the Mountain: wood, stone and greenery.


And of course they selected the bench Green Curves and the Marron Rouge Grass stools B. The set design is rather successful, judge for yourself.


_SRB3491 [APP]

_SRB3495 [APP]

_SRB3502 [APP]

 Copyrights pictures Aline Périer








The red, the black and the green

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This year, I don’t have the heart…
At this time of the year, I typically send you my best wishes for the new year and present you with a few of our sales.  But this year, well, I just don’t have the heart.

This January 7, 2015 will be marked forever by the killing of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo, the famous French satirical newspaper.

This january 8th, 2015 will be market by the death of a lady policemam killed by a terrorist in Paris .

This January 9, 2015 will be forever marked by the death of 5 people in a kosher  supermarket  in Paris, and the two perpetrators of the attack against Charlie Hebdo





I bow to all the victims of this barbaric act. I cry for these human beings who have left us because they were free to express their thoughts through their words and art.
January 7 will be marked forever in my mind as September 11, 2001 (New York) and March 11, 2011 (Fukushima). The words that come to mind for me are violence, shame, savagery, sadness and yet thankfully, solidarity.





There was a spark of unity born spontaneously throughout France, and elsewhere I believe citizens of the world simultaneously had the beautiful marks of solidarity indelibly etched on their souls.
When I created Marron Rouge based on my own humanitarian and environmental concerns, I radically changed my life to devote time to worthy causes and put people at the heart of my projects.

But what just happened January 7, 2015 along with a few others sad examples in 2013/2014 are deflating:
• A reality TV star made the news because she shot her companion,
• A book motivated by pure evil, written by a bitter woman, sells by the thousands,
• Citizens protest to deny the happiness of others only because they do not love in the same way,
• A polemicist spews venom on the human race solely as a means to sell his books,
• …

This is not the world in which I want to live.  These are not the messages of love and brotherhood that my parents passed on to me (peace be to their souls). I did not grow up in a system of single-minded thought and for that I am thankful.
I refuse mediocrity, this wickedness, this nonsense and instead choose to have a more benevolent and respectful approach towards other human beings, even if we do not share the same views.

I will however end this message end on a more positive and optimistic note. I’ll wish great success to the climate conference to be held this year in Paris, France. The COP21 is a serious issue and we must do everything to ensure decisions are made for the good of our planet and all of us.




I’ll wish for the cessation of all civil wars: military, official and unofficial, that exist around the world. I ‘m not a preacher, not a politician, not a careless nor unconscious, but a mere dreamer citizen. Dreamers of the world encourage imagination, solidarity, and positive initiatives. We are the central actors in the play of our lives and stand ready to ensure that in 2015, our world again becomes serene and human.
I’ll wish you, joy, pleasure, and beautiful moments to share with those you love.

Here’s to a better 2015

Jean-Marc Attia




(Français) Sebastien Ravut : le citoyen qui ne vous fait pas marcher

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Sébastien, pourrais-tu nous faire une brève présentation de ton parcours.

Après des études d’économie, qui m’avaient permis de découvrir Internet (en 1996 :-), j’ai démarré ma carrière dans le Service du développement économique de Montreuil. J’ai réalisé là que les entreprises n’étaient pas toutes pareilles, que les “patrons” n’avaient pas tous le même objectif. En plus de leur chiffre d’affaires, certains se souciaient de social et d’écologie. J’ai aimé ça et déjà geek* dans l’âme, j’ai eu l’idée de créer Le Marché Citoyen, un annuaire web pour valoriser ces entrepreneurs là. Mais j’ai été entraîné dans la fièvre du web et j’ai rejoint l’équipe de BeCitizen, ( ) fondé par Maximilien Rouer, pleine d’ambition, de chiffres et de têtes bien faites. La bulle Internet a explosé et notre portail web du Développement durable comme sa startup ont été envoyés par le fonds. Enfin non c’est devenu une société de conseil florissante. Après les startup-builders, j’ai rejoint une agence de com en SCOP, Incidences. Là j’étais plutôt chez les militants de l’économie sociale. J’ai continué à développer des sites, des CD-ROM (si ça existait), des applications… et à m’intéresser au développement durable avec des gens inspirants comme Elisabeth Laville ou Elisabeth Pastor-Reiss. Puis en 2006, je me suis lancé en indépendant pour réaliser mon rêve…

Aujourd’hui on te connaît à travers Les Marchés Citoyens mais ce n’est qu’un aspect de ton métier. Peux-tu nous parler de tes domaines de compétences et les organisations qui les portent?

Je gère l’agence Les Marchés Citoyens, qui accompagne aujourd’hui les entrepreneurs de demain dans leur stratégie et leurs médias web. Conseil stratégique, formation web 2.0 et RSE, conception de site et d’applications web sont notre quotidien. L’agence assure également la gestion du Marché Citoyen, l’annuaire. “LE”, “LES”, je sais ça prête à confusion, mais disons qu’après avoir exploré LE marché des commerces locaux bio, équitables et solidaires, de nouveaux marchés citoyens s’offraient à l’agence. Ca va c’est clair là ? 😉

Je connais ton engagement sur l’écologie, les colibris, les acteurs du changement du monde de demain …., mais pourrais-tu nous en dire un petit plus sur ces engagements?

Je suis coordinateur du collège des partenaires de Colibris, fondé par Pierre Rabhi, Isabelle Desplat et mon ami Cyril Dion. J’anime ce réseau d’entreprises qui se reconnaissent dans Colibris et l’aide à monter de petits ou de grands projets, de communication notamment : Sidièse, SMOL, Université du nous, Outils réseaux…
Il y a 2 mois et demi Cyril Dion m’a demandé de lancer et animer la campagne de crowdfunding du film Demain qu’il réalise avec Mélanie Laurent. Je me suis dit que l’objectif de 200 000 € était un peu fou mais j’ai plongé. En 3 jours, l’objectif était atteint, et la campagne s’est terminée à 440 000 € ! C’est bien sûr Cyril, Mélanie, tous leurs réseaux, notamment Colibris, qui ont permis cette explosion d’enthousiasme et de dons. Le teaser, qui augure d’un film super émouvant, a aussi beaucoup joué. Et puis l’équipe que j’ai animé, avec Anne-Sophie et Nicolas, Céline et Grégory de Colibris, Charles et Adrien de KissKissBankBank, on a tous fait le job, bien organisé, en mode collaboratif, dans la joie, comme j’aime.

Quels sont aujourd’hui les projets que tu soutiens et pourquoi?
J’ai de gros clients institutionnelles ou des PME innovantes et engagées et cela me permet de m’engager sur d’autres projets à titre bénévole, ou je dirais plutôt dans une démarche de “bénévolat intéressé” car je crois en leur potentiel : il y a fondé par Vincent David, un vrai tisseur de réseaux “dans la vraie vie” ou fondé par Shabnam Anvar, elle aussi tisseuse de fils d’or entre les gens.

Comment aimerais-tu le monde de demain? Quels acteurs aimerais-tu y voir, dans ce monde de demain (toi y compris)?
J’ai été vraiment touché par l’idée de Cyril Dion dans Demain, inspirée par Nancy Huston, celle de raconter ensemble une nouvelle histoire pour ce monde, et pas celle des pieds dans l’eau de banquise fondue, mais celle à laquelle on aspire vraiment, constituée des solutions qui existent aujourd’hui. Ce monde, je le vois plein d’entrepreneurs, de gens qui construisent et se racontent mutuellement de belles histoires. Car je ne suis pas là sur cette terre pour râler contre le monde tel qu’il tourne. Je suis là pour être heureux et contribuer à la transformation, comme le Colibri dans la légende amérindienne.

Tu n’es pas dénué de sens de l’humour est-ce qu’il y a truc (ou plusieurs) trucs qui te font rire en ce moment?
J’adore le Gorafi. J’ai l’impression que des Pierre Desproges et autres humoristes de l’époque (la mienne) revivent en version 2.0 à travers ce site. Il analyse l’actualité d’une manière tellement sarcastique, sans finalement être sinistre. Si j’osais, je dirais que l’approche de ces journalistes est poétique !?
J’aime aussi certains textes, vidéos, images… qu’on partage sur les réseaux sociaux et qui me font bien marrer dans la journée. Avant les réseaux, on avait que rarement l’occasion de rigoler en dehors des repas ou des soirées. A propos des réseaux, j’aime bien partager l’idée que ce sont avant tout des réseaux sociaux, donc humains. Ils ne sont pas du tout virtuels. Les émotions qui y transitent sont bien réelles. C’est ce que je tente aussi de transmettre dans mes formations en entreprises. Le web est maintenant ouvert aux humains, et plus seulement aux professionnels de la com (médias, blogueurs) ou aux robots (Google). J’aime.

Le mot de la fin, quelque chose à ajouter?
J’aime cette idée de Vincent Houba, un ami expert en communication non violente et en “transition” dans les entreprises : plutôt que de vouloir changer le monde, tentons de contribuer au monde, ce sera déjà formidable.

Marron Rouge : One of our favorite for Christine Ollier Director at Olétal

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With Marron I have the chance to meet a lot of people and one of the last encounter I made is  Christine Ollier .

Christine Ollier is the leader of the OLETAL company which is located in Lyon .

OLETAL is a wholesaler supplies for shops and since  some years OLETAL product paper bags personalized or customized



Appointment with Christine Ollier , I arrived at the shop and I introduce myself by saying that I had an appointment . A man welcomed me and said with great kindness I  will inform Christine and it goes in the back room .

A few minutes later a woman comes to meet me wearing a broad smile.


In reading the project of Marron Rouge , she offers me to make a presentation of my products in her shop for all clients ( which could also be mine) . I find this very generous offer , and over all that a priori this is a first in this shop. Of course I accepted the proposal and appointment June 16, 2014 at OLETAL .


But I leave it to Christine to attend because I asked him a few questions.



Jean-Marc : Hello Christine Ollier . You are the leader of the Company Olétal that many shopkeepers  know . Can you introduce yourself in a few lines and introduce your company ?

Christine Ollier : Hello Jean- Marc ,

Oletal is a family company founded by my father in law  in 1962 and I have led since January 2005. I am a mother of 3 children. My background is unique and run the business is a passion constantly renewed .

Olétal is a company with dual activity on both sites of 500m2.

– Showroom rue Pierre Corneille : We are wholesalers supplies trade since 1962 : packaging (paper bags , plastic gift wrap , bags … ) mannequins, hangers , display, window decorations , labelling… ) . We position ourselves as a partner, advisor to our clients.

– Since 1995 , we have developed a production of paper bags flexo printed or hot stamping . We offer positions on a wide range of bags and we print from small quantities ( 200 bags ) . Our deadlines are very short.



JM: Your company shines in Rhone Alps but not only. The website covers the whole of France?

CO : Indeed, our reputation is strong in the region and the website allows us to expand our offering throughout France and even abroad . It brings us great contacts and new loyal customers over time .


JM: What is the current force Olétal ?

CO : Our choice is a strength but also our industry knowledge that enables us to support customers in their research . We have an excellent ” sourcing ” and can do manufacture many products corresponding to specific requests .


JM : You now have a full service commercial space for shops. What  kind of shops are the most represented ?

CO : We are constantly developing our service: delivery, storage , listening , counseling … Historically, marketers ready to wear procure from Olétal , but also the shoemakers, jewelers, perfumers, store decoration , fashion accessories , lingerie … In fact all businesses may be interested in our offer, even as food for 6 months we have expanded our food packaging . We also provide communication agencies, government, museums, and national chain stores.


JM : Can you introduce your team ?

CO : Henri , Christelle , Marilyne and Thomas are the sales team , sedentary or traveling . My assistant , Christelle also manages our dealers in France . Fabien and Massoud are in production.


JM : Would you have a ” funny ” story about a client request ” wacky ” you have made ?

CO : Wacky might not be the word, but yes unusual . We decorated a car for a night match at OL . We sometimes sell modeling for artists who enjoy the cut to create a work .

Printing on bags can be surprising : lovers messages ( especially for weddings), original logos …



JM : June 16, 2014 , you will welcome in your premises  Marron Rouge for a whole morning . What made ​​you decide to accept our presence ? A priori this is the first time you do this kind of operation?

CO : I first and foremost a heart for products Marron Rouge , and I find it interesting that my clients can meet young designers. They are themselves looking for differentiating products . Create fun times meeting within Olétal seems quite consistent with our culture.


JM : Another thing to add?

CO : Welcome to Marron Rouge


JM : A final question concerns more Marron Rouge . We specialize in the design and recycling. What you think of when the word jumble , environment, ecology, recycling , sustainable development?

CO : Above all, my printing bags , since the creation of this activity, in 1995 , Richard Ollier chose avant-garde at the time, to invest in a printing machine based inks to water in respect of the environment.

With regard to recycling, we offer more recycled and recyclable bags, paper or plastic. We intend to make our contribution in the chain of sustainable development.

Any action of our suppliers in this sense, innovation, holds our attention.


Let’s meet t on June 16 from 9:00 to 14:00 for shopkeepers of the region in the shop Oletal 9, rue Pierre Corneille 69006 Lyon – +33 (0)4 78 52 01 300

Spring Outlet with Marron Rouge

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For this coming  spring 2014, a time of renewal, Marron Rouge put in place for the first time a large destocking operation.

This destocking match different requirements:

– Products which  arrive at the end of series

-A desire to remove elements from  current ranges of Marron Rouge , to refocus the strategy of recycling and upcycling.

All items which  in Outlet products are new and  always correspond to current trends.  To make this destocking operation attractive for consumers, prices are set low.

An Outlet tab on  Marron Rouge’s web site  will present all these offers. Within this tab you can find four categories of products


Bags and Accessories




Download the full listing of all items wich are on Destocking  



Here are some examples of pricing made for the destocking operation 




Let try and feel free to share this information.

Upcycling Day : march 5, 2014 everybody to Cergy Pontoise-France

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March 5, 2014, students from the campus of the University of Cergy Pontoise (France) decided to dedicate a day to to honor the Upcycling and more generally called the Circular Economy , in creating UPCYCLING DAY

 Before getting into the thick of things trying to see more clearly the terms “barbarians”


The attached video published by the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation explains what is called the Circular Economy






 We invite you to read a definition of Upcycling published in Wikipedia 

 Returning to this day of March 5, 2014 :

 Upcycling Day is a special day that allows everyone to immerse themselves in the world of circular economy and upcycling , through educational and practical workshops and conferences bringing together the best experts and most iconic actors .


The objectives set by the students are:

  • Awareness of the use of a new resource: the waste.
  • Promote the practice of upcycling for individuals and in organizations.
  • Provide a friendly and positive attitude participatory, sustainable development.
  • Mobilize students around new environmental practices.
  • Unite students, associations, businesses and the general public in a common and responsible action.

 The program of the day

 Recognized experts held accessible to all conferences, helping to understand the major environmental issues

Unpublished animations and friendly stands to immerse themselves in the world of recycling

 About animations, I was asked to participate as Marron Rouge and I have not accepted immediately (November 2013) , because I wanted to have the program and the course of the day that was sent to me in January 2014 and there I said YES .

 That’s what I have proposed for this day : I lead a workshop during the day. During the day students will have collected plastic bottles to be entrusted to the workshop. With all these plastic bottles we will create an object that remains on the university after this day. The ideas will of course object to define (non exhaustive list): a light , a seat , a sculpture …

  To do this I asked a colleague designer, Gregory Hoogstoel to join me on this workshop .

 We will agree with Gregory to think 3-4 objects we could create during this day. The morning of March 5, 2014 and will choosse one or two items at the end of the day that students will pick from our selection.

 Upstream of the day, the project manager for the University will launch the ” password” in the campus so that the maximum plastic bottles  will be collected . We hope that these plastic bottles are of the same brand so that we make a rather creative design. Of course since we have limited time, we also requested that plastic bottles are washed of every label.


We therefore expect many on this great event and feel free to come and share.


Date March 5, 2014.

Place  : Universy of Cergy-Pontoise, site des Chênes – Accessible by  RER (train) à 30 mn from Paris

Page Facebook 

Registration for the event   


Jerry, Jim, Jimmy, and Jamie make it for 10 Euros

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Hello everyone,


Today we decided to be nice, nice for no reason just for fun.

Our four accomplices Jerry , Jim, Jimmy,  and Jamie have decided to lower…. their prices and until 31 December 2013.

These 4 card holder made in crazy materials: recycled seatbelt, Tube recycled, recycled bike tire went down to

€ 10


Find our four companions Jerry Jim,  JimmyJamie directly by clicking on their… name

Are you “Marron Rouge”?

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Marron Rouge organize a little game to understand how you are “Marron Rouge “. Send us your photos featuring our fashion accessories and decorative objects with a small funny text (or not). Allow us to publish these pictures on our social networking pages and our blog. Discount vouchers and / or small gifts to win. This game is also open to business users, send us pictures to see how you scenery our articles

Mail address for pictures and texts :
End of this game : December 31, 2013

 We reserve the right to publish the photos that were sent to us

Etiquette-MetreRuban [APP]-BLOG